• Parents are neglecting their children to much

    In this day and age of electronics and other mediums of distraction, parents are neglecting their children far too often. It is very easy for parents to turn on hey movie, A video game, an iPhone, or some other electronic media to occupy their children while they should be being more proactive and their upbringing.

  • Parental neglect is an ongoing threat

    Today's interconnected society has brought on many benefits: cellphones mean that we can access information and other individuals more quickly than ever before. However, it also means that parents are more distracted than ever before. As a result, they aren't paying attention to their kids to the extent that they should.

  • They are not neglecting their childroon too much.

    If anything, parents of this generation are micromanaging their children too much. Parents no longer afford their children the freedom to play on their own and go where they want and explore. They are kept close so parents can watch their kids every minute of the day and parents make their decisions for them.

  • No, just the opposite

    I believe it is just opposite. Children today are too pampered and their parents have their heads up the kids butts all the time. The kids I see today, they cannot figure anything out for themselves because the parents have always done everything for them. They have no independence today.

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