• The world and its things are for Human being

    Everything GOD created in this world is for the benefit of humans, provided that this benefit is not at the cost of any living being's life or right.
    Under these rules and and bindings, yes, Pets are really very much essential for humans. They develop a sense of responsibility in us. We can keep them happy with relevantly lesser effort than that we do to keep happy the people around us.
    There innocent gestures grab the attention immediately as they are not Hippocrates. They show what they feel.

  • Duh? Why not?

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  • Yes because its fun

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  • Yes they should

    Pets should be allowed because they are so cute and cuddly. They also help blind people so if you take away pets they might have a very hard time doing things and moving around the house or outside. I think that taking away pets is stupid crazy and whoever thinks is a good idea id sad and lonely

  • Pets can become close friends.

    Yes I think that pets are necessary because a human can create a huge unbreakable bond with their pet. Pets can give a lonely elder person loving and caring company. Who cares if the animal is too much work! If you truly care for it than you shouldn't mind cleaning up after it of feeding it.

  • Yes. Pets provide lessons in responsibility.

    Yes. I truly believe that pets are necessary to provide our youth with lessons in responsibility and love. Caring for another living being can be a very rewarding experience. I even feel that owning and caring for a pet could reduce teen pregnancy. Caring for a pet can show our youth how difficult it can be to care for another living being.

  • Pets are a distraction

    Pets are a living thing with emotions, brains and blood. Owning a pet is a form of slavery. We give them food and shelter and they are expected to give us unconditional love and warmth. They don't really want to be with us, which is why we put them in cages or lock them inside our houses. Given the chance pets would escape like any other slave. Instead of letting them live in their own space in the world, we "rescue" them. Our goal as human is to aid humans. The time, money, emotions and energy we focus on pets should be directed to help orphans, elderly and mankind. We should respect animals to give them forests, clean water and an environment to thrive. Pets are a distraction to our real purpose of living.

  • Pets are not necessary.

    One of the most fundamental human desires is companionship. Most people can confide in other people within their life, and others can also turn to animals for companionship. Having a pet of any kind is, without a doubt, beneficial. However it is not by any means absolutely necessary to confide in an animal companion.

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