Are police more dangerous to the public than criminals?

  • Those who have the power to corrupt and get away with it.

    When people are in a position of power they also have the option to abuse it. I'm a witness to this very corruption. Police were called to my street for a gang fight amoung minors. A family member of mine tells me to call the police, I do. (At this point im going to call her Jenna.) Jenna goes outside on her own property and tells the minors "Go home, the police will be here shortly." Jenna notices broken pipe on property, goes to throw it in the trash (she had her hand on the lid at the curb). Two male cops have their hands ON their weapons, yelling @ Jenna to drop the weapon. Jenna complies and drops it on the floor beside her. Both cops proceed to arrest Jenna and she does not resist. One cop repeatedly kicks Jenna several times with steel toe boots below the knees while her left hand is rung by him behind her back (he continues to kick). At the same time the other cop is pulling her arm back and in the air. She screams "YOUR BREAKING MY ARM." Cop on the left puts his right leg in front of Jenna's left leg to trip her (Mind you she has not once resisted. These cops did not coordinate what they were doing.) She loses her center of balance and they all fall. First the cops knee makes contact with the floor then Jenna's chest with the full weight of both cops on top of her. They get the handcuffs on her, take her to Jail and I show up at the hearing to get the charges. The charged her with 1 count of Obstruction ($10,000) and 2 counts of Assault against a police officer ($5000 x2). So Jenna ends up with $20k against her and possibly 20 years in prison because the police officers lied in the police report saying that Jenna hit them with a pipe. There were 3 witnesses that saw the whole thing including myself that could prove that the officers were lying and that Jenna was fully Compliant. Jenna gets a lawyer and after 2 years the County drops the charges in the hopes that she does not sue them for police brutality, emotional & physical damage, as well as corrupting her good name. She served in the military for over 17 years and is an upstanding citizen. And after all she's been through she continues to be a great role model.

  • Generally speaking, yes

    Alot of the so called criminals are really not that much of a threat. They are a nusance and do harm society, but it is those with power who abuse it that are the true threat, and in capitalist countries, the police are used to uphold the laws that were made by the corporations, and do not represent the interests of the common person. I have seen numerous amounts of times how cops will assault someone, and then accuse the victim of assaulting the cop. Not only are they corrupt, and hurt people, but they try to twist the story around.

  • Cops will let people steal your stuff & then threaten to arrest you when you demand that the thief gives it back.

    A guy stole a gun from me, the only reason I knew it was him was because the neighbors got a description of the vehicle & the license plate number. Saying he left my house with a bunch of stuff. I wanted my stuff back, particularly my firearm, the rest of the stuff was just stuff. A few hundred dollars, a big screen tv, didn't care, just wanted my gun back, of course I went to the police, I should've realized it was an idiot's move . The cop asked him, the guy lied & said no, he didn't steal my stuff. Then the cop threatened to arrest me if I kept "harassing the family". Long story short, that cop let that guy get away with stealing my gun. Flat out. That's just one example of the many bad experiences I've had with cops. I will never call the cops for anything b/c in all my experiences with them, they never do anything useful. In fact, in every situation I've ever had with law enforcement, a bad situation was made worse. Now I dread the day when they come looking for me b/c my gun kills somebody, all because the useless cop let the guy get away w\a felony. I'm a veteran & the cops still took the criminal's side w\o even a slight hesitation. Since then, I've had no respect for law enforcement at all. Their true colors showed through to me on that day & guess what, it ain't blue. I could get into a long list of other reasons cops are more dangerous than the criminals but that would take too long. I'm bored with this now. Bye.

  • They are psychopathic cowards

    If you LOOK at an American cop the wrong way, you will get beaten or shot. They can fire shot after shot at an unarmed person and get away with it. Unfortunately, the people don't seem to care enough to stand up. Our numbers could easily overpower them through peaceful means (or physical defense as a last resort).

  • Crooked and corrupt they are...

    In my area of the country, the police act without regard to the local laws as well as the people. Even the governor has stated that the police are more important than the people. Of course I will say that my first experience with the police force was when I was 8, I watched on CNN when an enforcer stopped an old Mexican woman in traffic, she could not speak a word of english, the cop lost all control and savagely beat her to the point of disfigurement. The old woman was arrested for obstructing justice and disturbing the peace. When the knowledge came out, the cop only got a slap on the wrist with a two week suspension and a small restitution fee. Not a lick of justice for the old woman. They should be abolished, and the attackers should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

  • I fear police

    I fear the police more then I fear the criminals because police operate above the law. Criminals at least have to worry about being caught and prosecuted and going to jail. Police don't have this fear because they know that nothing will happen to them they can shoot whoever they want whenever they want and get away with it. They can beat down anybody they feel like and I know there will be no recourse against them.

