• We see it everyday

    Along with not thinking critically, people will do things to harm themselves and others just to get other people to like them. People will behave in foolish manners so that others will laugh at them and pay attention to them. The majority doesn't pay attention to you if you are being intelligent, only if you are being dumb. That in itself is proof that most people are in fact stupid. People know right from wrong, yet will still do wrong so others will like them. And most importantly, people do not care to know or understand how their actions affect the lives of other people because they can't comprehend the abstraction of cause and effect. Even in the face of reasoning, most people still choose to be ignorant and that is stupid.

  • They don't value rationality

    To me stupidity means the absence of critical thinking. Most people have no interest in even trying to think rationally. The way to solve our problems is to define the problem clearly, then devise a strategy to deal with it effectively - without causing bigger problems elsewhere. Only a small minority of people have any interest in any part of this process.

  • Humanity has gone downhill

    The lack of brain development has taken a toll on humanity. People rely on technology to remember simple tasks. Instead of writing correctly, they rely on autocorrect to write for them, taking into account they use "L33T" Language and Text language (Example '1337', 'LOL', 'OMG'.) Do not get me wrong, there are smart people, but they are squashed by the rest of humanity.

  • Stupid people are not aware that they are stupid.

    Stupid people think other people are stupid when unaware of their own stupidity; going on sites like this one and talking about how other people are stupid when they are the ones unaware of their own stupidity. You have to realize they are unbelievably stupid. So stupid that they delude themselves into believing they are intelligent and the sad truth is these people are the majority.

  • Never underestimate the power of stupid in large groups of people.

    Politicians. Both parties. We all know how the greedy politicians work the system because they know the stupid electorate will vote them in every election cycle. The charismatic trigger speeches of false hope and change. They love to create a charade of smoke and mirrors. The problem is with the stupid disconnected masses and what they are willing to accept. Right now that bar has been set extremely low.

  • Human are inherently not clever

    If human are really clever then why we have problems such as global warming,poverty and wars ? It's the stupidity of human.Human are not clever than wild animals.They tend to make more mistakes more than other living organism.Animals are more adapted to nature and they are not destroying the nature.While human have the ability of science but that not the most important in life.Besides science you should concern other things also.You can't underestimate that animals are stupid.Did you ever notice ability of chimpanzee? There ability are similar to human.Some people said they even can calculate basic level of mathematics.However i think the most important factors in life is the well being and consideration of environment . If you are not consider these factors it will has negative impact to all of us.JUST GIVE A WARNING.

  • Yes, people are stupid.

    Most people in the world are stupid. A large amount of the people in this world are illiterate. Many of them can not even pass an achievement test in high school. Some people can even do simple math. More and more children are having babies and not educating them. The world is stupid.

  • Yes. They are.

    A statistical report that I just made up indicates that there is a 23% increase in truly stupid people compared to the year 1970, adjusted for inflation and global warming. So, where are all these stupid people coming from?

    Until you acknowledge that stupid people breed and that's basically not going to change, your brain gets overheated with frustration because it accidentally thinks there's no reason for stupidity and it ought to magically go away without any effort on your part. And it gets more and more frustrated when stupidity doesn't magically go away. It will drive itself insane on this point if you let it, chasing itself around in circles like a dog after its tail, until you are exhausted, incoherent and very very grumpy. There is a reason why your brain does this of course - and that's because it's stupid!

  • It is true sorry.

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “I'll take crazy over stupid any day.”
    ― Joss

    Here I think that humans, even me, are stupid and weak. We might be what others call smart but, if you are stranded in the middle of no where could you most likely live? No.

  • Individuals are smart

    Individuals are smart, people however are dumb, are stupid, are easily entertained, are easily misguided and fooled, someone wise once said "religion was created when the first con man met the first fool" and it stuck, that should tell u something about people, people are fools, but this society that forces the opinions of these fools on us ( lets just say... Congress, u know, wars and what not ) is to blame, they have created a fool factory, we no longer teach kids how to think we simply train them to regurgitate information

  • People may be ignorant, but not stupid

    The idea that people are stupid is untrue: everyone will respond to incentives in order to benefit themselves. Such is the case with people on welfare and food stamps: those people may be dumb and ignorant, but in responding to the incentives of (supposedly) free stuff, they respond in a way that benefits themselves. In conclusion, people may not know about something (ignorant), but will almost always respond to incentives in a way that benefits them.

  • This doesn't even make sense.

    What does responding to incentives have to do with not being stupid? A dog can respond to incentives. Give it a treat every time it does a trick and the dog will continue to do that trick, you've given it incentive. Does that then mean that dogs are smart, or at least as smart as humans? Obviously not, but you seem to think the ability to respond to incentives makes you smart....Which is just dumb. I seriously don't even understand why you made this connection, of all the ways to attempt to prove humans aren't dumb, you pick an ability almost every mammal on Earth possesses? The ability to respond to incentives? You don't even need a brain to do that.

    You say "the idea that people are stupid is untrue", yet I bet you haven't even done any research to support your argument. So tell me, how can you say it's untrue with certainty when you don't even know? You're just stating what you believe, it's not a fact, so you shouldn't pretend like it is.

    If people aren't stupid, then why is the average intelligence only 100....Do you realize how low that is?

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