• Yes, people with Down Syndrome are still human.

    While it is scientifically established that humans have 46 chromosomes, we must not forget that people with Down Syndrome have more chromosomes due to mutations. This means that it is still possible for a male and a female with a normal number of chromosomes to have a kid with the aforementioned syndrome. The genetic mutation could show up out of the blue (due to things like environmental issues), or could be passed down from generation to generation from ancestors.

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  • I can't believe this is even being debated right now!

    Of course they are! I can't believe this is even being debated right now! Like Dr. Seuss said, "A persons a person no matter how small."
    These HUMAN BEINGS were born the same way you and me were.
    Are you questioning if somebody with ADHD or Dyslexia or even Cancer is a human being? No? Then why would you question a person that has down syndrome? This whole concept is wrong and immoral.

  • To Avoid a Massacre

    Yes, it is true that they are very genetically different than us, however they fulfill the same niche as a normal person. But, my main point is not going to argue weather they are human or not, but I will say my opinions on this anyway. They are human because they are suffering from a disorder, a human disorder, simply having more chromosomes than people not suffering from this disorder does not change the species, there are a million disorders, affecting all sorts of things, from eating habits, to skin cell regeneration, this does not make them any less human. However, you can continue to argue that having 46 chromosomes is what makes us human, so it brings me to my second point. They key to being able to kill an enemy is dehumanization (that is if you are not a psychopath). Everyone who serves in the military shaves their head, wears a uniform, has a number, and must comply with all orders from their commanding officers. This is done to create unquestioning robots, that way they will have an easier time killing their enemies. For a more relatable example, I will use the Stanford Prison Experiment (scientists created a fake prison, and random people came in and were assigned as guards or prisoners, result was the guards used cruel punishments for bad behavior such as push-ups, humiliation from stripping them, making them keep their feces and urine in a bucket in their cell. And the reason why the guards behaved that way was because the prisoners had been dehumanized [given numbers and no name, dresses with no underwear, and so on] , one of the big things that that experiment showed us was that we humans will treat those under us badly, I fail to articulate my point in this statement well, so if you know anything about the experiment, you will know what I mean. When we declare that people with down syndrome are not human, we are also allowing for the fermentation of guard like behavior on these already weaker people.

  • They are still human by definition

    A species, in the most common use of the word, implies that the 2 organisms can reproduce and make offspring. And while many people with down-syndrome are sterile, many can also reproduce and have a baby without down syndrome. Thus, they still fall under the biological definition of human. Because every human has different DNA, and considering only a single sequence human, would narrow it down to just 1 person, or just twins. Its all about how you define human. But to reiterate, in the most common biological use of the terminology, they are still considered human.

  • They are definitely human

    I might agree with you if a Down Syndrome person (one with 47 chromosomes) could in fact not conceive with a person who has normal karotype (46 chromosomes) that the Down Syndrome person would not be "human" but instead another species. However it is simply not true. There have been documented cases of the two types conceiving,

  • People with Down Syndrome are able to have children with 46 chromosomes.

    If two animals can produce fertile offspring they are considered to be part of the same species. People with Down Syndrome have a 1/3 chance of producing a child with 46 chromosomes and a 2/3 chance of producing a child with 47 chromosomes. The fact that there is a chance of them producing fertile children concludes that they can definitely be considered human.

  • People with Down Syndrome have the ability to have children with 46 chromosomes.

    Being part of the same species is determined by the ability of producing viable offspring. So while some animals may be able to produce offspring, if they are infertile the two animals can't be considered the same species. Two people with Down Syndrome have a 1/3 chance of producing a child with 46 chromosomes, a 2/3 chance of producing a child with 47 chromosomes.

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  • Definition of a specie

    "A species is often defined as a group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature."
    Source :

    A species is often defined as the largest group of organisms in which two individuals are capable of reproducing fertile offspring, typically using sexual reproduction. While in many cases this definition is adequate, the difficulty of defining species is known as the species problem. For example, a species complex is a group of closely related species that are very similar in appearance to the point that the boundaries between them are often unclear. Differentiating measures include similarity of DNA, morphology, or ecological niche. Presence of specific locally adapted traits may further subdivide species into "infraspecific taxa" such as subspecies

    It's true that some people with down's syndrome are infertlie, but the same can be pointed out with humans without down's syndrome (and no other diagnose except the infertility itself). You can make similar pointers in many ways and still come to the conclusion that "yes, it's true. But it also exist among us without down's syndrome, they simply have an increased/decreased rate."

  • People with Down's Syndrome are indeed human

    Having worked with people with a variety of disabilities, I can assert without any hesitation that people with Down's Syndrome are in fact human beings. They may look or act different, but underneath they still have the same challenges, goals, and dreams as any other person. Therefore, they do not deserve to be treated as anything but human.

  • K.I.S.S. "Human" has a definition. Don't metaphorize human or at least don't forget you are metaphorizing.

    Duh. They have human DNA therefore that makes them human. The idea of "What makes us human" beyond just having human DNA is an absurdity and an entirely unnecessary construct. It's just ridiculous when people claim someone "isn't being human" or is "less than human" when um they have human DNA. That someone is "less of a human" also is nonsense. This is not imply people should never be treated unequally (such as throwing murderers in prison) but it's completely unnecessary and hence a waste and just a confusing addition to everyday speech to insist on using "humanity" itself in a metaphorical sense. Keep "human" meaning "biologically human" that's simple. And if you can't be simple at least admit to yourself that all you are doing is using "human" as a metaphor and it does not change what the word really means. It which case the question "is so-and-so human?" is just a matter of opinion and not only opinion but make-believe.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT - Chromosome difference by 1 Chromosome

    Chromosome difference of 46 to 47 makes animal a different species.

