• The only values held by society are pleasure and instant gratification

    People no longer care about how their interactions with others effect the outside world. Today, everything is about instant gratification and pleasure. I can do whatever I want to anyone, but they dare not do it back to me. I can close the door in someone's face, push them aside in annoyance, or publicly humiliate them. Anything that gives me a shot of pleasure is acceptable - because I am the exception. This mentality is being fed by social media. People are given the perfect place to totally immerse themselves in themselves - if you wanted to you could literally spend all day everyday for the rest of your life looking at nothing but pictures of yourself, and doing nothing but talking about yourself. None of your 5,000 "friends" will say anything, because it would by hypocritical of them.

  • Unknowing youth.

    I would say that about a rough 75% of children who grow up in America and were born past the year 2008 will never know what true virtue is. Virtue has decayed over the past years due to mass media. Things are not made with quality like they used to be, and almost everything done is for money. People now are putting less heart into their work and more greed. The children who grow up around these lack of virtues will never know true virtues at all.

  • We are becoming an unruly society

    We are in a role reversed society. More and more kids are defining the boundaries rather than parents teaching core values, family customs, and patriotism. There is little to no discipline for poor behavior. The word "excuse" has replaced "accountability". Rarely do you see a kid hold a door for someone, say hello, or even hang up the phone when talking to you. They EXPECT everything the world can offer them rather than see what they can offer the world. The more disrespectful people get, the quicker it spreads to others. Not trying to sound like doom and gloom but that's what I observe on a daily basis. It used to be rare and now it is norm. One can only imagine how unruly this society will actually get before the trend reverses again.

  • Yes, television network programming.

    I can blame many networks but the one that I'd like to point out is MTV it's a prime example of where our values lie. People think its just entertainment but it does something to your mind when you watch it. It screws you up, makes shocking things less shocking. So normal life becomes boring ad people need to act out.

  • Definitely, we just have to take a look at our uprising generation.

    This generation knows not what respect is, they don't respect themselves nor others. Majority are not disciplined and have little to no idea of what their morals and values should be. Their mind is empty, we live in a society where we see kids disrespecting elders and talk down to them, an action that would have gotten you your teeth knocked out of your mouth in my days. Kids aspire to be and admire celebrities such as Drake, Chief Kief, shows like Jersey Shore. All or most that only promote profanity, promotes kids to let their desire rule over them, to be guided by lust instead of having self control. Saying that its okay to call women *itches or an African American men a *igger. Where the brand of your shirt is more important then the grade on your test. We see little girls using their bodies to call attention to themselves posting half-naked pictures on social sites and young boys who no longer know the role or definition of a gentleman. It's sad.

  • Yes, America has become an utterly depraved place.

    Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, TLC, Chris Dorner being praised as the new Django, bombing foreign lands for oil and the media that cheers them on, the perversion of our history by liberals, the militarization of our society by conservatives, the vilification of Muslims by the right, and the vilification of whites by the left. Need I say more?

  • Deteriorating family values

    I see a decline in traditional family values; marriage between a man and woman; sense of responsibility regarding making it on your own; belief in God; pride in your country and your workmanship.

    An alarming increase in out-of-wedlock births, particularly in the black community.

    A decline of respect for public school teachers and people in positions of authority is eroding our great nation.

    Too many people are dependent on the government, both local and federal for handouts.

  • After 5 Decades of witnessing Society Values

    I have to say that society's values are almost non existent today. There is little respect for people or property. Anyone over 35 or 40 years of age can tell you just by looking around. People don't stop at stop signs, don't let you out of your parking spot. Park their shopping cart in the middle of an isle and walk away leaving the isle blocked for everyone else. These things show that society is selfish and self centred where in years gone by people would be polite and caring about these things. Today it's all for one and one for one. To hell with everyone else.

  • Life Feels Harder

    Life is not as positive or as easy as it was 25 years ago. We are not improving on anything, just multiplying the "things" we all have to do just to survive. Too much information to sort through and respond to robs us of the enjoyment of work and our lives.

  • It's okay as long as youre happy.

    It has become far too acceptable to be a loser in the U.S. It is okay to disrespect others, to be poor, to have children out of wedlock, to marry/divorce/and remarry so many times, in general mediocrity and failure is becoming far too acceptable. Our country is destroying itself by accepting these things as long as people are happy. A murderer is happy murdering people, but that doesn't make it right, A rapist is happy raping, but that doesn't make it right. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions, but they still want to do things that require responsibility. There are consequences to every action, and they should be thought through before going through with the actions. It starts with the children, a child born into an insecure home made up of married teen parents who will most likely divorce and start new families will most likely grow up in poverty where the decline of social values is rampant, and then accept these things as a way of life and create the same life for their children and project these atrocities onto the next generation

  • Society's values are simply evolving, not deteriorating.

