Are other countries afraid to invade the U.S. because they know our citizens are armed?

  • Civilian Marksmen and Hunters are a credible deterrent

    Considering there are more than 17 million hunters in the US, with many of those being deer hunters hunting frequently at 100yds+, and capable of hitting targets to 300yds, plus duck and Turkey hunters skilled in camouflage and familiar with the terrain. To the people who have errantly stated that the weapons held by hunters are not fit for military purposes, please research a bit. Many deer hunters use .30-06, .308, .303, and other .30 caliber rifles which have been employed in several wars effectively, as has the ubiquitous 12ga shotgun. Add to that the thousands of enthusiasts engaged in long range target sports (1,000yds+) with everything from 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, .50cal rifles. Factor in the 1.9+MM Ar-15 pattern rifles sold that are arguably effective and accurate to 500yds. Then 18MM+ veterans among the former groups....Doesn't make for a walk in the park.

  • Rednecks in USA

    Whenever another country thinks of the US military they can be quick to think because not only do 3 of our special forces make the top 5 most dangerous in the world (seals, rangers, black ops, green berets, etc) but they don't think about any of the millions of redneck country boys who grew up learning the ways of the woods and swamps and are stupid enough and strong enough to stand there ground

  • Yes they are scared

    Any country would have to be out of its mind to invade America. The only people that are trying to invade us right now are the Muslims. But they will know that they cannot start a war with America and win. They will try to gain influence in other ways, but soon their ruse will be exposed and then they will be very vulnerable if they are Islamists and support Sharia law.

  • Estimated 40% of U.S. Population had firearms

    And in the wake of recent mass shootings fear of potential bans on certain rifles have caused a gun buying frenzy specific to high powered high capacity semi auto long guns AR15 and AK47 platform specifically. By the end of 2016 Half of the Population will be armed according to current polls and stats.

  • Guerrilla Warfare is Brutal

    All Armies fear partisan action. When a citizen is fighting on his home ground, he is deadlier. He is 1) Protecting his home 2) Knows the Lay of the land 3) Can easily blend into the area.
    Those who think that Civilians would be useless have NEVER studied history, especially Martial History.

  • People with guns

    If your like me you would understand. Im one of the gun nuts. And with all the guns i have one bullet is one kill, yes i and many others would die but with 1 billion people out there at least 10% would have a gun. A if you look at paris they have the strictes gun laws in the world and guess what isis attackeed them head on. We over here have at least 100000000 people with guns to put bullets in the other driction

  • A gorillia war would suck on U.S. soil with us citizens

    If a country didn't take into consideration the amount of gun nuts running around the U.S. with bunkers rations and ammo to last them through the apocalypse then they are short acouple of screws. A good hunting rifle might as well be a sniper rifle in the hands of a good marksman which many Americans are id say you'd be hard pressed to find a nation who would want to waste the amount of lives it would take to invade America. Some say citizens weapons don't have the ability ti match up against a organized army but you can get your hands on just about anything if you have the money. We would resort to gorilla tactics much like the veitnemes or taliban but with more weapons better training and enough patriotism to make even Putin weep

  • US Not Invaded Because Of Location

    Other countries are not afraid to invade the United States just because some of our population has weapons. In fact, many of the weapons citizens hold would not be helpful to prevent or fight an invasion. America is not invaded because those that would want to hurt us the most are on the other side of the planet.

  • In the past yes.

    It was a huge reason to not attack the US for many years. But the population today is largely unarmed. And the arms that we do have, the majority arent great for wars. And the people who have them, largely have no military experience. This is in difference to Sweden. If America was armed like Sweden, I dont think a nation could ever take over the United States completely.

  • No Way

    Other countries generally only think about political, economic, and military reasons for invading another country. I doubt very much that thoughts of the civilian population enter into the equation. A civilian populace that is armed is still no match for a trained army or naval force. Other countries are certainly not afraid of our citizens.

  • They're afraid of the military

    Citizens have nothing to do with the fear that America has instilled on the world. America has become a military giant. No other nation in the world can rival its military power. No one would ever consider invading America because of the fact that America would be too prepared and simply put, outnumber whatever opposition there is.

  • Not In The Slightest

    Other countries are not afraid of citizens with guns. They are afraid of the real military and the nuclear arsenal the government has. The fact that people are armed has little to do with international politics and warfare. There is really very little need for a foreign power to invade our country anyway.

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