• Police Officers Suffer Death While Protecting Citizens

    At least twice in the last month, police officers have been victims of gun violence - once in Dallas, Texas, and more recently, in Louisiana. While police officers do have the means to defend themselves, the fact remains that sometimes there just is not time when someone begins to shoot. Police officers who are protecting Americans should not need to worry about a senseless shooting, but unfortunately, this is what is happening.

  • Yes, police officers are victims of gun violence.

    The United States has some of the highest rates of gun violence in the developed world. Unfortunately, many police officers have become victims of this gun violence. The government should pass some common sense gun control legislation to help fight this violence. Also, there should be severe penalties for people that attack police officers.

  • Police officers are the target of gun violence

    Police officers are the victims of gun violence. Officers have been targeted across the country with increased frequency. This includes the recent shooting in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Despite being well-armed, the officers are victims of gun violence as frustration has reached a boiling point and people have more access to guns.

  • That's a silly question

    We are on the heels of three police officers being shot to death and three others in the hospital fighting for their lives, so it is obvious that the police are victims of gun violence. Last week Dallas had more police killing. The country has turned a corner after many watched a docile man die helplessly after getting shot four times while sitting in his car complying to the officer's commands. It has sent some over the deep end.

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