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  • Nuclear families are better

    I think a lot of people don't want to support the idea that nuclear families are better because they feel that in doing so they are attacking all non-traditional families. I can see their point but I think it's important to bear in mind that we'd all be better off if every child could be raised by their natural parents, even if that differs from the practical reality. It's not about saying other types of families are bad, it's just about accepting the benefits of a nuclear family, doing what we can to support the idea and not just give it up because people have an irrational hatred of it.

  • Nuclear families have got more freedom

    Because, when there are more members in a family (aunt, uncle, grand ma, grand pa, more brothers and sisters), they try to beat each other. If someone get a valuable opportunity then other members get jealous. These days we can't share everything which we have got. Then others naturally get angry with others and try to make big problem.

  • An atmosphere for children

    Nuclear families give children an atmosphere and children can be more well behaved. The major drawback of extended family is that there is very less privacy and fights are likely to breakout between two people. Ex: mother-in-law with daughter-in-law) This is why I prefer nuclear families over extended families.
    Sources: personal experience

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  • This is my opinion: Nuclear Families are stable. Two parents are great rolemodels to children and can reproduce. How can a homosexual relationship reproduce biologically?

    Two parent families tend to be more stable than a single parent or reconstituted household. The parents can role model a loving, caring and supportive relationship for their children. This teaches their children how to look for out positive relationships and relate well with others. Children will also benefit from watching partners work together to solve problems, carry out household responsibilities and support one another through positive and negative issues. Additionally, many nuclear families have enough economic stability to provide children with luxuries and opportunities in life. Children may be able to attend dance, gymnastics, music or other extracurricular classes, especially if both partners work outside the home. Despite the fact that it might not match the traditional nuclear family, the children who are provided with these types of opportunities are more likely do better academically and socially, as well as develop confidence

  • Nuclear families are the best!!

    Children in nuclear families were generally less likely than children in nonnuclear families
    • to be in good, fair, or poor health [Note: these three categories are considered “less than optimal”];
    • to have a basic action disability;
    • to have learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
    • to lack health insurance coverage;
    • to have had two or more emergency room visits in the past 12 months;
    • to have receipt of needed prescription medication delayed during the past 12 months due to lack of affordability;
    • to have gone without needed dental care due to cost in the past 12 months;
    • to be poorly behaved;
    • and to have definite or severe emotional or behavioral difficulties during the past 6 months.

  • Seriously? Is there really even a discussion about this?

    I don't think humanity has gotten where it is without the safety and security of the nuclear family. Seeking friendships outside the family is just fine as long as not everyone is your family. The nuclear family has provided security and solid base for the young and old since the beginning of time for man.

  • How does it matter

    Just because you have a nuclear family, it doesn't mean its better. I mean, if a nuclear family has parents that are abusive its bad for the children. But if a blended family has responsible adults, its best for the children. What I'm trying to say is that it don't matter what family you're from as long as you all get along and support each other. No family is better than the other

  • Nuclear families are stereotypes and selfish

    Who would, in the right mind, leave his/her parents alone when they are old? The nuclear family is a stereotype presented to us by media, but we cannot leave our loved ones in the time of need, or else, the same need may befall us with not a soul to share the burden! You give what you get. An interdependent set of relatives is better than an unstable nuclear family, resulting in divorces etc, thus i consider a constant support of relatives to be helpful to everyone.

  • Joint families are better than nuclear families in my opinion

    There is more support in a joint family by other members of the family in times of crisis. Children learn ti adjust and cooperate with different people in the family, which will definitely help them when they grow up as you wont always get your privacy in life. This decreases the gap between the old and the young. Children learn more about their culture and heritage in a joint family and thus, are more aware about their family history.

  • No, there are good and bad in all kinds of families.

    A nuclear family as depicted in story books is great, the mom and dad and a couple of kids all pretty much getting along. But as one who has experienced childhood abuse, I know that is not always the case. And there are single mom households, gay households, adoptive relative households that do a great job.

  • It's different for everyone.

    Family is a broad term and is not equal to everyone in every culture. The idea of a married man and woman with children is ideal is absurd. A family that is supportive of each other and works for the benefit of all is the best. Be it a gay couple with kids or a Foster home who looks out for children who no one else will.

  • This is too vague of a topic to even discuss

    Are nuclear families better than other families? Better how? More leisure time, more financially stable, more successful, what? If you don't define what 'better' is, we could give it our own meaning and say that any family is 'better'. As for 'other families', what other families? Single parent homes, childless couple, marriage-less couple with kids, gay parent families, lesbian parent families, teen parent families?
    The ambiguousness of this question doesn't leave room for an accurate answer.
    Someone could say that nuclear families are more financially stable than single teen mother families.
    Childless couples have more leisure time than nuclear families.

  • Nuclear Families are Not Better Than Other Families

    Just because you have two parents that are married in a traditional home does not make your family better that that of a single parent family or a blended family. Blended families sometimes have situations where four adults share the responsibility for parenting a child. Being a good parent and nurturing your child is more important. You can form strong relationships outside the traditional Nuclear family setting.

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Anonymous says2013-07-05T00:34:37.800
If I could choose I would prefer live with an extended family. I really reckon that people on these families might have the chances to deal with different personalities and also have the opportunity to have more relatives to support and help them when necessary. Besides, I would have more company and I would gain some important characteristics for my life. I might learn, for example, how to share things, how to being more tolerant, more comprehensive and respectful with the other, not just with my siblings, but with the whole people that I have more contact. Although live in a nuclear family has some advantages, live in an extended family would bring to me an enriching experience that I may not have If I just live with my mother, father and brothers/sisters.