• Yes it is weak

    We were given this life by our parents, and it wasn't easy too. We're lucky that we are even alive, and have survived until a certain age. If we do decide to commit suicide, we are trampling on the hard work our parents have gone through to care for us and raise us. And no matter how hard things may seem, there's always a way around. I myself know several people who have committed suicide, and several people who could have but did not. The people who didn't were just stronger. They had gone through situations just as bad, if not worse than those who decided to take their own lives. They stuck through it and are now happy, finding ways to deal with their negative thoughts. Therefore, people who do commit suicide are considered as weaklings. ( losing someone is always sad, and although it is heartbreaking that people decide to commit suicide, they should not have, it is not right. Even in the old days, people who committed suicide weren't given a proper funeral, or buried in a proper graveyard.)

  • They are weak

    Instead of finding a solution, they put the responsibility of guilt and shame onto their loved ones. They take the easy way out instead of finding a plausible solution to their problems. There's million other solutions as compared to suicide. But most of them probably have mental illnesses. Natural selection?

  • They take shortcuts in solving problems

    They don't have the mental toughness to work through their issues and improve their lives so they take the easy way out to escape their problems instead of coming to a solution no matter how long it may take, people are always there to help you. Even if you can't see that, people are still there.

  • Suicide is for the weak

    Most of the prole who try to kill themselves are depressed or in a really bad situation. They need help and support from the people around them. They have to be brave and courageous for the moment. They have to fight with all the problems going on in their lives. They should get help from someone they think they can discuss their problem with. And killing yourself is not the solution. Enjoy the good things in life.

  • Suicide is for the weak

    Most of the prole who try to kill themselves are depressed or in a really bad situation. They need help and support from the people around them. They have to be brave and courageous for the moment. They have to fight with all the problems going on in their lives. They should get help from someone they think they can discuss their problem with. And killing yourself is not the solution. Enjoy the good things in life.

  • Yes it is weak

    It is especially weak if you kill yourself over dumb reasons. Life can always get worse, but that's why you have to always give it everything you got even if you can't. Tomorrow is another day, don't let a problem no matter how bad it is, prevent you from making it to tomorrow

  • Suicide in giving in

    Why do people think that death is a sort of release for their worldly issue. Being religious, I think these people are dooming themselves. People suffer, the world isn't fair, and life can be difficult. But suicide is running away from your loved ones, family, and friends. When somebody close to you commits suicide it can really fuck that person up. Millions suffer in the world, human nature revolves around suffering. In all of my ranting I just want to say that if you can't live for your self then live for others, Make their happiness your own.

  • I hate existing, but death is worse.

    Every day I think about how terrible existing is. So many things are out of our control that we can be forced into terrible situations in the blink of an eye. Any day now, I could find out that I have a crippling disorder that will ruin all of my hopes and dreams. No matter how bad it is though, death is worse. My view on death is that when we die, that's it. Our body shuts down and we rot. People who commit suicide aren't weak, so much as they are short sighted. They can't see that the only true solace for humanity is in happiness while alive since death is completely devoid of everything. Sure their pain will be gone, but so will all possible happiness.

  • They're running away from life

    Life is always going to be difficult, more so for some, but it will always involve a level of pain. To kill yourself for no other reason than it being difficult is cowardly and weak.
    There is no merit in the act, nor is there any value in it. When you die, you stop, and you never do or feel anything ever again. If you are suffering, there is no guarantee that life is going to get better, but if you die than it becomes a certainty that it won't.

    To be brave means to live on despite the pain, and to be strong means to pursue happiness, even if it causes you to suffer. There is no greater meaning in life than the pursuit of 'Life'.

  • Yes, It is Weak

    Yes, I think that it is weak. So many people struggle to survive every day, and these pampered, infantile weaklings just end it because "they don't want to live anymore". News flash. Millions of people have died for reasons beyond their control. Only idiots die within their control for such selfish reasons. However, there are people who commit suicide for the betterment of others (i.E. Help people out of a fire, but dying in the process). Now that isn't weakness at all, that's pure strength.

  • Suicide takes a lot of strength.