    Old people, mostly, think that society's values are deteriorating, because they're used to how it used to be, back in the day. Each person's definition of values differs. Some people believe in slavery still, so, now that we frown upon that, it must be society's problem. Homosexuality is in the same situation. Slowly, people are changing their minds, because they fear what they don't understand. Once they understand something, it softens it and makes it easier to go along with.

    Posted by: PricklyAndrea35
  • I'd say that society's values are only changing, rather than deteriorating.

    Certain moral ideals have changed over time, but that does not necessarily mean that society is becoming more immoral. An obvious example of changing values would be the issue of sex before marriage. Abstinence until marriage used to be fairly popular, but it isn't practiced by many anymore. I just have trouble seeing how this makes society less "noble". It's simply a change that is indicative of open-mindedness and the freedom to make responsible decisions.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Humanity is becoming more mature

    Society is getting better because empathy is decreasing and people openly care about their selfish interests rather than pretend to care about others, which is a sign of honesty and maturity.
    It is basically a consequence of the technological revolution.
    Only old people complain about it because they are outdated and their beliefs are getting deconstructed.

  • Life situations are changing.

    Nowadays the people are becoming busy. They just have to suit with the flow of development. But many think that they are deteriorating moral values. No, value also have to move. Now even households are becoming democracies and everyone have their own opinions. So the youth can also express their opinions and this the elderlies say that they are not obedient. The youth nowadays should be given more freedom. They should be able to choose their own paths.

  • By the numbers...

    Almost every area of human life and moral actions seem to be getting better. Crime has decreased. Education is up. Everywhere that has secularism tends to do better than before. Average murders are going down. I honestly don't understand why people seem to think otherwise. The only guess is that there has been some kind of false perception of the past and how it must have been some amazin gkind of moral place. But it simply isn't true.

  • Change is Inevitable

    The values in our society aren't all that low. Its just a hidden, perhaps due to smoke, blood and alcohol, but they are there. What our elders call rebels are what we call brave. I mean, admit it, we are young will and free, only because we understood the meaning of life when they favored their oblivion, scared self. They too must have been rebels. They too must have disrespected the people around them. Its human nature not declining values. It is simply obnoxious to believe just because we have access to better equipment that we have in the end rid ourselves of values. Everyone here is correct. They aren't declining , our values just evolving, taking a new turn is all. We all do say change is good then why shall we resist this one? This too isn't all that bad. For example just take me. I still have family dinners, I still help an old women cross roads, I still wanna donate my viable body parts when I die (that I now can due to the development in our society). I still fight wrong and favor the right. The only thing that's changed is the way of doing stuff. Now instead of going around in the rays of sun chasing people who did wrong, I rather use the forums on our beloved social networks to convey my message however is that wrong? Rather than waiting for two days to talk to my father out of town, I chat with him using whatsapp. I Skype with him while having dinner, I just believe, values can never, ever go away because is it after all built i us, emotions, I mean, they cannot go away. All that can happen is that, it can evolve or change. But you cannot stop it, after all, change is inevitable.

  • No we are not losing our culture-

    I think we have not lost our culture and still have it within our roots .People don't see it and critisise. Even though we wear western dresses all the time but we still find people wearing traditional dresses during weddings and festivals.We have not lost our values and still have them within us

  • Depends what you see as deteriorating and what not

    I can't really see any deteriorating values. Maybe they are fading out or changing but yesterdays values need not be tomorrow's. If we use premarital sex as an example we can clearly see that it was historically dangerous and not practical, but due to things such as birth control, family planning, condoms etc it is possible to safely(almost) have premarital sex. Therefore that value no longer makes any sense. Does that mean it deteriorated? In the true sense of the word yes, but it is does to say that this deterioration is negative as implied by many.

  • We are a species with amnesia.

    So often do generation X-ers and before forget how life was in their day. Baby boomers notoriously criticize their offspring for being "lazy, ungrateful, disrespectful, and in need of instant gratification", yet, forget about their own sexual, social, and political rebelliousness only a few decades ago. As for young people today, we are accustomed to instant gratification because it's finally possible. Forever gone are the days where one would have to look up a word's definition in a paper dictionary, or visit a physical bank to know the status of your account, or wander bars, clubs, and streets in the endless hope of finding a date. Now, it can all be done instantly; why shouldn't it be? We're not naïve to the fact that a goal combined with hard work and diligence gets you a better shot at success. Nor do we think that having zero social skills is a ticket to meeting friends and forming relationships. As every other comment here states, society is evolving - not changing. And human nature will always stay the same. The question now comes down to you: Will you evolve? Or will you continue to reminisce about the "good ole' days" while slowly making yourself less productive, less useful, and more obsolete to our rapidly expanding society?

  • All Cultures Change Over Time, It is Cultural Evolution Not Devaluation.

    It is a fact that all cultures change and it is also a fact that elders think that younger generations are bound for destruction because of it. Aristotle said it. Nietzsche, Voltaire and others were also concerned, but life goes on. This progressive, seasoned-human being seems to be an exception to the rule. Knowledge is progression and progression is knowledge,

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