• Yes they are.

    I am of the firm belief that mothers are indeed much better parents that fathers. They are more caring and nurturing for the child, and seem to have a much better emotional understanding of what the kid is going through as it makes its way through the process of growing up.

  • Mothers are better parents than fathers.

    First, mothers form a much stronger bond with the child and are more in tune with the child's needs and feelings. Second, mothers generally spend a lot more time in actual child rearing and care taking, doing most of the cooking and shopping for the child, as well as supervising schoolwork and social activities outside of school. These are all important tasks and the typical father is not very involved in them.

  • Mums are better

    Well, I think this because they help us get healthier and stronger. They cook the most delicious food for children to eat. While on the other hand, Dads are very lazy at cooking and don’t bother to get a cook book out. That is why I think this is correct.

  • Obviously ,mothers are the best!!!!

    Mothers are definetely the best!!!!. They play the most important role in our lives and there role cannot be replaced by anyone else . A home without a mother would be like hell on earth!!! Her presence is always heavenly. Most importantly mothers are multitasking!! .While cooking they can do many other stuff. Whereas most fathers can hardly even do one proper task. My mum means a world to me .She's the best!!.She's a friend to me as well . To be exact we are best friends.Our bond is so strong.I love all mums. I respect them all. May gob bless all mums!!

  • I grew up with my mom

    I'm 100% deaf and I'm not lucky and I'm already blessed having my best mom who raised me for everything I need her to be there for my life. But she knew how to sign language also saddest truth is some parents don't use sign language with their deaf children can be wrong. Communication skills are the most important to relationship with deaf children in their life for reasons. I'm so grateful for having a mom. I know she can be annoying and I swear bad words and she signs "Watch your big mouth!" She punished me for 10 minutes. I thought it was funny old stories in 90s. I really love her in my life by God's gift. Shrimp teaches me how to be polite and kind. She support me for everything but she can be critical me for wrong or right way. I can agree or disagree but no one is perfect. I'll look forward to be the next take care of my mom when she is getting older. I'll bring her to senior citizens nursing home care because I want her keeping safe. I'Lloyd always visit and here to make her happy and I'll keep her restore health. I know we all don't want to lose them in our love lives. MOM is the most special parent than dad's but not not all dad's and some dad's are good taking care. I do love my dad but I'm still disappointed in my dad but I still forgive him. I wanticipate his life has better for himself than he's in my life. I do miss him but it's okay.

  • Biologically it makes sense

    As mammalian organisms, human females must invest at least nine months for the duration of their pregnancy. Assuming they don't reject the infant, I would say add another few years since human young are dependent on some form of guardianship for the first few years of their lives. Sooooo, clearly women are biologically more invested in their offspring than men simple because mothers are the ones to carry, birth, and feed them. Unfortunately, human males cannot do such things even if they tried. Just look at nature guys.

  • Moms are obviously better parents than fathers and they are more responsible than fathers.

    A dads daily routine is go to work, do whatever they want, do work in the yard, have fun, and relax. A moms daily routine is make the child's lunch for school, go to work, pick the children up from school, make dinner, and when the kids go to bed moms clean the house. If you compare what a mom and a dad do moms are obviously better than dads

  • Mums are better than dads

    Well my dad beats me up so god knows why he was even born he is such a bitch no offense, but I think mums are better because they know what's best for their children and dads forget about them they are more than a barking dog, we were born from our mothers womb so how could a mother cause any harm to her child.

  • Mums are d best

    Mums gives more attention to their children while fathers travels around some always in their business.Mum are always around to give advice to their children while some dads don't even know how to give advice to their children advice.Some mums always discipline's to their children in their academies except fathers.

  • Mums are d best

    Mums gives more attention to their children while fathers travels around some always in their business.Mum are always around to give advice to their children while some dads don't even know how to give advice to their children advice.Some mums always discipline's to their children in their academies except fathers.

