Are people who enjoy horror movies mentally unstable?

Asked by: madness
  • Horror movies are a portrayal of people suffering.

    So you like horror movies hu? You watch them for your enjoyment hu?

    How can you admit to watching people die by sadistic killers and hellish monster and say you enjoy that? Surly this translates to the real world in some way.

    I've always had some friends who laugh when other people fall over/hurt themselves and some who don't. The ones who do, also like horror movies, coincidence? I think not!
    I think this paints a bigger picture, a picture that shows how people who watch and enjoy horror movies, also watch and enjoy pain/suffering. This is a sign of mental instability.

  • Not at all

    Most people enjoy horror movies for the same reason they enjoy something like riding a roller coaster-it's an experience that gets the adrenaline going. It's thrilling, exciting, etc. even if it is in a morbid manner. Undoubtedly there are some people who are mentally ill and genuinely enjoy watching suffering, but such sociopaths are likely an extremely small minority. The same person who might love to watch people get hacked up in the "Saw" franchise may vomit if they saw a video of real-life suffering. It's people who can't distinguish between fantasy/entertainment and real life who are mentally ill

    Posted by: SM29
  • My friend really likes horror movies, and she's as stable as can be!

    Once we showed her a video we found of a squirrel being kicked off the edge of the Grand Canyon, which my brother and I thought was morbidly funny, and she didn't find it funny at all. She actually got mad at the guy who kicked it and expressed her sympathy for the squirrel. And, for her, the 'c' word isn't parc (backwards), it's 'clown.' She CANNOT stand horror movie clowns. She freaks out and hides her face. Once my brother played a trick on her and said, "Hey, look! I got a new wallpaper for my iPad!" It was a freaky pic of a horror movie clown. He showed her and she FREAKED. He never did it again. And he changed it back to a normal scene ASAP. So she loves horror movies. She is not morbid. She's scared of clowns which often appear in horror movies, and she's as sane as can be. I'd say that anyone here who says all people who watch horror movies are insane are insane themselves. I admit, obviously there are some people out there who are insane and love horror movies. But that's not the point. The point is that almost all who watch horror movies and enjoy them are perfectly stable and have never needed to go to an asylum.

  • No not necessarily

    A lot of people that I know that enjoy horror movies get squeamish if they even see blood or a mutilated animal by the side of the road, they just know that they movie is fake and is for the purposes of entertainment. It can be interesting to see how certain people react to extreme situations like the ones that you find in some horror movies, and to imagine how you would react in their situation. So no, not all people that enjoy horror movies are mentally unstable.

  • Horror movies are stimulating.

    I enjoy horror movies-does that mean I'm mentally unstable? No, I am just another person who has their own preferences, I am allowed to have my own preferences. I like how much thought goes into horror movies rather than any other category. Yes, horror movies are sickening, but that doesn't mean they can't be intriguing. Just because someone prefers watching a serial killer hunt rather than a superhero save a city for the umpteenth time doesn't make them sick. Horror movies make you think.

  • Your opinion is kind of irrelevant...

    So what I mean by that is that even if most people who enjoy horror movies are instable it cannot be said of all. Take me for instance, I enjoy the little things in life like chess, debating and above all mathematics. And most if not all my friends would state me to be a very stable individual.

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