• Yes, the death penalty is justified in limited cases.

    I believe the death penalty is only justified in limited cases. When there is clear evidence of guilt concerning a heinous crime, or series of crimes, the death penalty is justified. "Clear evidence" is tangible physical evidence demonstrating the individual convicted is actually guilty of the crime. It is no mystery that innocent people sometimes end up wrongfully convicted an awaiting the death penalty. The Innocence Project, an other similar projects, works to overturn erroneous convictions. In the meantime, though the death penalty is justified, we should institute safeguards to ensure reliable application of it.

  • Yes, online dating sites are a good way to meet a partner.

    Online dating sites have grown in popularity recently, and they can be a great place to find a partner. For many working professionals, there is little time to spend on searching for the right mate. In addition, it can be frustrating to meet people and not find someone who has the same goals and values as you do. Online dating sites allow you the option to browse through mates that are a match in specific areas that you define, and this can be a wonderful time-saving tool.

  • Yes, online dating sites let you meet people you otherwise wouldn't meet.

    Online dating sites open up the possible choices for potential partners by letting you reach people you wouldn't normally interact with in real life. Many people get stuck in the same social circles, making it difficult to meet new people. Online dating sites give people, particularly those who are shy, meet new people and get to know them from a distance.

  • Yes, they allow for people looking for a partner to find one that suits them

    The variety of online dating websites in the modern era is helping people find partners that are closely aligned with their beliefs and interests. They can prioritize what matters to them and narrow down the candidates they may wish to date. They criteria could be political affiliation, religion, region, and even occupation. This allows people to find people without the randomness of the bar scene.

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