    Suicide goes against everything evolution programmed your body to do, which is survive so that you can pass on your genes to the next generation. It also takes a considerable amount of mental strength to not only decide that there's nothing worth living for and no chance of that changing, but that you should do something so permanent about it. This is not to say that it's a wise choice (trust me, it isn't), but it is not an easy or weak one.

  • No, people who attempt or do, are not weak.

    Actually, depression is a chemical imbalance. That's like saying that a person with a leg cramp or the cold is emotionally weak. And, like Gilesthewizard stated, you're pretty damn strong and brave if you could kill yourself. But, this doesn't mean to kill yourself because it "proves" your strong.
    Whats strong is staying alive, but committing suicide isn't weak either.

  • Quite the opposite

    I tried to commit suicide once. I couldn't. A truly weak person would not be able to make the decision to end their life. Only somebody with a strong will would be able to do that- because once you do, it's over. You can't "un-die". What happens after you die? Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? Nobody knows. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe you're just gone forever. Tell me, could a weak person make that choice, and face the possibility of eternal torture (if you're a Catholic) or eternal nothingness? Would you be strong enough to do it, even if there's a good chance that there isn't something waiting for you on the other side?

  • No, people that commit suicide are not considered weak

    I don't think that this is true because everyone may commit suicide for different reasons. Just because someone commits suicide doesn't always meant that they are weak or have give up on life. Some people may be clinically sick or psychologically damaged when making the conscious choice to commit suicide, but not weak off the bat.

  • No they are not!

    Do not get me wrong, I can see how people would automatically say that "Ohh they were just weak and could not hold on any longer". But in my mind, sometimes people are just angry, fed up, sick and tired, annoyed, and out of ideas and inspiration. That is not weakness in my eyes.

  • No suicide in no way weak. Nor selfish.

    No ones tribulations are insignificant. You truly don’t know what that persons going through, so it’s not your place to judge. You may have experienced something you believe is similar, but everyone’s experience is their own. Manic depression is a serious issue. A huge percentage of society doesn’t even addresss it,, because it’s a “touchy” subject, being too emotional is frowned upon by a lot of people. It’s so considered “weak”.. Therefore causes the person that’s suffering to feel more alone than ever. Everyone is so quick to say it’s selfish, but fail to realize it’s not about THEM nor anyone else for that matter .

  • Shaming the struggling because they're struggling

    Kicking those who are struggling with life _because_ they're struggling with life just contributes to the shame that drives suicide in the first place. The way we talk about those who struggle says everything about who we are. We don't live for other people. We live for ourselves. If someone has lost their reason to live, it's NOT our job to judge, because in the end it's none of our business. I do, however, believe that no person genuinely wants to die. It's all driven by shame and fear and the loss of hope for the future. I can't MAKE someone live, and I can't live for other people. But I CAN help someone see that life gets better. I can do my best to make someone feel truly seen.

  • No its neither weak nor strong.

    The person who commits suicide without a doubt is suffering mentally.In one way or many ways. The suffering finally exhausts the person. Taking away the desire to live. Once you lose the desire to live, your ability to reason is gone . Thats when emptiness fills the mind.THE END.I know I am that person.

  • Those who say that need a reality check.

    At the very least, suicidal people are brave enough to go forward with the act. Most don't even have the balls. The next time your "friends" say that, challenge them to try cut themselves in the wrist. Unless some of them are already depressed, I guarantee it'll only look worse than a splinter. That's not even suicide yet. No matter how many Insta followers you have, no matter how expensive your wheels, no matter how many hoes you bed, no matter how many scholarships you get, none of this will follow you into the grave. And the mere thought of losing it all can make the greatest of men look like pussies. There is a reason why the bystander effect is a thing. People are too scared to lend a helping hand because they're afraid to embroil themselves in other people's suffering. They're afraid they might lose it all. Suicide is sooooo much harder than you think. Those who transcend all fears, those who transcend all desire, are the ones who truly deserve to be called brave. So in the end, it's not them who are cowardly, it is YOU.

  • No, not true.

    After suffering from strong chronic pain and emotional stress its very hard. You can't just say "I've been suffering recently" and g empathy. Instead its "toughen up". Its hard to keep going and you get so tired of fighting all the time. I'm not saying its the right decision, just saying people need to take better care of their attitudes of this social stigma.

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