• Yes, people are too aggressive at sporting events.

    Watching sporting events live can be an exciting experience for many. Unfortunately, some spectators do get too aggressive while watching their favorite sports in person. Rowdy and rude behavior can ruin the experience for fans that want to enjoy the game. Also, it can become dangerous when fans become unruly and confrontational with each other. In short, some fans are too aggressive at sporting events.

  • Yes, in contact sports, coaches and players perceive the use of intimidation and aggression as a vital ingredient to winning.

    Some research has been done into whether sports do enough to deter from player and fan violence. The fight fan cherished the heavyweight who delivers the knockout, the football fan idolizes the linebacker who wrecks quarterbacks, and the hockey fan cheers the defense man who uses his elbows in the corners and his fists around the goalmouth.

  • Yes they generally are to agressive.

    I have to say that I do believe that in general their are many who get way to aggressive at sporting events. Many people use sports as an outlet or a way to get their minds off of everyday life. This escape often leads to anger and is fueled by alcohol consumed at events.

  • Yes, people get too emotional.

    People at sporting events that range from professional matches to children's games can sometimes get too aggressive. There is no reason for violence, threats or riots in the street. Games are supposed to be fun. By toning down the aggression, we can assure that everyone gets the chance to enjoy themselves.

  • No, don't exaggerate.

    Some fans are aggressive, yet MOST fans aren't. I've always been able to enjoy a good game and get home safely after. We've enjoyed sports for thousands of years and we always got hyped for one side or another, it's part of the thing. Without some emotion you would just stand there apathetically, not enjoying the sporting event at any point, so why bother doing sports in that case anyway.

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