• Stopping a crime with a crime is not going to solve an issue

    Nobody should have guns period, including police. A safer way to stop a suspect or criminal would be something that could knock them out for a few minutes so you can restrain them,not kill them. Not one human being deserves to die no matter how bad the crime, everyone should have a second chance to change

  • Yes, police are trigger happy.

    One only needs to look at the deaths of Dylan Noble, Alton, and Philandro Castile, to see just how trigger happy police have become. These people were all trying to cooperate with the police, and of the three, only Philandro even had a weapon, and broadcasted his intentions before he reached into his pocket.

  • Cops are a little too trigger-happy

    So many headlines have been made recently about incidents where innocent black men were murdered by a police officer. This is an indication that cops in general have an attitude of "shoot first, ask questions later." They are evidently so eager to kill that anyone who might even look halfway guilty might well be murdered.

  • Police don't want to shoot.

    As a whole, I absolutely do not believe that police are eager to shoot suspects. The number of policemen that die each year supports this. Sure, there might be a bad apple or two, but most policemen want to do their jobs correctly. most importantly, they just want to get home to their families safely.

  • No, police arrest many more people than they shoot.

    While there has been a spate of high-profile shootings committed by police recently, I do not think that the police can be considered too eager to shoot suspects. Based on the number of crimes committed in any given location in the US, arrests are a far more common result than shootings are. Although any occasion where police shoot suspects should be considered grave, the proportion of suspect shootings compared to arrests or crimes is very low.

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