• By definition, yes.

    A Christian (regardless of what many evangelicals will say) is a person who believes in the Abrahamic god, that "Jesus" was his son and the Messiah, and was resurrected from the dead. After that, everything else is doctrinal quibbling that just divides denominations, like transubstantiation versus consubstantiation, faith alone versus faith and works as a vehicle for salvation, or evangelical versus anabaptist.

  • Just because it's moronic doesn't make it non-Christian.

    Many people who believe Mormons aren't Christians believe the same thing about Catholics, the FIRST Christians. What can I say - Protestants and Evangelicals are insanely discriminatory. Mormons don't adhere to the seven tenants of Christianity, but those were defined several hundred years after Christ existed. Mormons take a different interpretation of the Trinity, but they still worship Christ. Mormonism fits the definition of a cult, but so does early Christianity. It's absurd that this is such a dividing question.

  • They are-and before many of you go Con, let me clarify a few things.

    I am proudly a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You can criticize me all you want, even my religion-but when it comes to the extent that you all spread false beliefs about it, I cannot stand idle. So before you all pretend to be in any way an expert on the subject, I would like to point out a few things. First, we in no way have any member of the church, or has been, and compare then to our Savior Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith isn't considered to that extent-nor is our current day prophet. The Lord Jesus Christ is part of the Godhead, and by such, he cannot be compared to any mortal being. Second-in every church practice we claim that Jesus Christ is our messiah, our savior, and we do not deny him in any way, extent, or form. We agree that he suffered in the garden for our sins, and it is possible-through his ultimate sacrifice-to repent, and ascend with our father in heaven when we die. Third-we are not polytheistic. We claim there to be only one god-one only-our lord heavenly father. We pray to him every time, he is always present in our prayers, hearts, and minds. Nor do we believe we become deities after death. We believe that if you follow the commandments, do covenants and ordinances, that we may resurrect and live with our heavenly father and our families. Finally, in no time do we say that the Book of Mormon is more important than the bible-or that the bible is obsolete, or that the bible teachings are incorrect. We say that both are needed equally to have a supreme doctrine, for clarification. So in the end, we believe in Christ, we are not polytheistic, nor do we deny the Bible. We are everything a Christian should be-believe in Christ, God, and the Holy Ghost-we baptize and have ten commandments. YOU can disagree with my religion all you want-but at the point where you falsely accuse them of things that aren't true, I will not stand idle. If you want to spam me, insult me, hate me, challenge me to a debate-feel more than free. Yet no matter what you say, I, a firm believer, member, and supporter of the LDS Church, knows that we are indeed Christians and we never believed otherwise.

  • By definition? Yes.

    So if you look up Christian in the dictionary you will find something like this: "A person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings."

    First, Mormons get baptized.

    Second, Mormons follow the Bible and believe in Jesus Christ.

    What's there not to understand?

  • The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints

    The name of the Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormons follow Jesus Christ. Mormons believe In Christ. The definition of a Christian is someone who believes in Christ and His teachings- The LDS church falls straight into that category. Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. The LDS faith is centered around him and his teachings. It's not even "debatable" Mormons are Christians

  • A Christian is anyone who believes in the existence of Jesus Christ, and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    This is the same reasoning which applies to Catholics. If you believe in Jesus and his teachings, you're a Christian. If you think he is the son of God, you are a Christian. To put it simply, yes, Mormons, Catholics, the whole slew of Protestants, and non-denominationals fall under forms of Christianity.

  • I'm a Mormon.

    In a way yes we are. But not like most churches. To put it simply, we do not worship Christ, we worship god.
    And the only main difference in our beliefs from other Christian churches, is that we believe that Christ, came over to the Americas and taught the Native Americans, and that is where the Aztec's and other cultures in the Americas have records, of "The Pale God" or "Quezacotl" Christ came to the Americas and taught in the three days he was "dead" in his tomb.

  • We are definitely Christian

    We believe in God. We worship him and believe in all of his teachings. Yes we have separate books from other christians like The Book of Mormon, but we also have the same bible as other religions. We believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost. Therefore, we are christian. It's as simple as that.

  • You dont need to be mean

    Im a Mormon and I am christian so if your mean then shut up a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a aa a a a a a a a a

  • The ignorance on here is unbelievable

    First off I have seen many people say that members of the LDS faith do not read or believe in the Bible! That could not be farther from the truth. And just because the LDS church fails to recognize a creed published by so called theologians hundreds of years after Christ left the earth and doctrines had already been massively changed does not disqualify us from being considered Christians. The LDS church strives to follow Christ, and is therefore Christian, plain and simple.

  • Not at all.

    I admit that I don't know everything about Mormonism, but I know they don't believe in some of Christ's teachings. In order to be a Christian, you have to believe in Jesus Christ AND his teachings. You can't accept one and not the other. If the Book of Mormon goes against Christ's teachings, then those who believe in it are not Christians.

  • No, it isn't..

    No, Mormonism denies essential doctrines of Christianity. They deny he was the Messiah and the atoned for the sins of man. It contradicts Christian scripture and claims new scriptures. Much like the "prophet" Muhammad, Joseph Smith just stole and used Christianity as a template for his new found religion. It is apostasy pure and simple.

