• More guns are the answer.

    The second amendment right is a right given to us by god himself. If everyone in the bar had a gun when the shooting happened in orlando less people would have died. Because the shooter would have been killed before he killed more people. Thomas jefferson says that its better to have dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. The government should encourage people to buy guns to defend themselves instead of relying on the governments safety. Benjamin Franklin says if we gave up liberty for safety then we would deserve neither. Every gun law in america is actually unconstitutional because it says that the right shall not be infringed. So to summarize if you are willing to give up your liberty for safety and live in peaceful slavery. Then you have become exactly what the tyrants want you to be a puppet who would believe everything.

  • The Orlando shooter attacked a bar because it was a no gun zone.

    The answer is to give people more guns because they can protect themselves. Look at the Orlando shooting. The Muslim who shot 103 people got his gun from Homeland security. He did not get it from a gun store. Even if all guns were illegal he still would have shot everyone because he got the gun from Homeland security. Imagine if a few of those victims of the Orlando shooting had had a gun they would have been able to stop the shooter and 103 people would not have been shot. Also, why do you think he attacked a bar, He attacked it because he knew that it was a no gun zone so he would be able to shoot 103 people without getting shot back. The answer is more guns.

  • More guns = more violence

    Higher gun ownership is associated with greater violence, as proven by multiple studies. See National Bureau of Economic Research white paper 10736. The fact is more guns means more gun accidents, more impulsive gun violence, a higher murder/attempted murder rate, etc. It doesn't protect people because a gunman can always surprise you before you draw your gun. Higher gun ownership means easier access to guns for criminals, who are further emboldened to commit crime and gang wars become more violent.

  • A gun IS the answer

    I will make it brief, but mass shootings are almost always occurring in gun free zones. Because have any of you ever heard of a gun show getting shot up?! I did not think so, and do you know why gun shows are never targeted? Because the shooter would get shot the fuck up before he could fire a round.

  • More guns such as pistols, is the answer to gun violence. However, I do believe that any gun other than pistols should not be allowed.

    I truly do believe this because if the teachers all had pistols, the killer would have died on the spot. If assault guns or whatever else the school shooter had was banned, him shooting the school would be a lot harder, especially since the only weapon he could get is a pistol, which is severally less powerful than other guns, thus why I support only pistols. This is to say that I am a Republican and I only support pistols.

  • We do need our firearms!

    Seems to me that the Liberal Democrats want all the firearms off the street for THEIR safety, no matter what else they want to say. First of all that will NEVER happen, not even in your wildest dreams. You say "why do we need guns, we have the Army and the police". First the Army is not going to protect you from home invasions or being beaten and robbed in the parking lot of your local grocery store. And geeze, come to think of it, neither will your local police. How many times in your life have you said, "Where's a cop when you need one"? The police are only there to collect evidence and have your lifeless body hauled away to the morgue. The police even say it's not their job to protect you, because they can't possibly be everywhere at once. They are not there at your beckon call and by the time they do arrive you are at the mercy of your attacker (hopefully he shows you mercy). The first time you are attacked, wherever that may be, you're going to wish you or someone had a firearm to protect you, your daughter, wife,son or friend. I could go on with more but this is long enough and I'm pretty sure that if there is a brain cell still floating around somewhere, you got the picture!

  • More guns will not stop gun violence

    After every mass shooting, it seems that the National Rifle Association argues for more guns as the answer, with the belief that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." This is not logical. When Australia passed strict gun control laws, limiting access to guns for everyone (good guys and bad guys included), their instances of mass shootings were eliminated. It's time for America to wake up and do the same.

  • No, more guns are not the answer to stopping gun violence.

    The United States has a massive amount of guns that are owned legally, as well as many more that circulate through the black market. More guns would not mean a reduction in gun violence. Instead, the country needs some more common sense gun laws: require every gun purchaser to pass a background check, bar people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns, severely penalize those that sell guns illegally and restrict assault weapons. In short, more guns would not reduce gun violence.

  • More guns are not the answer to stopping gun violence.

    The problem with gun violence is the accessibility of the guns in the first place. People who have a history of violence shouldn't have easy access to guns. Guns should be limited to people who are proven to be responsible enough to handle one. Countries that limit access to firearms have drastically fewer gun related deaths.

  • Ban most guns

    ONLY SCARED PEOPLE HAVE THE NEED FOR GUNS. SACRED PEOPLE AND COWARDS ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH . BREAK THE STRAGLEHOLD OF THE NRA. The US has to come to terms with it's problem. A nation of cowards and scared gun trotting imbeciles is not what our founding fathers expected from us.

  • It is not the answer.

    The idea that "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" is just not true. The issue is guns and people's access to it. By adding more guns, we are creating more access. And having a gun does not ensure that a "good guy" will stop a hostile gunman. People just aren't able to perform under such high amounts of stress.

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