• The Plants Know

    It has been observed and proven. The plants are conscious intelligent knowing beings that feel and act to their surrounding environment. If a disease hits one side of a woodland the effected trees communicate via their massively entwined root system to the rest of the woodland. The healthy trees then change their chemical composition to defend the woodland while the diseased trees take the disease to the grave with them.

    Only sentient life can give and maintain the lives of sentient beings. If one considers thyself sentient then thy life must be given and maintained by sentient beings

  • Sentient means to feel

    Plants definitely respond to stimuli. Just look at the Venus Flytrap for example, now that's one smart motherfcking plant. Don't underestimate the power of plants. Most people think bees attack them, nope! Flowers lure them in with their seductive techniques. The evil b4stards. , , , , , , ,

  • If it breaths, its sentiant

    Take a look at animals, they breath reproduce, just like plants, so what makes any difference? Plants get more tortured, and they have a shorter lifespan, so if animals shouldn't be eaten, than plants should be treated of the highest respect possible, it just wouldn't make sense to just ignore them

  • Yes they are!

    They're sentient because they can move, see, smell, cry, fear, talk, etc. Vegetarians and vegans shockingly fail to grasp that we as humans always want to forget about plants and not animals. We have to eat sentient beings to live! It's nature, how it works. We eat living things, and we can never stop.

  • Living, not sentient.

    There's a BIG difference between being a living organism and being sentient. A living organism only need to grow, reproduce, and consume some from of sustenance. For somthing to be sentient, it must be capable of higher brain function. Most multi celled animalia are sentient, where as all known plants are nonsentient. Fungi on then other hand, we have no idea.

  • Hey you dumb

    Plants have neither the brain cells nor the nervous system to be fully capable of holding emotions. Seeing as they are dumb, so are you for believing that plants can have an emotional capacity. If they were capable of emotions, there would be a lot more stories of business tycoons, and lumber jacks being killed in a complicated revenge plot. We don't live in a movie. If you want to protect plants, use actual evidence, and not emotions and fairytales.

  • Sentience is a complicated

    Sentience means to REASON not to feel or breathe. If a plant was sentient that would me that it had a complex nervous system that allows them to experience feelings and understand what they are and know that they exist. You guys need to get a dictionary and look up sentience, the definition does not state that sentience means you are alive, that is called life not sentience.

  • Where is their consciousnesses

    In order for a being to be sentient they need to have conscious intelligence and some would argue emotion. Plants have neither nor do they have the capacity for either. Just because something is alive does not give it the capacity to understand anything outside of it's own survival. As far as the Venus Fly Trap, tell me if your leg jerks when you hit your knee due to a natural reflex, does that suddenly mean that your knee/leg is a sentient being

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