Are people who say Sweden is the most accepting country in the world, the dumbest? Lol

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • The biggest in the world

    Swedes are generally, though not all, some of the most arrogant, mean and stuck up people in the world. They're the latter of the world when it comes to racism as well. Israelis and Danes are almost up there too. But I know there are exceptions. LMAO

    I swear anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

  • If we're going to be classifying stupidity, there are better ways to do it.

    A better way to see who the dumbest people in the world are would be to look at those who were washed out of sodahead, or are constantly spouting meaningless stuff that literally nobody else but themselves cares about. Some examples could be the Danish colonial empire, or something even more pointless then that...

  • Nahhhhh i dont think so

    Rebuttal: One at a time state your opponent’s main points and explain what is wrong with their argument. Ex. My opponent stated... But this is not true. Our opponents said… however… My opponent also said…
    Remember: you can qualify. A “partly-agree” stance in which you agree (in part) with another person’s argument or position but also disagree with part of it.
    Important: you can bring in NEW EVIDENCE (facts, judgements, testimonials) DO IT!

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neoryan1 says2015-09-16T20:27:54.303
For being such an advanced nation they are fairly racist but no more than America for sure. Their far-right party that's against immigration and is critisized for being racist received 13% of the vote in the past election so while racism does exist there, it only stands out so much because everything else is so advanced. However racism is very rampant in other Scandinavian countries as well, so the way I see it is they are not accepting, but compared to the rest of the world, they really don't have much to go against
Adam2isback says2015-09-16T21:08:31.007
That's true
But at least you're not saying "They're the most accepting" like some nimrods here I've seen. They are openly racist. It's not that oh there's not much so how can you be racist when there isn't so much (maybe my words are wrong), they are openly racist anyway.