Are police more dangerous to the public than criminals?

  • Those who have the power to corrupt and get away with it.

    When people are in a position of power they also have the option to abuse it. I'm a witness to this very corruption. Police were called to my street for a gang fight amoung minors. A family member of mine tells me to call the police, I do. (At this point im going to call her Jenna.) Jenna goes outside on her own property and tells the minors "Go home, the police will be here shortly." Jenna notices broken pipe on property, goes to throw it in the trash (she had her hand on the lid at the curb). Two male cops have their hands ON their weapons, yelling @ Jenna to drop the weapon. Jenna complies and drops it on the floor beside her. Both cops proceed to arrest Jenna and she does not resist. One cop repeatedly kicks Jenna several times with steel toe boots below the knees while her left hand is rung by him behind her back (he continues to kick). At the same time the other cop is pulling her arm back and in the air. She screams "YOUR BREAKING MY ARM." Cop on the left puts his right leg in front of Jenna's left leg to trip her (Mind you she has not once resisted. These cops did not coordinate what they were doing.) She loses her center of balance and they all fall. First the cops knee makes contact with the floor then Jenna's chest with the full weight of both cops on top of her. They get the handcuffs on her, take her to Jail and I show up at the hearing to get the charges. The charged her with 1 count of Obstruction ($10,000) and 2 counts of Assault against a police officer ($5000 x2). So Jenna ends up with $20k against her and possibly 20 years in prison because the police officers lied in the police report saying that Jenna hit them with a pipe. There were 3 witnesses that saw the whole thing including myself that could prove that the officers were lying and that Jenna was fully Compliant. Jenna gets a lawyer and after 2 years the County drops the charges in the hopes that she does not sue them for police brutality, emotional & physical damage, as well as corrupting her good name. She served in the military for over 17 years and is an upstanding citizen. And after all she's been through she continues to be a great role model.

  • Generally speaking, yes

    Alot of the so called criminals are really not that much of a threat. They are a nusance and do harm society, but it is those with power who abuse it that are the true threat, and in capitalist countries, the police are used to uphold the laws that were made by the corporations, and do not represent the interests of the common person. I have seen numerous amounts of times how cops will assault someone, and then accuse the victim of assaulting the cop. Not only are they corrupt, and hurt people, but they try to twist the story around.

  • They kill people

    I mean they frickin kill people that are innocent is there more proof you need? ! ? ! ? ! Stupid cops are supposed to help people not kill them! Why are so many cops bad! Can we have good cops! ? ! Like i know there must be some and thank you>. . . . But why the bad cops! Starting to think phsycopaths become cops so they can have power to kill people. . . . . People can be idiots!

  • Cops jumped me from behind and tore both arms out at shoulders.

    I went on a wrecker call to help an illegal alien family that had a flat tire and had no spare. The police had arrived on scene first and were robbing them of their money and emptying out their vehicle. I got out to get the VIN from their vehicle, so I would get paid from their insurance Co. The cops jumped me while I was down on my knee to see the VIN #. Two beat me and tore out my arms, while the third one held his gun on me to make sure I would not kick the crap out of them. I was only 60 years old when this happened.

  • They are the GIU. Gang In Uniform.

    The Supreme Court ruled years ago cops no longer have the duty to protect individuals, so if you are needing protection and you call the cops, you can hope, but expectations are highly likely to lead to disappointment along with serious charges against you, the victim. Cops show up to arrest and charge. The smallest move perceived as threatening to them gives them cause to pull deadly loaded weapons. A rush they look for. Your next moved seen as non-compliant can get you killed because once the shooting starts it won't stop. From age 6 to 90, using a walker, confined to a wheelchair, or mentally disabled, you can be the most upright citizen imaginable, and a simple moment of confusion that stops you from following a command instantly will end your life. They won't take responsibility themselves nor will they be held accountable no matter how lame the story is. They are given the right to lie at will, which they will do. And when they lie in court, and they will, you will lose. When property is seized, to police go the spoils. Guess who join the Gang in Uniform? Do you love violence, guns, and the power to harm? While prisons fill up with such people, many have been smart enough to simply join up with the toughest, most threatening gang in America. There they do the same thing that gets all others incarcerated, but with full backing of the U. S. Government. I will say that when it comes to joining a gang, they make ALL other gangs look like "The Little Rascals". They collect rival gang members and keep them or kill them like cattle. If My goal was gang memberdom, no other gang would interest me.

  • Cops are criminals in uniforms who are above the law

    Cops are criminals in uniforms who commit violations and crimes every day on duty OFF DUTY only reason these lowlifes don't have a rap sheet is because they all work for criminal enterprise aka law enforcement. Cops get their support for crooked law makers/politicians. Bottom line the whole system is corrupt and all these people belong in prison.

