• Yes, most are.

    Although I have met some gay friendly conservatives, a vast majority and possibly all homophobes that I have ever met or seen have been conservative. I am gay and grew up around conservatives. I heard a lot of homophobic crap from my relatives when I was a child and teenager.

  • Overall, definitely

    Homophobia CAN be found in all political ideologies, but it's deeply rooted within the conservative community. This partly has to do with religion as the teechings of most major religions are VERY critical towards homosexuality.

    Hence secular societies, with more progressive and modern values and views are less homophobic.

    Pardon my English, I am Scandinavian

  • Stereotypically Yes

    I think the perception is certainly that most homophobes take a conservative stance on political issues as well. Certainly most homophobes are against gay marriage, a conservative stance on the political issue. I don't believe this to be the case in every situation but I think the vast majority of homophobes consider themselves politically conservative.

  • No. It just personal preference - like being gay is.

    I'm surprised by the term homophobia - it implements that everyone should just accept gay people. Being liberal means believing in the rights to choice and going against the grain right? In that sense, it's very liberal to be a homophobe right now because it seems as if everyone and their grandmothers gay. It's just a personal preference, the same way people just don't like being around seafood, or the way vegetarians hate meat.

  • Homophobia Doesn't Mean Political Alignment

    Homophobia isn't about politics, it's about an unexplained fear. Anyone who learns to fear homosexuals doesn't necessarily get that view from conservative thinking. Homophobia is probably passed down from one generation to the next. As gay rights become more prevalent in America, homophobia will eventually be eliminated, if not lessened. It is true more liberal people are advocates for gay rights, but not all homophobes are conservatives.

  • No. Sexual preference does not matter.

    Just because a person is a homosexual, doesn't automatically make them a liberal or conservative. We all have our right to choose our beliefs. You are going to find homophobes who are liberal and some that are conservative. People can have conservative beliefs and still support gay and lesbian rights.

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