  • Oh hell no

    Shit do I hate my mother ''logic? Privacy? Common sense? Never heard of those things haha'' god damn mother I've never in my life ever had a problem with my father yet my mother keep talking shit about oem, nothing I do is good enough, EVERYTHING has to be done her way, privacy is non existant, shit I wish she would die

  • Are you kidding me?

    Have you not seen the statistics. Single mothers excel at one thing: raising criminals and basket-cases, 4 out of 5 times. Look at the worst, most crime infested ghettos and the most impoverished neighborhoods, the kids with the lowest educations, highest rate of criminal records and the worst future prospects financially. The one overriding factor here was not race, political, or economic status. It was the fact that those kids were being raised by single mothers. The single father demographic does not have the same problem, not even by a long shot.

  • Mothers and fathers can do wonders, alone? Not so much!

    Would a father let her daughter date at 14? NO! Would a father be ok with the daughter getting pregnant at 14? Hell NO! Would a father let a daughter talk back to her mother in an disrespectful way? Over his dead body! Would a father let his daughter be getting home at 7 am the next morning after partying all night? NO way Jose! Would a father let the daughter date assholes? Perhaps that will be a little difficult to avoid but he would do his best to not let it happen. Mothers don't have the image of authority that fathers naturally have, and the things that mother see as right and normal fathers DON'T, and most of those things that mothers see as normal usually are the things that I mentioned early, getting pregnant and being promiscuous etc, etc. so NO, mothers or... Most mothers are not good at raising our children, not in a million years!

  • Dads are equal too

    Dads can be just as nurturing and caring and have the same bond as any bio parent! Giving birth does not make you instantly better... You need to realize that men can be just as equal. Moms are no better...Moms can walk away just as easily as dads can. A true father is there each step same as a mom.

  • Mothers vs. Fathers

    Mothers are the same as fathers, without either one the other will not manage alone. Imagine a mother without a husband. No means of support or anyone for the child to look up to. Imagine a father without a wife, no love and care shown to child due to work, business, etc..

  • No they arent

    Mother or father, both are equal. They play roles. It only depends how well each of them play their role. For those who are saying the mother is more caring and nurturing, there are many different cases. For example, if the child were a boy, the father would understand him much more than the mother would because the father grew up as a boy. It also applies the other way round.

  • Generally, yes, they are.

    Although, being a good parent depends on so variables that this kind of debate is moot. But research has shown us that children from single mother households have a far bigger chance of delinquency and crime. Plus, and this is a controversial matter, women have a very strong drive of self preservation that almost gets to the point of self over everything else. Biological mothers are also responsible for the majority of child abuse in the world. In other words, if both parents are generally good (dependable, responsible citizens), the father will almost always be better as the single parent.

  • I don't believe so!

    Dads can be better parents that moms if they wanted to. Both parents have a choice: if they want to be a good parent or a bad parent. Just because back then, moms were to stay home and take care of the kids while the other person works, doesn't mean it can't be the other around! Parents have to have certain qualities to be a really good parent and not all moms have ALL those qualities that are needed. Men can have them as well, after all, it IS there child too you know!

  • Such a stereotypical question!

    Dad's can be better parents than moms! They can be more reasonable, understanding, and patient. You have to have those traits to be a good parent and most moms only have 2 out of 3. (no offense of course!) But really, just because back then it was basically moms watch the kids and dad works, doesn't mean it can't be the other way around. So don't be stereotypical!

  • No, are blacks better parents than whites?

    People are people regardless of what is in between their legs. Statistically mothers have been awarded children in separation cases and fathers more commonly abandon their families. Statistics aside, however, we cannot make generalizations about parents based on their sex. Mothers and fathers vary by the person and by their skill.

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Anonymous says2013-05-23T17:24:42.103
I disagree! Not all moms are good parents!
JohnGormley says2014-01-10T10:06:11.170
If mothers really were better for children how come mothers kill twice as many of their own children as men do?