• Girls wear to much makeup for they age and in general

    Girls make them selfes look 20 more times older then they really are only because of how muck makeup they put on. There really isn't an age limit to wearing makeup but in my opinion girls should start wearing heavy makeup at age 17 but if they want to start wearing makeup earlier then put extremely light makeup on at age 12 and not every day

  • Very much indeed!

    I believe that people ARE wearing too much make up! I see these girls at school in the girls toilets caking themselves in foundation, putting on their fake eyelashes and drawing on their eyebrows! It makes themselves look ridiculous! And most of the girls who do this are the popular ones and get tonnes of boyfriends! They are probably natural beauties under all that make up! All the make up makes them look tatty and cheap. Maybe a bit of mascara and concealer to cover up a spot, that's fine!

  • Most girls wear too much makeup.

    It's normal in many countries for girls to start wearing heavy makeup in Middle School. This is my recommendation:
    6th Grade:
    Moisturiser (Not tinted)
    Clear lip balm
    7th Grade
    Tinted Lip balm
    8th Grade
    Tinted Lip Balm
    Blush OR Eyeliner (Really I don't think this is needed)

  • I think that everybody needs to stop wearing make up

    Seriously I'm seeing little kids with make up on and it's crazy I think that you should only where make up if you find yourself ugly and nobody should think that they are ugly and most people where too much perfume if you take showers then you wouldent have to spray so much of that on everyday and that completes my argument

  • They sure are!

    Society is into fake everything these days, and yes I see heaps of young women wearing layers and layers on their faces just for school or work ( where it is not really needed ), I think they look cheap and easy with this look, and agree they do seem to attract all the boys, but I wonder how all this fakeness is going to affect them in the future when they start to show signs of aging. I dont know if some of them realise they actually look like prostitutes with this look.

  • Media is ruining soicity

    Loads of people were too much make up nowadays and that's why 6 year olds are doing that too. They are even becoming models at the age of 5. This is because of the media and films and even children books. That is the reason why I think that 😔😏

  • Yes- Rather then showing the accentuating aspects of what makeup/clothing/accessories SHOULD do to features...Women end up looking like *bleep (i.E. High-maintenance childish wh##es).

    I brought this up to a few women recently, stating how I liked the looks of women in the 1990's/1960's better- IF they wore a full get-up of Eddie Bauer clothing, they minimized it with donning a baseball cap/IF they sported the really heavy-to-the-temple Egyptian eye-shadow, they put nothing in their hair... I stated this not simply in terms of the FULL makeup women do-up now...But in terms of EVERY-thing in the past few years- there is neither any accessory nor part of the body or face that offers 1 iota of "natural" &/or "uncomplicated/minimalized/non-touched-up". 1 Woman stated...It's true- And they used to always say in fashion circles (for instance)- "If you go heavy on the eyes, go light on the lips...If you go heavy on the lips, go light on the eyes..." I said back, "Perhaps you could offer that maxim up about the positives pertaining to such things as- nuance, seductivity of any thing natural, true empowerment afforded to a bit more low-key- a bit less Extremely high maintenance= To: Seemingly ANY & Every American Female coming of age in the 21st Century here...

  • Natural or Nothing

    It is one of my pet peeves when I see women (or girl!) wearing another face on top of their naturally beautiful one. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to see a beautiful lady with drawn on eyebrows and bright pink blush. Makeup is meant to define a woman's best features and conceal those that are less desirable. Instead of wearing orange bronzer, dramatic blush, thick eyeliner, clumpy mascara, cakey foundation, sparkly eyeshadow, goopy lip gloss, etc., there should be an effort to look as natural as possible, using 2-3 products AT MOST. What's the point of slathering chemicals on your skin if they're not even noticable or look bad? It's okay to wear darker lipstick or a bit of eyeliner for a special occasion (emphasis on the "or"), but on an everyday basis, women should just spot conceal any blemishes and define their lashes with mascara. When I was in high school, one of my best friends wore tons of makeup everyday to school. I'm talking all of it; primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil. She had such beautiful skin, but she still covered it up with tons of products. My words of advice; you don't need makeup to look beautiful, so appriciate what you've got and be confident about you bare face! :D

  • Yes, people are.

    It is nasty. I've seen fellow female students go overboard with it and it looks disgusting. What is wrong with going all natural? All make up does is create a false image. Some people can;t even leave their house with out it. Even adults, as to why they put on make up is beyond me. It is a waste of money and time. That money could be donated to a better cause instead of creating a false image that only lasts a day.

  • Way too much

    It seems like so many girls these days all have the exact same look, orange bronzer, thick painted on brows, pale pink lip gloss, way too much lip liner, and thick black eyeshadow. They combine it with fake black or blonde hair, it looks fake, tacky, and gross. I love makeup but as an enhancer not face paint

  • There are still a handful of people who do not wear too much makeup.

    There are certain countries today who spend more time in their work to earn money to provide for their family instead of spending a lot of money to wear too much makeup every single day. For the former kind of people, they'd rather spend their money on something beneficial than makeup that they would wash at the end of the day.
    Moreover, wearing too much makeup everyday is pretty tiring and pretty expensive. If you have the luxury to spend a whole lot of money for too much makeup everyday then go ahead, but if you don't have the luxury to, then light makeup for everyday use is good enough---and there are still a lot of people who only wear light makeup or no makeup at all.
    Therefore, not everyone is.