    Not trying to be rude or unethical; animal is still a subspecies of Homo genus.

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    Washington State University
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  • End of the Line

    They don't have the same genes as we do. They don't have the ability to reproduce with other humans. They don't have the same brain anatomy or physical features. If they even survive to adulthood, they do so at great expense to society who pretends like they're somehow valuable. They're not human.

  • By definition: NO

    Well, species are defined by similarity in chromosomes. 2 subjects with the same amount of chromosomes are not automatically the same species (because there might be 2 different animals with the same amount that evolved that way separately) but 2 subjects with different amount of chromosomes are without discussion 100% another species.

  • Technically speaking no..

    I understand social justice warriors will claim they have the same thoughts/feelings as humans and I'm not saying they don't, but they still have a different genetic makeup which technically makes them a different species. This kind of debate should not include how people 'feel' or the morality of the issue. This is strictly a scientific debate, and according to science they are not the same as a 46 chromosome human. This doesn't make them any less of a person however and should be treated with the same respect you would treat anyone else.

  • Absolutely not at all!

    The freaking clowns take up resources and space. I can no longer be home in a peaceful condition, because I have a very loud baboon to deal with. They're not human, they're a freaking monkey type crap. I mean, all they do is make a racket, lose my sleep, and watch the television. I can't go anywhere without the family looking like the biggest clown circus in the world... Gosh I hate Down's so much!

  • I Will Never Get Back What I Have Witnessed Today

    I am buying a puppy in Cali. From local breeders that have been rated the best in the valley, and I witnessed something today I will never forget. The people have a son with downs. This boy is 5. The parents do everything they can to contain him, but he acts as if he is 2 years of age, and not coherent with anyone talking to him. As the parents let the puppies play outside, I put the cutest collar on my puppy with her name and "my family loves me" on the tag. Before long, their incoherent downs son runs outside, tackled a puppy- (breaking both it's front legs) and kicked my puppy square in the face. He then picked my puppy up, threw her into their slide, breaking her jaw and front paw. I had to contain the boy while he kept throwing a fit saying he "wanted to play with his rascals". His parents have told me that they remind him to never play with the dogs for as long as they have them.

    My point is, I never watched something so inhuman in my entire life- then watching a downs boy discreetly purposefully permanently injure the lives of two adorable puppies. A normal 5 year old boy hears this lesson once from his parents to know not to play with the puppies even once. I am now scheduling reconstructive jaw surgery for my puppy, as well as cast options for her paw. I never used to have thoughts towards anyone with downs, until after today watching what it must look like to "have the lights on, without anyone being home".

    I am disappointed in the behavior this syndrome creates. Oblivious to everything and everyone, they act as if they are not all there.

    Call me whatever you'd like, but how would you feel if you witnessed a downs boy almost kill your puppy. Seriously picture this in your head. From the jaw getting completely fractured to front legs snapping from underneath the dog, yelping for its life.

  • They are not a different species....But they are also not human. They are like the mules in a sense. They are the other, the sub-human.

    Scientifically, no they are not human.

    They're intelligence is not that of a human.

    Their emotional intelligence is not that of a human.

    They are mentally and physically not-human, because they are genetically different than us.

    Of course it's easy to see "human-like" traits in them . But that's because they're similar to us. It's easy to appeal to emotion, because of their condition and from the intelligence and emotions that they do have.

  • By nature, they are not homosapiens.

    They have one more chromosome than humans do, so they are not humans. To say that they are is like saying an octopus-human hybrid is human because they are capable of speech. It simply is not a viable argument. Chromosomes are the only things separating us from animals such as a mouse or a crocodile. Individuals with down syndrome were born and conceived by humans, but that means nothing if the amount of chromosomes in the offspring differ from the parents'. This doesn't make them inferior to society. Though they are inferior to average human standards, they are still valuable and can bring joy to those that seek joy.

  • They aren't in any aspect humans

    They have one extra cromossome, that automatically makes them another species.
    They shouldn-t be allowed to bred, this way we would stop them proliferating, we should isolate them from the society because they simply aren't ome of us and they will never be one of us and shouldn't be treated like one.

  • They aren't in any aspect humans

    They have one extra cromossome, that automatically makes them another species.
    They shouldn-t be allowed to bred, this way we would stop them proliferating, we should isolate them from the society because they simply aren't ome of us and they will never be one of us and shouldn't be treated like one.

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YellowPandaBear says2013-06-14T03:06:36.643
Not genetically however this does not mean that they are not people. They are still sentient and can function in society well.
Shubhu says2013-06-14T03:42:39.067
Yes,people with Down Syndrome are still human as their life is just as like other common people.They have a lack of such type of things which make the human more intelligent and nr having the great IQ power but their position can be reform as with the growing of the centuries various types of diseases related problems are having a good treatments so that there is also bright views over this in future.
Xiper says2015-07-22T16:59:48.440
If babies born with Down Syndrome weren't human, nomenclature wouldn't classify them as such. Hence why they're still human.
Xiper says2015-07-22T17:00:06.637
Simple as that.