Are Muslims ignorant to their own religion?

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  • Very good chance..

    You often hear that it is everyone other than Muslims that are ignorant to what Muslims are about.. As spoken by the Muslims themselves. But is the reverse is true? If you are Muslim, then you believe the Quran to be the literal word of God as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Then from there comes your world view and perspective on how to live in and among others in our global society. So often you hear how Islam is a religion of peace. Or Women are treated equally. Etc etc.. Yet Islams effect on the world as a whole seems nothing short of disastrous. Not just by Terrorist means.. This isn't about terrorism so much as an ideal about living with other people with different views. So easily is most criticism of Islam met with violence and hate. This is a religion that was and always has been spread mostly by the power of violence and the sword as opposed to open discussion, compassion and love for and with another of a different view. Lets see how this opinion discussion goes.

  • Islam Supports Violence

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Islam is based on the idea that you should kill all who are not like you. That is why it is hypocritical, Muslims think their philosophy is the fastest growing religion but when you look at Islam in the world, you see wars in the middle east and terrorism in the rest of the world. Muslims are dirty, uncivilized animals who wish to destruct all that is normal. That is why the United States should have power over all of the middle east and take all the oil because they are evil.

  • Start of islam is false

    Muhammad was in a mountain cave when he heard a voice say READ three times and three times muhammad said I can't read also muhammad was chocked 3 times.
    Muhammad ran out of the cave and told a family member what had happened in the cave.
    Muhammad said the voice never identified itself it was only when one of his christian friends said it could have been Angel Gabriel.
    The fact is most muslims don't know this storey in the quran that the islamic faith was started by the Christian faith.
    The fact is muhammad had mental problems and muhammad followed a pagan religion before the voice in the cave.
    Islam is clearly a false religion based on very weak foundations.

  • A religion of lust and violence

    Blind belief and blind faith . A religion born out of fear, insecurity and lust for power . A bigot who copied Jewish and Christian beliefs and created another faith knowing well how stupid followers can be. A dark faith which celebrates hatred of life and extols the non existent afterlife

  • They choose to be

    I'm not saying all muslims are bad. But majority are and the good ones are silent and are afraid to speak up. Revolution begins with them. And muslim women too know the ugly truth but aren't standing up against it! Sad . They're not bad people. Just really stupid people following an evil ideology blindly.

  • Clueless about Islam

    Yes, Muslims are ignorant of Islam. I have read most of the Islamic source texts, yet I constantly encounter Muslims who haven't even read the Qur'an!! Instead of researching and studying for themselves, they simply parrot whatever their imams or mullahs tell them. Ask them for "facts" and they cut and paste from Islamic propaganda sites. Or, they quote WIKIPEDIA as a "trustworthy" source!!!

    They know even less about Islam's bloody history than they do about the religion. As for the brutal, psychotic actions of Muhammad - don't even ask!! Muslims are sure that Muhammad was a perfect saint, a second Jesus, rather than the CRIMINAL that the Sunnah reveals. Pathetic.

  • I mean let's be honest for a sec

    Islam is inherently violent and dividing , it's hateful dangerous and stupid .
    I am an ex muslim , and I quit Islam as soon as I started reading the Quran and the hadiths , I never knew the true nature of Islam until I read the scripture for myself , and I can guarantee that ISIS are the best muslims , the muslims that truly know and love their faith.
    Everything they do ; the prophet has done or commanded to do . The peaceful muslims are just bad and lazy ignorant muslims. And we have to stop lying to ourselves about Islam and try to reform it or fix it.

  • So much ignorance WITHIN Islam!

    I am a British convert to Islam.
    And the ignorance of Muslims in the Muslim world is beyond a joke; I doubt many even read and interpret the Qur'an for themselves.
    They take the opinions of Wahabi Saudi clerics as law, and let's face it many of these clerics are... Bigots.
    The masses are being brainwashed to believe that a woman not fully covered invites rape and deserves everything she gets if a man decides to attack her, despite the Qur'an commanding the believing men to lower our gaze and guard our private parts (i.E. Leave the woman alone and divert your attention).
    They are brainwashed to think that they must attack and kill anyone who criticises Islam; in fact the Prophet Muhammad (saw) forbade and warned against extremism in religion, told us to respond to evil actions with forgiveness and mercy, and warned against getting angry.
    They are brainwashed to think that they can impose Islam by force on everyone else, when the Qur'an 2:256 and the whole of Surah Kafirun refute this.

    It's all brainwashing and being indoctrinated with the idea that reading and interpreting the Qur'an for yourself is a problem, and that the bigoted Wahabi muftis have all the answers (like women being banned from driving in Saudi which has no basis in Islam). Or chess, the harmless board game, being evil because it causes gambling and hatred between players; people can bet on things like the weather, is the next law gonna be to make it illegal to go outside?

    NO ONE questions, although Islam commands us to ask questions and seek knowledge. Many are culturally Muslim and don't know their deen.
    I'm not claiming to be better, but I came to Islam through learning this beautiful religion, reading the scriptures etc. and I wish more Muslims would do the same.
    May Allah guide us, Ameen.

  • Muslim is the problem.

    I am a muslim. I am angry with most of the muslim in the world for their ignorance. The preach something and do the opposite things of what they preach. For exampl, it was said again and again that Islam is religion of peace but yet muslim does not appear to be peacefull at all. And just look at what happened with th terorist problem even though most people know that muslim was involved still there are many more muslim who claim that they are moderate and condemn the act of terorist but choose to ignore the problem simply by saying that those terorist are not real muslim. When an act of killing was done in the name of that religion how can one say that they re not part of that religion. I know that Islam is not the problem but instead of just brushing of that kind of act we should all came forward and dress the issue and try to find a solution for that problem. It is one of the problem with muslim so why so quick to set it aside as if it has nothing to do with us at all. When we acknowledge that there is a problem with muslim then only then we can sit together and try to adress the issue and perhaps with God will we find the solution. Insya Allah

  • They choose to be

    They choose to be ignorant you can give them
    Facts about their religion but they still won't accept
    It even if it means going against their own book so debating with them almost seems like a waste of time not all muslim are like that but most are if they really study their religion with a open mind they May finally wake up

  • They are ignorant about their culture

    In countries like the Middle East where you see women without equal rights or men being superior, that is a cultural thing. In Islam it clearly states that men and women are equal. They have different responsibilities, but man has no control over woman and vice versa. It is ok to follow culture as long as it does not conflict with the religion. That is what many Muslims do and this is how they portray a bad image for the religion.

  • I don't think so..

    No, Muslims know that in a Western Country, they presently lack the power to institute Sharia and kill unbelievers, but they are making significant inroads throughout European countries and to a lesser extent in the U.S. or Canada. The Hadith informs them to smile in our faces while they curse us inwardly. Gaddafi summed up the reality in a speech saying, "We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades." They view themselves as Muhammad did during his earliest period in Meeca or initial move to Medina, where they are too militarily weak to have open warfare. The people that are ignorant are non-Muslims, the kufar or infidels, who don't understand the violent, supremacist teachings of Islam and how low and detested unbelievers are regarded in the Qu'ran (the vilest of creatures."

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