• Barely and getting dangerous

    Obama's usage of drone strikes I don't have a problem with up to this point, but they are on a slippery slope I worry about. We're at a stage where essentially "we think they might do terrorist stuff some time" is sufficient to green light blowing somebody up. When we're going on mere suspicion we're setting ourselves up for a path that I really hope we don't go down.

  • Yes, they are justified.

    The ability to do what amounts to a surgical strike on a person who poses a threat to the United States is an amazing feat, rather than have to go in militarily and arrest that person at the cost of many lives. I don't usually think in terms of ends justifying means, but it is more expedient to use a drone than not. It does concern me that an innocent person might be killed before being held to account and been able to defend himself in court. Our country always leans towards the rights of individuals and justice for all, but that allows a lot of people to play us for fools when they use that against us. We have a military to defend us, and it is equipped with advanced technology, we should use it to eliminate people who are a threat. There might be an element of the possibility to abuse that power, but I think the citizens of this country are too obsessed with the government having any decisions that are made without our advanced knowledge, it is like we have a basic distrust of our own government.

  • He is very wrong!

    I'm i middle school kid and I disagree with almost EVERYTHING he does, therefore his drone strikes are not right! I do not believe killing people just to kill 1 person is right. Think about it......Do thinking? Ok good. Obama has made blue skies terrifying for people that don't live in the USA.

  • Thats a no brainer

    No, they are not justified, because they are unconstitutional and the risk to innocent lives is too great. Killing somebody with a drone without even giving them a trial is like giving the defendant the death penalty before the opening statement. Its not only unconstitutional, but morally wrong as well. As for his foreign drone bombs, bombing Yemen and asking the leaders in Yemen to cover it up for you is basically an act of undeclared war. Youre bombing innocent civilians in the hope that one or two potential terrorists will be eliminated. This policing of the world has got to stop, and just because you take away the risks of military lives doesn't mean that all risks will go away. What if we drone bomb some country and it turns out China or Russia has interests in that particular area, and we accidentally kill one of their soldiers? That sounds like a spark for World War III to me.

  • Americans are guaranteed due process.

    Period. Killing Americans on a battlefield would be one thing, but killing Americans (like Anwar Al-Awlaki & his 16 year old son) with drones because it is more convenient than capturing them is a despicable breach of justice, not to mention Unconstitutional. If a guy in Yemen is an "imminent" threat, who isn't?

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