• They could be, but also not.

    I'm going to be honest. Personally, to a single person, or the average person, then yes, it is a big waste of time, and shouldn't be taken so serious on such a massive level. I'm not saying it should be completely ignored, but it isn't something that should overtake your everyday life, like some people let it. On the other hand, they are important, as it is to the better, or worse of our nation. For what happens in politics, is what happens in our society in ways, but mostly our government. If shit hits the fan, or goes surprisingly, amazingly well, then we have the right to know, whether we exactly want to hear it, or not. So really, it's a tossup, but if you are to ask me in terms of my own life in the online, and outside world, then yes, it is in fact a big waste of time. I'm still a student in school, and even if there are classes completely revolving around government, there is no reason to dwell so insanely in depth about it, unless one plans to have a government affiliated job in the future.

  • Yes they are a waste of time

    Reasons: there are two parties that determine who can truly run; You need a ton of money to be heard; It's a popularity contest; People are not informed enough on actual issues to have useful opinions; The system is rigged; Government is the most efficient vehicle for allocating resources on the planet; It's often corrupt; It gets big ratings, so the media is never impartial.

  • How much money?

    The amount of money used to run these campaigns is ridiculous. No politics for me thank you. I ll pay attention more to skiing, enjoying life, and spending time with me son. Last time in DC I could not believe all the department of departments that existed. Government is getting to big.

  • Politics / our political system is hugely flawed at the very core.

    I believe politics give people the illusion that they have the power to change just about anything in our governing body, when in fact we are able to change very little if anything at all. And the whole republican vs. Democrat label is laughable. No matter which team you choose, they all play the same game and "allegedly" play by the same rules, and are equally prone to corruption. The same group of people who hold the most money and political power are going to benefit greatly no matter who takes office. And the people will still have the least of the power and money, while we spend all of our time arguing and voting over peanuts and "rules" we want implemented till our heads spin. Just because 63 percent of the U.S. thinks implementing a rule would benefit them or the country doesn't mean it actually will, and granting it does, what about the 37 percent that will not benefit or is actually harmed by it. And who has the time to actually read, understand, and "properly" research, and vote for all the laws and political puppets being voted for? Truth is most people do not, especially those who work and raise families. So just stick with your favorite team and listen to our wonderful and "honest" media to get the scoop on who should take office in the upcoming election right? It's all a joke, accept the only ones laughing are the top 1 percent. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell our entire system is hugely flawed and can only be fixed by tearing down the system and reinventing it, not by voting for some lying two faced puppet who says he will fix the system and make it work. It's just not gonna happen, and has proven so time and time again.

  • Politics are a big fat game of blame and blackmailing, basically adults throwing money around.

    Politics is a waste of time because the government is more about a single man and his power than the power of the people. Many things in politics are done for personal gain and profit, and although they impact things on a large scale, they shouldn't. The concept of politics is silly and government should be about the people, about enjoying life, about coming together and being united on faith and real truth.

    All of this is the opposite of politics.

  • YEs they are

    They a complete waste of time because usually in the end, representatives and the goovernment just make up some poll and bam they have like this... If it was up to me, texas would've already seceded from this country but politics make it horrible and we would get into another war.

  • They are only good for satire

    Politics are just lies about why they should rule a certain country. I mean who cares who is going to be the head of state of their own country. It is only really good for satirising on shows like Mock the Week and South Park. I need five more words so I made them just now :P

  • Politics define your social life.

    It's the government and politics that decide over us and our live: Your freedom of speech, your education, the law, etc... In many countries things as these do not exist. Not always politicians can change things that quick but it's important to participate on elections propetly to not gift your voice to the wrong parties.

  • People get a say

    Politics make it possible for people to feel like they have a say and matter in the government of their country. I think that the only reason this country has worked so long is because people can argue and put stuff out there. Need seven more words. Okay and done. :)

  • Your life has been affected by politics...

    ...And by no means think you're alone. Every person who has ever lived in a country has lived under a political institution. How can something so inseparable from our current culture be irrelevant or "not worth it"? This poll is about politics in general. Until we have anarchy (the Marxist autonomism that I hope for) we will have politics, and they will continue to affect your life because they dictate what happens in any given country.

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