• Social Media Distracting in the class

    I do think the mobile phones distract people in class because of the fact they are always tweeting and always going in social media. This is bad because students cannot get the benefits out of learning, and they just can't stop the addiction from social media. That's why I think students should not have them in class

  • In class, yes

    Phones should not be allowed during a class because they certainly are distracting. What can a student learn if he or she is secretly texting? There is nothing wrong with having a phone while in school and using it during recess, but no texting or talking in class should be tolerated.

  • Phones can distract others

    When a student takes out thier phone and snapchats, texts, or checks a message they distract others. I believe that phones should be banned (student phones) from school so people don't make thier grade or others' grades go down by being distracted from learning what the teacher is teaching you.

  • Phones are not distracting

    Phones are no distracting because some schools use them for educational purposes. Also many schools wi-fi connections can monitor if a student is on social media. Also many schools have a password that is required in order to access the wi-fi. If the teacher catches a student with a phone, then the teacher should take the phone from them

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