Are parents these days too protective of their children?

  • Parents can be

    Parents are overprotective and I see that. That doesn't mean they go full on out crazy with it. We should have a bit of freedom. With that freedom, we can learn from our mistakes and learn how to be more responsible. Now that does not mean we should get pregnant or drink underage, but we should know how to do things.

  • Absolutely to over protective!!

    Parents are way to overprotective , it's important to let your child have abit of freedom . Eg letting them catch the bus to a local suburb these are important skills they need to know , letting them go to parties if you trust them , it all comes with trust and if you have that trust give them some freedom parents !

  • Yes, they are.

    I'm a college professor and I'm constantly shocked by how dependent young adults are on their parents and at times, on other authority figures. I'm frequently asked to tell students what their majors should be, how to handle relationship problems, even what kinds of foods they should eat. Over the years, conversations with these young people indicate overprotective or even controlling parents who have inadvertently discouraged independence and problem solved skills. This trend in parenting has seriously harmed college age adults.

  • Kids deserve freedom!

    Picture this.
    A child who is 13 years of old has no access to social media! Restricted access to video games, YouTube, mobile devices, computers.
    Who is to blame for this child being able to do almost nothing! The parents, the ones who watch over the child's every action. Influencing how their children thinks to the point where they can't have an opinion on something! For example my parents literally embedded in my younger siblings brains that Pokemon go is the worst game ever! I'm sitting their ignoring everything, because I play the game behind my parents backs! Parenting books need to be banned, they exist to change how the parents think about parenting and make them parent in a specific way! So technically parents are innocent, its books! Let parents be themselves when they parent, not turn to a stupid parenting book every time their child says a word!

  • Parents are way to over protective

    Parents who are overly protective affect the children of parents that have the right level of protection. Parents are taking away all the fun of being a child. Children are allowed to get hurt that is how they learn if something is safe or not, not by having their parents take it away from them. As a person who is considered a child I believe that some parents are to over protective, I have protective parents but they don't affect the other children unless they are in danger. There are parents who ruin the childhood of not only their children but other children.

  • Very much so

    I don't know about anyone else here but my parents being over protective is one of the biggest reasons I'm insecure and have almost no confidence. Yeah, I've been allowed to do few things here and there but with extreme conditions. For example, I'll ask to go to a friends house for a few hours to study or watch a movie etc. Not only will they have to know the friend and my relations to them, their parents, and what kind of people they are but, I also have to spend several days (or even weeks) convincing them to let me go. I was only allowed to have so many privileges per month and that could even include staying after school to finish up a test. I honestly grew up hating them because they were the reason that I had never experience anything and that I'd be thrown into the world one day with zero knowledge about it all. So yes, parents can be too over protective of their children. It is extremely important to let them know their own Independence or else it could keep them from doing many things in their life.

  • Yes, some are and some are not.

    Yes, the world is a pretty messed up place, but not all the time. My friend wanted to go to Wendy's with us, and she could not because none of our parents could be there. What was the worst thing that could have happened? Even if something did, there are good people in society who would help. Our parents were raised neglected-- there is nothing right about that-- but there is nothing good about kids not being left alone. This could lead to us giving our kids too much space, leading them to feel like you feel, making this cycle continue. There has to be a happy medium, where the kid feels happy with their freedom, but not neglected. Our parents love us, and we are grateful for that, but we want a little more freedom.

  • I know my mom is too protective

    I understand that parents have to be protective because they're supposed to help teach you lessons but, my mom is crazy. I went downtown which I don't live in a huge city like Denver or something but it's big enough where the crazies are out and about. Well my friend and I went to get a slurpee and it was about 6 blocks from her house so we didnt say anything (I know bad move). So we get back and my mo asks where we were I told her. She flips. She starts telling me how I can't go anywhere for 2 months. Let me mind you, I'm not a bad kid. I'm a straight A student, I don't party and if I do I let my mom know. I'm a good responsible kid. I mean I've been paying my own bills since 14. I'm a good kid. Then my mom started going on about how i'm not supposed to go anywhere anyways, not because I'm in trouble but because those are the rules she made up today. So when I ask her if she would rather me sit inside on my butt all day reading or watching tv she says no. To be active. So yes, parents are too overprotective.

  • I really don't...

    Coming from a child, yes parents are way too overprotective these days. I feel as if everything I do is being watched by someone, somewhere. Some people might say "It'll scar them forever". Coming from a kid who's not even 15, I'm not even remotely scarred by anything because "it's the internet" and people will make porn of stuff. It's unavoidable. Parents, get on my level.

  • Absolutely Too Protective

    Earlier this morning I visited a website on Yahoo! Tech talking about online safety. No, I do not have ANYTHING against online safety. But some of the comments had UNBELIEVABLY protective parents. For example, this: "I have an eleven-year-old and since I am a good parent, I have locked down her computer's Wi-Fi from the router and a fingerprint pass code has been installed to her computer. I must look at and approve EVERY web site she visits. Her computer is in my room facing towards me and she is only allowed on it with my permission and me watching her. I do NOT want MY child to grow up emotionally scarred by the dark Internet!" Wooooow. Just wow. If that isn't overprotective, I don't know what is. The best guard you have is to talk to your children about online dangers and educate them. Not all of the Internet is bad- there are millions of genuinely good people, websites, and videos. Sure, it's not necessarily what you call a family-friendly domain, but the above quote was taking it too far. Just like 159 OTHER COMMENTS in that section only.

  • Children are not over protected

    Most children are aloud to go out to play till 8 o clock . If nothing has happened to then in the past then it is unlikely that anything is going to them now . If you live in a gated community you SHOULD NOT be worried no-one is going to come in . Another point when a child is 10 or over they should have a phone or a Walkie talkie with them so you can be sure they are safe at all times .

  • The society is not so good as before

    Parents are not so protective they are giving their children samsung young and samsung galaxy phones connected with internet.This is not right they are not seeing how their children are getting spoiled sitting in front of internet.Giving cell phones to them at a very young age is not at all right.

  • Not at All

    No, parents these days are not too protective of their children. If anything they are not protective enough. There are so many dangers today that did not exist a few years ago. The Internet is a blessing, but it also puts our youngsters at risk. Predators seem to be everywhere. There are so many stories in the news about abductions that end up sad and ugly beyond belief. Children are too naïve and innocent to protect themselves so it is our job as parents to protect them.

  • The world really is a more dangerous place.

    I think the world is about as dangerous now as it has ever been. I think that parents have more information about potential dangers, due to increased media availability. I also think that dangers change over time.

    Cavemen worried about their kids being eaten by wild animals. I almost never worry about that now. But, I do worry about them being hit by cars. So, I spend more time teaching them how to be safe around cars than I do teaching them how to be safe around wild animals.

  • The world is dangerous

    Parents need to protect their children. It seems like there are more and more things parents need to worry about: crime, terrorism, new drugs, strange diseases, and so on. The internet is a great tool for education, but it can also expose children to corrupting influences that they should stay away from. Parents are protective because they need to be in this day and age.

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