• Yes, using the words "studies show" have no credibility

    In the media, there is need to give your opinion some merit by citing a credible source. Using the works "studies show" or "experts say" does not offer a valid endorsement and diminishes the person who uses those phrases. It is a lazy way to present an argument and those phrases should be discouraged.

  • yes, it is.

    "A lot of very smart people have written..."
    Which is great because he* avoids using the now-stigmatized words like "scientists" or "experts" that might lead you to believe he's referencing the Elites; he's only talking about smart people, just like you, who happens to also believe something totally unproven and possibly wholly contrafactual.

  • Yes, phrases like "studies show" or "experts say" are weasel words.

    Many writers will use phrases like "studies show" or "experts say" to support their argument and mislead their readers. Without a proper source for these "studies" there is no proof that a study was done or, if it was done, that it holds any real information. Likewise, anyone can be an "expert" on something, whether they have any accreditation at all.

  • Vague Phrases Avoid Blame

    People use vague and broad statements to make it seem like they know what they are talking about. Using these two phrases in the question places blame on another source other than yourself. If it's wrong, you just cited an incorrect source, rather than you were wrong for assuming that experts and studies have any substantial meaning without evidence.

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