Are organic foods better than genetically modified foods?

  • Yes they are better.

    Organic foods are better than genetically modified foods because they are healthier and have not gone through all types of chemical tests and strange growth hormones. Organic is the best way to go because you know you are getting something natural and normal that has not been corrupted or messed with.

  • Man can't improve on God's creation.

    It is undeniable that organic foods are better than
    genetically modified foods. Genetically
    modified foods are a new technology that hasn’t been tested long enough for us
    to know all of the possible side effects.
    Organic foods are free of pesticides and chemicals which have been
    proven to cause cancer. Organic foods
    have also not been altered in any way.

  • Worlds food demand.

    As the world’s population continues to increase there is an increase demand for food. Since the total area for planting is not increasing we need to find another solution for food security that will meet the growing population demand. There are number of ways by which we can increase productivity in a sustainable way, but the question is that still such means meet the demand for growing population. In the 21st century Biotechnology has been applied as one of the eco-technopolitical technology. Many developed countries have opted to incorporate the technology to improve their productivity. One such way to meet the demand is by using Genetically Modified food (GM food). GM foods are produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. By using GM foods there are many advantages such as disease resistance, cold resistance, drought tolerance, herbicide resistant, nutrition availability. And by having such advantages we can meet the growing demand of the population. Whereas Organic foods are the foods produced using methods of organic farming-with limited modern synthetic inputs like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But the real question is that will Organic farming meet the entire requirement regarding food security in the world. Thus due to the possibilities offered by GM technology in this new century, we have got the solution that is unmatched and that will give the world food security in the coming years. By the application of GM foods we will meet the shortcomings in the productivity of the present time so that the future world is secure and safe regarding food.

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