    US Cops are crazy criminals who are above the law because stupid brainwashed masses think cops are here to serve and protect their broke asses

  • Trust no one that carries a gun!

    But its a catch 22....I realize police officers in modern society are getting more corrupt by the day and can not fully be trusted, but it is not possible to have a society without some form of police system. It is like being stuck behind a wall and a hard place. As for me, I do not trust anyone with a gun (criminal or police)...Why? History has shown people tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Cops are pigs

    My mom attacked me and I pushed her away, she came after me and I punched in 5e chest (to avoid hurting her)and I went to a friends house because I didn’t feel safe. The cops showed up and told me I’m worthless, a terrible person, that I’ll never amount to anything in life and that I should be ashamed of myself. I have a suicidal history and I was already on the brink of suicide and this pushed me over, I took a bunch of pills, and hung myself. I texted my one friend goodbye because she wasn’t always there for me but I couldn’t continue, then the cops showed up and managed to save me and while I’m on the ground hysterically crying and throwing up blood they yell at me and tell me I’m a terrible person. I get sent to a mental hospital for a week, lose 20 pounds because I get starved, then the cops show up again and tell me how terrible of a person I am and that this is what I get. I hate cops so much, I have an incredibly deep hatred for them that I will never forget

  • Cops will let people steal your stuff & then threaten to arrest you when you demand that the thief gives it back.

    A guy stole a gun from me, the only reason I knew it was him was because the neighbors got a description of the vehicle & the license plate number. Saying he left my house with a bunch of stuff. I wanted my stuff back, particularly my firearm, the rest of the stuff was just stuff. A few hundred dollars, a big screen tv, didn't care, just wanted my gun back, of course I went to the police, I should've realized it was an idiot's move . The cop asked him, the guy lied & said no, he didn't steal my stuff. Then the cop threatened to arrest me if I kept "harassing the family". Long story short, that cop let that guy get away with stealing my gun. Flat out. That's just one example of the many bad experiences I've had with cops. I will never call the cops for anything b/c in all my experiences with them, they never do anything useful. In fact, in every situation I've ever had with law enforcement, a bad situation was made worse. Now I dread the day when they come looking for me b/c my gun kills somebody, all because the useless cop let the guy get away w\a felony. I'm a veteran & the cops still took the criminal's side w\o even a slight hesitation. Since then, I've had no respect for law enforcement at all. Their true colors showed through to me on that day & guess what, it ain't blue. I could get into a long list of other reasons cops are more dangerous than the criminals but that would take too long. I'm bored with this now. Bye.

  • They are psychopathic cowards

    If you LOOK at an American cop the wrong way, you will get beaten or shot. They can fire shot after shot at an unarmed person and get away with it. Unfortunately, the people don't seem to care enough to stand up. Our numbers could easily overpower them through peaceful means (or physical defense as a last resort).

  • Who ya gonna call?

    Very simple answer. The next time you are being victimized by a policeman, call a criminal for help. How long would you have to wait (what is the criminal's response time? Perhaps the question itself is flawed. In my area of the country, with a population of 2.5 million there have been perhaps 1200 murders in the last 5 years and less than 3 on them were committed by policemen.

  • No, absolutely not.

    This is not even something to think about, as far as i'm concern criminal comes from the public, so if you want to be safe you better respect law, yes they too are human, and all human make mistakes, we should give those man and women credit for dealing with dangerous people,

    i'll rather have a hard law then weak one.

  • Cops over Criminals

    Cops aren't more dangerous to the general public. They are only dangerous to those who they feel are a threat. Cops have saved countless lives. How many live have criminals saved? If police are dangerous then are you guys saying that we need to get rid of police? This will only increase crime rates and make it so that we don't have anyone to go to when we are in trouble. It isn't fair to scapegoat the police for not being able to be everywhere and stop all criminals.

  • Action without consequence

    The federal mafia is one of the most organized crime syndicate in existence. They don't *own* cops and politicians, they *are* cops and politicians. Huge difference. The first thing an aspiring cop tends to learn, should they want to actually protect and serve, is that they picked the wrong job.
    The biggest difference between a cop and a common criminal is that the cop has legal protection to misbehave as he pleases. That makes the cop far more dangerous. It's a difference between action with- or without consequence. The latter makes it easy to feel you can abuse your position and get away with almost anything.

  • What is wrong with you people?

    You seriously think cops are worse than criminals? There are a lot more awful things that criminals do than what SOME cops do. We seriously need to get the image that "all cops are criminals" out of the masses' heads. They aren't all bad people. I guess we should call criminals when we need to help us from now on then. So stupid.

  • What is wrong with you people?

    You seriously think cops are worse than criminals? There are a lot more awful things that criminals do than what SOME cops do. We seriously need to get the image that "all cops are criminals" out of the masses' heads. They aren't all bad people. I guess we should call criminals when we need to help us from now on then. So stupid.

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