  • Let People do What They Want

    I believe in a simple thing, let people do what they want in life. You do not have the power to control what they choose to do. Makeup is an empowering substance that lets people express themselves and feel beautiful and confident. Whether you wear makeup or no make up, you should have the right to go outside of your home and not be judged. Just because you believe it is"nasty" or "wrong" does not mean the other person has to listen to you. You are entitled to your own opinion and I am to mine.

  • Let People do What They Want

    The topic of wearing makeup is a widely discussed one, but I find it irrelevant when people tell someone to stop doing something that they have no control over. Whether you wear makeup or not, why should anyone get to tell you is you are right or wrong. The amount of makeup you wear should not define you as a person, and I think that it is getting ridiculous. The fact that when people walk out of the house they are judged and ridiculed about something that makes them feel confident and beautiful is downright disgusting. Let them live their lives and you live yours.

  • It's none of your goddamn business

    Uh who gives a shit if you think someone is wearing "too much makeup." It literally doesn't affect you at all. You do what you want and let other people do whatever the hell they want to do. Stop makeup shaming, dude. It's none of your business. If someone wants to wear makeup (or doesn't), for whatever reason, it doesn't concern you.

  • Too Much Makeup? Where?

    Depends on where you look but most days when I ride the bus, the girls and women I see hardly wear any makeup, if at all. I guess they just cant be bothered. Where I see girls wearing the most makeup is usually at Sephora and most often it's the sales associates. So I don't think girls and women are wearing too much makeup at all; if anything, they're going for the barely there or no-makeup makeup look.

  • No, it is just being applied badly

    It may seem like we are wearing too much makeup nowadays than ever before- but I believe it is just the way we are applying it. If people knew how to do makeup properly the the general bad attitude to people that wear makeup would vanish. For instance- look at people's makeup in the '80's- same amount of makeup, just applied totally differently and way more classy.

  • This is an opinion question

    Opinionated questions are always biased, so why bother? Why does it matter if you think people are wearing too little or too much makeup? People can do whatever the hell they want and whether or not you judge, makeup is makeup and at the end of the day, we're all left with our bare faces. Do whatever suits yourself and stop caring about what others do. We're all individuals.

  • Not really tbh

    In my opinion, boys and girls should wear what makes them happy. If they want to wear a lot of makeup, who are we to tell them not to? It is there face. You shouldn't care what someone else is doing to it. I personally do wear a lot of makeup, so I'm slightly biased. But I wear foundation, contour, colored eye shadow, bold blue or black lips, and big fake lashes. It's my style and the way I choose to express myself. I don't hate my natural face, in fact that's what I usually go out sporting. But some days I want to sit down for a few hours applying makeup. Just applying concealer and mascara ruins the fun.

  • How much is too much?

    I think woman should be able to wear as much makeup as they want. Society's shouldn't have to judge people by how much makeup they are wearing. It is none of anyone's business and if they want to wear a lot, let them because if that's what makes them feel pretty and if that's what makes them feel good in their own skin, then it should not be any of your interest to judge others based on how much makeup they are wearing.

  • There's no need to be nasty...

    We are all individuals and therefore we have different tastes and styles about what may or may not look good to us. Nobody has the right to dictate to others 'how' they should wear their makeup merely because a certain style ie. Heavy or unconventional makeup doesn't fall within their own aesthetic standards. I'm a huge fan of makeup as well as experimenting and being creative; I often wear an array of colors on my eyes as well as foundation, blush, false eyelashes etc on a daily basis. I don't believe I'm 'hiding' myself, I see it as a form of self expression and it reflects my 'larger than life' personality. Having given my personal reflection on the issue; people are wearing more makeup and adding cosmetic additions to themselves ie. Hair extensions, permanent tattoo makeup etc. In general because it has become more widely available to the general population. Rewind 10 years and I can guarantee that most people would be hard pressed to find professional grade cosmetics easily. Now you can get such resources at the click of a button or by googling and going to a store. So yes, people are wearing more makeup, but that doesn't necessarily mean 'too much'. I have seen that younger children have been referenced here a lot so I have another personal example: I am 21 now and started wearing makeup at around 11/12, so around the early 2000's...Even then it was virtually unheard of; I only knew a handful of other girls who were allowed to do so. I now have a cousin of around the same age (12) and she and all her friends wear makeup; it is now the social norm for many these days. My main point being is that each generation does things a little younger; and this is not limited to makeup either, think of how young children get mobile phones now; times change. At the end of the day, it is just makeup; it wipes off in minutes and can be used by people to express themselves but it shouldn't define them; likewise we shouldn't define each other purely based on what is painted onto our faces. I've also seen things like: 'it's not what guys like'...It's pretty ignorant to just lump the entire male gender together and assume that they all like one thing. As mentioned before, we all have different ideas of what beautiful is; there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to human perception. Some guys like the barbie doll look, others like goths..Some like over the top and others don't; the list is endless! Whether people like their makeup bold and colorful or downplayed and neutral; it is not up to anyone to say whether it is right or wrong; ugly or pretty, as long as someone is comfortable with the way they look that's all that matters. After all, the world would be a pretty boring place if were all liked the same things.

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