  • Maybe technically but

    Since they do claim to follow Jesus I presume that they can technically be called Christians. Although the book of Mormon that Joseph Smith supposedly received from God goes against the bible on many occasions. I won't elaborate here but I don't understand how Mormons and Muslims claim to believe in the bible since it conflicts with their other texts that they believe to be true. One of the most obvious things is that Jesus says (in the bible) that no one comes to the father except through me. That alone in many different ways conflicts with those texts.

  • By my reckoning, no.

    My perspective is that Mormons and Christians are painting pictures of Jesus too different from one another to be worshiping the same person. If one group says that Jesus went to America and the other leaves out that entire part of his life, I find it difficult to accept the idea that they are talking about the same person. Christianity, at least to me, deals with the Jesus of Nazareth, not the one who went to North America.

  • Someone can't "almost" fall into the Definition and then claim to match it.

    Don't be confused as to what Christian means. You don't decide it's definition. You have to be faithful to the Bible to be a Christian, and Mormon's aren't faithful to the Bible. They consider it a good book, but think the Book of Mormon is the true textual of God, considering the bible obsolete.

    I'm sickened that all these people really think they can decide by their definition what a Christian is. Acting like you're Christian, and being Christian, are different, If you don't believe in the Bible as the only word of God, than you are only "similar" to a Christian, but you aren't Christian.

  • Mitt Romney is moron with extra m

    Mormonism is different from all christian sections. It is a cult. And it is polytheist cult. Each person ascends into deity after death. It is riddiculous. 47% of 2012 US voters had no idea whom they voting for. Why comments have to have min. 50 words? Last four words, here.

  • No, no & no

    They say they are Christians. But being an ex-Mormon I can tell you they are NOT serving the same Jesus Christ as other Christians. They do NOT even serve the same God. The reasons are:
    #1 Joesph Smith did NOT have any knowledge to read hieroglyphics as he said Moroni gave him. Nor was he given the gift to read them. Some illustrations he gave where wrong and not even close.
    #2. Joesph Smith claimed an Angel took back the golden tablets the hieroglyphics where inscribed on. This shows they where no proof of them existing.
    #3. The Mormons believe that a man named Nephi built a boat, gathered his family in and sailed from the Middle East and settled in South America to start a new land and the Mormon Religion. That was about 6000 years ago. Since them, NO person has even found ANY proof of their existing in South America.
    #4. Joesph Smith believes, "The Garden of Eden" and the world's creation started in Jackson County Missouri and NOT in the Middle East near the Euphrates River Like The Bible says.

    My personal opinion is, Joesph Smith was mentally disturbed. But he was a "Control Freak" as well. He influenced many of "MEN" to follow him through promises of the "male" sexual freedom and able to have "Many" wives. He also convinced the men to take control of their wives and make them to do as THEY said or else they will Parrish.
    So in the long haul it's like this. "SATAN" will produce temporary miracles as he did me. I was taken as a fool believing ALL I was taught through Satan's deception. Satan even can create false, witnesses (as in their Missionaries as I was). Satan can create a False God. Satan can create a false Garden of Eden as Joesph Smith did. Satan can create a false Jesus Christ as he had. The Bible and NOT the Book Of Mormon say's "beware of false prophets." AKA Joesph Smith and today's so called Mormon's World Prophet or World President. The Bible says' before Christ 1000 reign on Earth, Satan, the Anti-Christ, and A False Prophet will be cast into hell. So where do you think the False Prophet will come from? I rest my case. If you believe in Mormons being "True" Christians, I feel sorry for you and your soul.

  • Most certainly not

    A Christian, it is fairly safe to say, is one who follows the teachings of Christ. There are certain issues with the Mormon view of Christ. As Lorenzo snow famously said, in a note on Joseph Smith's King Follett Discourse "As Man is, God was, As God is, Man may become." One verse that conflicts with this would be John 8:58 "Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”" In this passage Jesus calls himself by the covenant Name YHWH which means the I AM. This speaks to a self existence, needing only Himself, Jesus claims to have existed from eternity past (which we have not). Thus if Jesus is in fact self existent, without any help, from eternity past He certainly could not ever have been human (since we are not self-existent). Thus we are left with two choices: Mormonism is right, Jesus lied about himself, and thus discounts everything He said, or... Mormonism is a misrepresentation of Christ written by a criminal.

  • 1 God and only 1 GOD

    The amount of evidence that separates Christians from mormons in doctrines far out way any minor discrepancies the true Christians have in their differences.We Christians believe in a core system of salvation through Christ alone and following his command baptism. This alone disqualifies mormons. Just because they have "Jesus Christ" in there name doesn't make them Christian.

  • 1 God and only 1 GOD

    The amount of evidence that separates Christians from mormons in doctrines far out way any minor discrepancies the true Christians have in their differences.We Christians believe in a core system of salvation through Christ alone and following his command baptism. This alone disqualifies mormons. Just because they have "Jesus Christ" in there name doesn't make them Christian.

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