• Yes, people are too reliant on cellphone coverage

    Yes, people are too reliant on cellphone coverage. There was a time when cellphones were not that popular and people had to rely on landlines. They received phone calls at home. Now people carry their phones everywhere and annoy others with their conversations. People should not be so reliant on cellphone coverage.

  • People want to communicate everywhere faster

    In this day and age, people will be lost without their cellphones. People want to speak to each other in other cities and countries, and do so economically and efficiently. There are numerous cellphone plans available to suit every user's needs. If you find you require more coverage, you can update your phone plan which will have international calling and more data options. Why wouldn't people take advantage of improving their communication systems? We have become very reliant on cellphones as the main way to reach people. Not only can we talk when we want to, we can also communicate effortlessly with video. If you aren't using a cellphone, you're likely texting or emailing. It's the reality of the times. Without technology, people will spend all day trying to make contact, when a cellphone can do the job in minutes. On the bright side, it means people want to communicate with each other. There is always a simple way to reach out available.

  • Nomophobia Symptoms Are Real

    "Nomophobia" is a recently-coined name for the irrational fear of being without cell phone contact. The term is an abbreviation of "no-mobile-phone phobia", and a recent study found half of British men and women suffer from this type of anxiety, which leads to trembling, perspiration, respiratory alteration and an abnormal heart rate.

  • Staying in contact is necessary in the modern world

    It is not that people are too reliant on cell phone coverage. Rather, cell phone coverage is a necessary part of modern life. It provides peace of mind and makes things easier. For example, if your child is out playing in the neighborhood, you can call her on her phone if you cannot call out to her by shouting. If your car breaks down on a road, a cell phone helps get a tow truck to you quickly instead of waiting for another car to come or walking miles to a gas station. Cell phone coverage makes things easier when those things would have once been dangerous or inconvenient.

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