• Yes, they are.

    There is inherent systematic racism in our society, and in the police force. Most people are taught that blacks people are more likely to commit crimes, while in reality they are more likely to get arrested. This is compounded with the fact that people who enter the police force are more likely to be prejudiced.

  • Yes, racism has always existed. Not just in the United States but everywhere.

    Young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater i, according to a ProPublica analysis of federally collected data on fatal police shootings. Racism has always existed. Not just in the United States but everywhere.

  • The proof is in the pudding.

    For some reason, there is something about black people, especially black men, that intimidate police officers. Even if they are not involved in any criminal activity they still get hassled by the authorities. It is not an exaggeration because the proof is in the pudding. Most black people that get shot by the police are unarmed.

  • Yes, police are more likely to shoot unarmed people if they are black.

    Yes, police are more likely to shoot unarmed people if they are black. While many people might think this is not the case, black people in our society are stereotypically viewed as more violent and hostile. Even though we may not want to, we still might view them as this, making police more likely to shoot them.

  • The question is not ambiguous.

    There are many situations where an unarmed person can legally and justifiably be shot a police officer. It is difficult to answer accurately when the question is unclear as to what the premise is. It is as stated, the shooting of unarmed people or the shooting of unarmed people, unjustifiably.

  • They are no more racist than you, or maybe your more racist.

    Amazes me the power of this whole campaign of brain washing and those who get so manipulated by it. People think that these professionals some how are more racist than they. Maybe give credit that policing is there profession and just maybe they know the importance of equality and fairness and the law than you. Like you in your profession, the rest of us would be better at it. Make some sense with in your postings. The amount of black shootings is not even related to the amount of black people that are involved in more crime. Funny how people always think that others in there profession s aren't doing the job as well as they could. No, they are not more likely to shoot a black, its because more of them are involved in the crime and situations that led up to the bad outcome.

    Posted by: zoo
  • The author is an idiot

    Black people make up 14 percent of the population and many of those are women and kids. Stop doing drugs, stop being an idiot and stop killing people. Then you won't go to jail to start with. You want to be a thug? You gonna get shot or go to jail.

  • No they are not

    The police are not racist and they have shot white people too not just black people. If they did not want to get shot they should have done what the police said to do. The police force knows better than anyone that black lives matter because they save thousands of black people every year. So no the police do not shoot unarmed people because they are black

  • Most victims of police shootings are white

    It is a fact that the majority of police shooting victims are white. It is also a fact that the majority of police shootings are justified. It is also a fact that blacks are more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites. Therefore most shootings of blacks are justified.

    As for the "blacks commit most of the violent crimes" thing, Well, that's actually a real statistic from the FBI. The reason why this is the case is a combination of high poverty in the black community and the fact that on average, blacks have a lower IQ than whites (Not being racist, this is the truth.). Both of these things can cause a criminal.

    So no, police are not at all more likely to shoot unarmed people if they're black.

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