  • Yes They Are

    Oh they are very dangerous folks, I do not trust them at all even if they are so call good cops, I have seen many of them changed on people in a heart, if you can avoid them do it by all means and its more than that small percent they claim that are bad cops,so call good cops will turn a nod in a heart beat when they see bad cops do bad this how can that be a good cop, PLEASE

  • Not here to protect and serve. They are to violate and hurt.

    Police officers violate people's rights and a lot of them don't even follow the law, it's like the police academy makes killing machines, not protectors, they are very aggressive, rude people, they will cuss and yell at you for anything, senseless, don't know what sympathy is and the whole police enforcement must be rearranged.

  • For a fact: academies teach lying, cheating, and rule breaking to all new recruits

    Two very good friends with family lineage of Law Enforcement Officers decline to join the force after graduating their respective academies.
    I am 66 and was arrested on an old very minor traffic charge. . When I refused to sign a promise to appear rather I elected to see a judge, I was drug out of my cell by 3 big mean deputied and beaten. Broken ribs and a concussion documented. It is inconceivable to me that 3 large officers would beat an old skinny peaceful man as they did. Today, every person is considered a perpetrator by Officers, and when faced with civil right lawsuits lie and manipulate the record. I have seen absolute power corrupts absolutely with about 70% of the encounters I have had with law enforcement. I am not a ctiminal, only have minor infraction violations. Wake up people. Sit in your cushy homes and believe the lie.

  • A hi tech gang that can plunder and kill indiscriminately, without supervision or consequence.

    What more needs to be said? My bias is that the criminals debated over whether to beat me up before taking all my money, while the cops & courts _kept asking for more_ after they emptied my wallet. 'nolo contendere'.

    If there were 'good cops', as we keep hearing about, why aren't they arresting the murdering ones? On the rare occasion a cop shows any humanity toward humans, they're long retired or about to get fired.

  • Who ya gonna call?

    Very simple answer. The next time you are being victimized by a policeman, call a criminal for help. How long would you have to wait (what is the criminal's response time? Perhaps the question itself is flawed. In my area of the country, with a population of 2.5 million there have been perhaps 1200 murders in the last 5 years and less than 3 on them were committed by policemen.

  • No, absolutely not.

    This is not even something to think about, as far as i'm concern criminal comes from the public, so if you want to be safe you better respect law, yes they too are human, and all human make mistakes, we should give those man and women credit for dealing with dangerous people,

    i'll rather have a hard law then weak one.

  • Cops over Criminals

    Cops aren't more dangerous to the general public. They are only dangerous to those who they feel are a threat. Cops have saved countless lives. How many live have criminals saved? If police are dangerous then are you guys saying that we need to get rid of police? This will only increase crime rates and make it so that we don't have anyone to go to when we are in trouble. It isn't fair to scapegoat the police for not being able to be everywhere and stop all criminals.

  • Action without consequence

    The federal mafia is one of the most organized crime syndicate in existence. They don't *own* cops and politicians, they *are* cops and politicians. Huge difference. The first thing an aspiring cop tends to learn, should they want to actually protect and serve, is that they picked the wrong job.
    The biggest difference between a cop and a common criminal is that the cop has legal protection to misbehave as he pleases. That makes the cop far more dangerous. It's a difference between action with- or without consequence. The latter makes it easy to feel you can abuse your position and get away with almost anything.

  • What is wrong with you people?

    You seriously think cops are worse than criminals? There are a lot more awful things that criminals do than what SOME cops do. We seriously need to get the image that "all cops are criminals" out of the masses' heads. They aren't all bad people. I guess we should call criminals when we need to help us from now on then. So stupid.

  • What is wrong with you people?

    You seriously think cops are worse than criminals? There are a lot more awful things that criminals do than what SOME cops do. We seriously need to get the image that "all cops are criminals" out of the masses' heads. They aren't all bad people. I guess we should call criminals when we need to help us from now on then. So stupid.

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