• Yes I Do

    Someone who cusses is not using a filter on what they're saying. They're not trying to pretty up what they're saying, and not trying to find a 'nice' way to express thoughts. I personally find that if I'm in a conversation where I need to refrain from using any profanity, I'm more likely to be less than honest, as I'm already having to consciously filter what I'm saying.

  • Swearing shows an extreme interest in the topic of discussion to the point of devotion.

    If someone swears, it shows that they have a strong opinion about a subject, and believe that they need to show it in a more ration sense. People who swear are usually more honest, as they will speak their minds when they feel like it needs to be said, whether its harsh it not is another opinion

  • To a degree.

    Yes, people who swear, to my own experience, do tend to be more honest and straight forward. These people are usually very intelligent, but many times their vocabulary is shut down by people around them and may resort to swears as a way to get the point across as it conveys anything from importance of a situation to importance of an event to the person themselves. I will note however; I did say, "tend to be" for a reason, as some people merely swear as a means to sound "cool" or to make themselves seem bigger than they really are. I've also seen that people who swear, more often then not, tend to be more blunt and succinct with their answers, if, you were to cut out their swears.

  • Diplomacy is not their drive to win popularity

    People who don't worry so much about being politically correct tend to swear more in my experience which leads them to be more honest on which they speak of. They tend not to worry about diplomacy to win agreement & likeness so much as speaking their truth good or bad is of importance.

  • Yes, more honest.

    People who curse don't hold back. People who don't hold back aren't lying. They have nothing to hide. They aren't trying to pretend to be something. They also are not trying to make something sound good. While some may find it offensive, that does seem silly. They are just words.

  • I think so

    I believe that people that curse can be more honest because they don't hide what they feel and they can just say it unlike people who don't. I'm not saying people that don't curse aren't honest , I just mean that people who curse don't really have much to hide.

  • Open and Direct

    As a former law enforcement officer and as a contract protection specialist, I have found that those with the tendency to swear are more direct and honest. Some of the people I interviewed at an incident or event when giving their statements swore so much out of excitement and adrenaline that their content was later to be found factual as they stated what they saw, experienced and felt. Quiet a few that were guilty tried too hard to sound polite and "social," framing their conversation into something they thought was a sound and honest statement omitting their part of the event. Politicians say many things to appease the masses and if you notice, the people that catch them in inconsistent speeches call "bull," every time.

  • I feel that it does.

    I swear to my friends a lot but i am also very truthful to them, other people I know who don't swear keep so many secrets from their friends and are generally more likely to lie to their friends than to tell the truth to them, I swear a lot and I am honest to all my friends.

  • Yeah that makes sense

    Some people rely on curse words because they have limited vocabularies, or they use them strictly in an insulting manner. However if you're dealing with someone who rarely curses, or uses them as well placed adjectives or exclamations, it's different. In that case you're most likely dealing with a more honest, more straight-foward, no bull, kind of person.

  • Swearing is filler, which means that they have not thought out a lie

    Expletives are,by definition, filler words. They are used for adjectives, adverbs and nouns, but for the most part don't change the context of a conversation. While a well-thought argument and a calm demeanor isn't an indication one is lying, a person swearing implies that they're speaking off the cuff. It also depends on the person and their mental word bank.

  • You really do not need to curse to tell people your opinion.

    How is using swear words making you more honest? Personally I don't curse yet I try to be as honest as possible. You really do not need to curse to tell people your opinion. I can easily say I don't like that jacket, or I think you should stay out without cursing and I'm still being honest.

  • No They Aren't

    People who swear are just as honest as everyone else in the world. Those that swear are not more moral, truthful, or righteous than anyone else. I really do not see how much a person swears would be a determining factor of how honest an individual is. Swearing isn't a good indicator of who lies and who doesn't/

  • Rather a rage of aggression

    Swearing is a result of aggression! Aggression can not be defined as honesty. Why would honesty need aggressive outburst. Honesty is aggressively spoken about during demonstrations or where its acceptability is less. Swearing in is creating pressure on the other to make you point acceptable. Swearing only causes bad image.

  • Why I view swearing as not so honest.

    It is biblical to have pure speech..So people most likely who are not swearing most likely do not lie because they are following after God who said be holy because I am holy. And ton's more verse's to support how a person who is living to be that doesn't practice it daily because you would be sinning on some level and people who are trying to be pure wouldn't do something to hurt themselve's to separate them from the Holy Father. So to repent is to not do it over and over and swearing is not pure speech and being honest is a Godly attribute.

  • This Is False

    People who tend to use swear words are no more truthful than people who don't use them. In fact, people who use profanity are more likely to be lying as using profanity shows that there is a higher level of emotion being used. "Usually" when people are more emotional, they're irrational, which means they may be speaking from feelings and not truths as emotions are deceitful.

  • Would it make any sense?

    Does that mean that people who watch what they say are more dishonest? I dont see how people who cant think of explanatory words to say are more honest. I would trust the guy who talks the most educated not the one who cant even freakin say freakin words.

  • Swearing don't make you honest.

    I have been around both swearing and people that don't swear all my life. Most of the people that swear all the time are very dishonest. They steal , do drugs, and don't work. Usually they are swearing because things don't go right for them. They swear at people that have things in life but are unwilling to leave the drugs alone to get a job. And if they manage to get one they lose it because they fail a random drug test , just didn't feel like going to work, or they spent all their money and they don't have gas some don't even have a car. Their children and everyone around them suffer. Well that is my experience with swearing people. I also have conducted surveys for studies and have found that not everyone that conducts the surveys are honest. Guess what most of the ones that swear are the ones that lose their jobs for not following the procedure for conducting the survey...Go figure.

  • No they aren't. There's no real proof (e.G.: scientific studies) to support the claim that people who swear more are more honest.

    No they aren't. There's no real proof (e.G.: scientific studies) to support the claim that people who swear more are more honest.

    There have been a number of attempts (behavioral studies) to actually answer this question.
    So far the results have been inconclusive. The "proofs" and "arguments" presented here (on debate.Org) by those who claim that people who swear more are more honest are anecdotal (at most), biased and statistically irrelevant.

    Swearing is, in lots of cases:
    - an emotional outburst (correlated with various things, like the need to draw attention, for example)
    - an automatism (a behavioral routine)

    Swearing is not a calculated decision to try to be more honest. In fact, some of the best liars (sociopaths, psychopaths, etc) are known to use swearing to emphasize a point of view or to try to dominate an audience.

  • Depends on the individual

    The environment you grew up in as well as genetics determines honesty. First hand experience tells me this. My ex and I grew up in the city where swearing is normal. As I got older I tried to control it more. He did not. After we married, I picked the habit up again. This man was extremely abusive, and cheated numerous times. He would do and say things and then twist it around to blame me for the problem. Even though I knew it would anger him in to want to fight with me I would always stand my ground and tell him exactly what was going on. Two of my children share this trait.
    What you have been taught, who your role models are, also plays a big part. It is on the news daily. These criminals swearing up a storm. They are not honest.

  • Swearing is a lack of education or creativity

    There is a time and a place for swearing and in mixed company it is generally discouraged. This is common knowledge and taught to most respectable people. When used in stand-up comedy, it may be used to gain or maintain attention; but when used against someone, especially a young or vulnerable person, it can be devastating. Cursing is always a choice and not always well applied.

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