• National level, no but community level, yes

    There is nothing that causes bigger disruption in a community than a protest. As well as the practicalities of road closures, people off work and the litter, it can very easily alienate people within the communities. How do you know if your neighbour believes what you believe? And will it cause disruption to your friendship if they think differently?

  • Staging protests suports communities

    I think protests are a great way for people to support a cause, and be involved in their communities. That is, as long as they remain a peaceful protest. When people get together and support something they believe in, they become stronger people and even become a stronger community. This does not hurt the communities they belong to.

  • No, Protests Do Not Hurt Communities

    Of course, it depends on what people are protesting about, but as a rule, protesters do not hurt a community. Far from it, they show the community that there are people fighting for what they believe in, in a peaceful but obvious way. It shows people that the little guy has a voice and can make a difference if they shout loud enough.

  • No, people who protest aren't hurting their communities.

    No, people who protest aren't hurting their communities. Protests are nonviolent ways to show that people are against something or disagree with something. Protests are also a form of free speech, which is something that the government is not allowed to take away from people. If anything, protests help communities by uniting them and making them stronger.

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