• PETA please stop.

    I'm just gonna get to the point:

    Why it is not animal abuse:

    -Pokemon clearly enjoy battling, as THEY ATTACK YOU BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BATTLE.
    -A pokeball has been stated by developers to be a healing house-like place where they rest.
    -the whole plot is literally about humans bonding with pokemon.

    Those have been three reasons why PETA(a bunch of adults) acts more retarded than they should be! Brought to you by - some person who is thirteen.


    My friends at first:
    Boo Pokémon yay PETA you're right
    My friends after they play Moon:

  • NOT animal abuse!

    Pokémon is not animal abuse. It is because the basic point of the franchise is friendship and bonding. Although people might think it is bad since Pokémons fight each other, it isn't because if you watch the anime, you can see that Pokémons actually enjoy battling each other and take it in a way probably like how we enjoy sport. It is true that some people breed and use Pokémon just to get the perfect nature or IV, but this is not the game/franchise's point. Also, there are Pokémon games called Pokémon Black and Pokémon White (that both have the same characters and storyline some Pokémons are just version exclusive that require trading in order to complete the Dex) which the whole plot focuses on an evil organization called Team Plasma that try to separate Pokémons from their trainers because they think it is animal abuse, and at the end of the storyline of the game, we learn that Pokémons and their trainers are meant to be best friends, support each other and get stronger together. Some people also think Pokémon is bad since you catch a Pokémon with a tiny ball and throw it in a PC when you don't need it anymore, but the anime clearly shows that a Pokémon doesn't hate being in a ball and don't protest when they have to be in. Also, in the anime, when Ash's Pokémon faints, he tells the Pokémon to take a nice rest, meaning that a Pokéball isn't a torture device or something like that. The PC also isn't a threat, because in the anime, the Pokémon sent in the PC goes to the lab of the professor of whichever region you are in and they can do whatever they want there, and they must feel comfortable there, since you can see the Pokémons happily playing there in the anime. It has never been proven that it is the case in the games, but we can imagine it if we wan't to since we never got a confirmation from the game developers. So overall, Pokémon is not bad and doesn't send bad massages to kids, and it is a wonderful franchise and you should definitely play the games.

  • Two words: Animal abuse

    The Pokemon franchise is basically this: you're a 10 year old kid kicked out of your home and takes a baby animal with you to fight other people with animals to abuse them just to get your animal to a higher level to get badges to prove that you're strong. You also catch Pokemon in the wild running free and enjoying things and keeping them in a box for the rest of their lives or to make them abuse other Pokemon that did nothing wrong to you or put them in a day care for eternity with a baby making machine to make offspring that will be bred only for battle or filling out your Pokedex, which is basically an encyclopedia. What do you do with the weak offspring? Throw them away into the wild so they can get caught by another person or eaten by a Starly. Also, you catch "gods" that control time, space, truth, ordeals, life, death, water, sky, fire, ground, can change type, control night mares and so on and so fourth and this is just a personal question, but does this not affect the power they control?

  • Pokemon is a great game.

    If you play this game it is pretty cool, you go through an adventure and you level up your Pokemon by making other Pokemon faint, not die. You fight crime in the Pokemon world and become a champion. Some people might think it is teaching people animal abuse is okay. 1. It isn't okay, and 2. It isn't teaching us animal abuse, it is just a video game people.

  • Pokemon is good

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