• Hello i like chicken

    Once upon a terribly dreadful time, there was a small cat-licking bird that lived on a lane by my house whose name was Charles just like every other soul, male or female, that lived on my smelly, stinky, orange, old, rotten, messy, busted cul-de-sac between Belmont and Rose which are both Gay-ass Streets Like North street or some shit that reminds me of a celebrity like Paris Hilton or some blonde loser that doesn't even know the capital of her own country, which is the United States of America aka: The U.S.A which is a pristine nation of beauty, opposing to a country as the country of Somalia and Belgium, a part of Europe, which doesn't even have a government, it's just in a complete state of anarchy just like my mind and soul which are both filled with outrageous nonsense that I'm typing down right now into some fat long sentence that probably makes no sense but who cares I'm trying to set some sort of weird record here like most ducks snorted or some weird thing like that and if I do set some sort of record I will be in the Guinness Book of World Records (though anti-American and pro European, a place of pitty and despair as Somalia is) which was always my dream because that book has a whole bunch a cool and weird stuff in it

  • Or at least "Neutral Good!"

    Ok, so there are more than a few theories out there, including Rousseau's "blank slate," the Bible's "original sin," and the whole nature vs nurture thing. I believe in the concept of an eternal soul, the core of which is that spark of energy, The Force, God, whatever you care to call Him/Her/It (doesn't have an ego problem!) that exists in everyone - and everyTHING, for that matter - and in that all creation and matter is amazing just even to be, I call that all good! We're all a combination of what we're made of, specifically, which of course varies depending on genetics, along with our up-bringing and experiences. So basically, we all start out with varying degrees of potential for both good and bad, then depends on what gets triggered.

  • Ppl r good

    I think people are good they just get corrupted by society
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  • Humans are born good

    We are all born good. We are born into a evil, sinful, messed up world, that's where the evil in us comes out. Yes, all of us do have 'evil' in us. We were all made good by God. He didn't want this earth to be sinful or evil, he wanted it to be good. Adam and Eve ruined that all. Thanks guys. So I do believe that all humans are born good and then as they grow older, the become more 'evil'.

  • People ARE good!

    People are born good, and I have research to back me up. At Yale University, scientists are doing expirements on babies. Not bad! They are putting on simple mortality plays where there is a good guy and a bad guy. Then, they let the babies reach fo one, and 88% reached for the good guy.

  • Another question that ignores perspective.

    I answer this 'yes' purely for the purpose of not backing the religious troll opposite. Good is a matter of perspective and what may seem good to a boy born in a tribe of cannibals may seem very bad to those born in the cheese loving villages of Burgundy. An argument can be made that in a miniscule percentage of humans, genetics can throw out a 'bad egg' who is born inherently bad. This bad is identified as one who does more harm than good to their species but this is a genetic monstrosity, a freak and so cannot be counted in such a generalized question. I would say that all people are born good in that they are born with the potential to continue the species.

  • No People are not born good

    God says people are born into sin because Satan came in and deceived Adam and eve. So that's why we need to turn and follow God in bad times and good times. He wants to have a relationship with you, he cares about you. God has open arm submit yourselves to God he will take care of you

  • What is good?

    People arn't born good because 'good' is a very blanket term. 'Good' can represent anything society would like it to be. Sex, especially premarital sex, has been and are represented as a sinful deed. However, if we look at whether sex is harmful to either party, it usually never is. (the exceptions including rape, intention to hide/spread STD's/STI's, and the intention to purposefully use sex for a child that may not be wanted by a party.)
    TL;DR When things like sex, drugs, and even rock and roll are considered morally bad on the basis of occasionally harmful when things like fast food, religion, and commenting on online polls all day can also have harmful effects arn't- the arguments of good and evil are a thin vague line that is impossible to understand- so how can we determine whether people are good or evil?

  • If we were born good...

    If we were born good, how could our world be as messed up as it is. If we were good we would choose right over wrong, and know that two wrongs don't make a right. But as soon as someone finds out that someone has been talking behind their back or is mad at them, we automatically retaliate or look fir ways to get revenge. I see it everyday and even in myself. So people are born bad.

  • Good is not something that is innate

    I do not believe that people are necessarily born good. I am of the belief that people are morally neutral - meaning that things such as good and evil are a matter of personal choice. There isn't such a thing as a good or bad person - there is however such a thing as good or bad deeds.

  • I think its worded wrong..

    I think that people are born into a dark world. We are just born innocent. We grow up to become what we become. Nobody is perfect, but you can be a good person but still make mistakes or do something bad. Good is a label. I think there is only innocent and guilty

  • People are born as themselves, not good or bad

    For one thing, when a baby is born, they have no concept of good or evil and cannot be evil - they might do something 'evil', like pull on their mother's hair, or not listen to instructions but this is because they are young and learning what they can and cannot do.

    Whether or not somebody is good or evil is something that is decided and realized as they are growing up - however, there are some factors to take into account, such as how their parents raised them, what kind of life they've had, how many tragedies they've seen - all of these things can alter a personality from the base product.

    Say there are two childhood friends - one is from a rich, prosperous family with a happy childhood and nearly no traumas. The other lives in the slums, has to mostly look after himself and has witnessed the death of his father. Naturally, these two are going to have very different views on life which will affect how they act in the future. So, they grow up and drift apart - the rich one goes to university and goes on to become a professor. The other is the leader of a gang and is in and out of prison. The two might see each other from time to time and believe that their former friend is the very embodiment of evil - the gangster sees his former friend as a rich slob who does nothing for the country while he works hard just to feed himself (even if his methods of earning money are illegal), and the rich professor looks at his former friend and sees somebody living a careless lifestyle, focusing around drugs, alcohol and possibly even murder, while he has managed to establish himself and is teaching the country's young how to be successful. They both view each other as the scum of the earth.

    This should be proof enough that Good and Evil are born out of opinion. Nobody is born good, or even evil - it develops over time based on events in life and people's opinions.

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