• OF COURSE! Why not?

    Nuclear weapons are necessary. They protect us from rouge countries and are very expensive to dismantle safely. They are also the reason why we haven't had a WWIII. We need to keep them for our safety. Also, if an asteroid comes or aliens attack, we can use nuclear weapons to destroy the threats.

  • A horrible weapon, but a savior to many.

    These weapons are the faces of mass destruction, but saved many lives throughout history. The Little Boy and Fat Man at the Japanese cities showed its potential ending WWII. This saved the time and lives of those who would've went there and fought. Later the Soviet Union got their hands on it, and the war turned cold for a good reason. The idea of complete destruction is one that everyone disagrees in. Luckily the leaders of that era have made peaceful negotiations such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. WW3 would've struck without the nuclear weapons, the soviets would've been the winners of it. This has brought us all together to agree on one thing that is to attack a nation with nuclear warheads. Unfortunately though, North Korea has one right next to my country south of them...

  • They are kinda both

    Yes they are bad they kill millions of people in the matter of the time it takes to go boom. BUT they have also saved millions of lives for example without the bomb in WW2 more lives would have been lost. It has also been the reason why we havn't gone into another world war i agree with contemplatingHimanity when it comes to peace will never truly be maintained but i ask you before nuclear bombs were around how many wars were there. 100 years war, 7 year war and the war of Jenkins ear which was a war over a ear who belonged to essentially a privateer. The Human race will fight no matter what happens

  • Yes, for safety reasons.

    We need these weapons for safety reasons. They will keep us safe in wars and we can destroy our enemies with a push of a button. We have to the defend the world from aliens, comets, and more space objects. We need these. Our safety is in the balance. Yes.

  • Peace Will Never Truly Be Obtained Or Maintained Through Destruction.

    Sometimes I am dumbfounded at peoples solutions for disagreements, anger etc. How can killing lead to peace? How can destroyng a country lead to an agreement? Neclear weapons are what seems to be another excuse for humans to defy human rights and kill eachother. Like an unforgiving cycle we slip back into the dark ages of ruthless killing or mudering. Defenceless people are being killed because of a major threat which taunts and bullies until it succeds in destroying everything.

  • The bad but necessary

    They are a horrible weapon of mass destruction. Thats not to say we should destroy them, I just believe they aren't a good thing to have around. And they didn't prevent WWIII in fact they almost started it during the cold war. Thats what the whole war was, it was a nuclear arms race and it almost turned into WWIII. Also, Aliens... Seriously. If aliens had they technology to travel thousands of light years across the universe, they likely would have defence technologies capable of stopping a nuclear weapon.

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