• They Could be.

    A Music Festival could be considered dangerous. But thats only if there is a lack of Authority there to control what is going on, and to be sure there are no underage people drinking illegally. But that still happens and there is really nothing that can be done because they probably wont get caught.

  • Yes, they are dangerous

    Yes, music festivals are dangerous. At a lot of music festivals the type of demographic generally includes people who are a little more liberal in their opinions and a lot of the time tend to be more apt to do partake in drugs and different substances.

    Since a majority of the people at these events are partaking in things that may alter their judgment, they are also prone to accidents. Just as though a drunk driver is more prone to hitting someone with their vehicle.

  • Yes, music festivals are dangerous.

    I believe that music festivals are dangerous. I live in a college town where there are many festivals. They attract large crowds and there is a lot of drug use and drinking, especially underage drinking. The attendees are often rowdy and out of control. The roads are not safe afterwards because of many drunk drivers on the road.

  • Yes they absolutely are dangerous.

    Any event that condones and sometimes encourages the use of schedule I and II drugs is dangerous. The organizers may not openly do this, but the influence is there. Fest environments are also conducive to mob mentilaty and in some bad cases, sexual assault. Pollution of all types (especially noise) is also a result of fests, whether the waste management is good or not.

  • Yes, they are

    I love music festivals. I love the atmosphere, the music, and the talent. But to say these festivals are not dangerous would be a lie. I received two cigaret burs the last concert I went to. One was dropped on my foot and I was to crowded to get it off and the other I got on my shoulder when I was pushed into a man holding one. The friend I was with had an even worse injury, a woman fist pumped her in to nose and it broke. But just because concerts can be dangerous doesn't mean we're not going next year.

  • Festivals are safe

    Bare man are jus lovin life while bein all drunk n high n ketty n jus haven a good time. Live life, love life, do life. Jus get high n laugh at nothing with tommy chong. Peace kid. Spread the love worldwide. Peace to everyone. Hippy life or no life. Drugs r sick

  • No more than other entertainment that draws large crowds.

    Music festivals are no more dangerous than any other large venue of people that gathers for entertainment purposes. The more people you have in a limited space, the more potential for harm, but basically speaking, music festivals are not dangerous as long as people take care of themselves and don't act stupid, and if they do, they should be removed by security.

  • Hello, my name is Ilyas

    Of course not. Festivals are a place where people from all over come together and share love and music. There's good food and great music playing all around you. If you're apposed to drugs, who cares? They will most likely have a large presence there, but no one will force you.
    There's not one thing to be afraid of.

  • Music festivals are no more dangerous than any other largely attended event

    Music festivals are no more dangerous than any other largely attended event such as a sports tournament, religious gathering or celebrity performance. Anytime there is a need for large crowd control there are chances of people getting hurt. Just because there is "music" involved in the event does not make the event inherently dangerous in itself. The safety of the attendees depends on the amount of foresight and security planning done by the producers of the event.

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