• It's all in the name

    The people who defend Powderpuff as equity for women in sports actually are admitting that it's sexist. Their arguments support the need to bury the name once and for all. You can't have equity with such a demeaning term that mocks women's athletics. Powderpuff belongs on a stage or runway, not on a field of sports.

  • Names matter in life

    A powder puff is a dainty thing used to put on make up. Isn't it cute to have dainty little girls play a big tough boy sport? Oh it is so cute those powerpuffs trying to be tough? It is really no different that the phrase "throw like a girl" which is obviously an insult. Why? Because girls can't throw, just like they can't play football? No one wants to get rid of the games and the fun, just call it "girls football" which is what it is.

  • Condescending and Sexist

    Just look at the name, "powderpuff." It brings up the image of a "dumb blonde" who obsesses about her makeup. Even more so in "blonde vs. Brunette" games. They reinforce the belief that girls can only be judged by their attractiveness, instead of by skill. While these games claim to offer girls the same chance to play football as guys, the opposite is true. A powderpuff game is generally a one-time spectacle whose entertainment value is limited to seeing girls run around a field while the boys cheer: a "role reversal." If girls really wanted to play football, they would approach their principal or AD and suggest the formation of a girls' football team. Powderpuff games are condescending. They pretend to give girls a chance to play sports, while they actually give the message that girls playing sports is just a silly reversal of roles.

  • Powderpuff Sports Sexist

    In many ways, "powderpuff" sports are sexist toward women. They purport to let women play men's sports, but they're really a showcase for the inequality between men and women in sports. Instead of powderpuff sports, women should be allowed to play men's sports with men as long as they can play at the same competitive level.

  • Just Flaunting "T&A"

    Powderpuff sports aren't there to show off athletic prowess. They are there to flaunt what you've got, especially the televised versions like lingerie football. It's all about the male chauvinistic pig mentality of needing to see some "T&A" that led to powderpuff sports in the first place. Yet, these women still play them anyway. It's time for women to stop playing the victim and simply not play in these sexist leagues.

  • Enforces Gender Roles Despite Appearing to Challenge Them

    1) The Name: I realized it's historically based but that's just it: terms like this should be dead and buried. When a girl plays any kind of sport, they're not playing the 'light' version, they're just playing it.
    2) The idea that girls playing and boys cheering is a reversal suggests that those roles are abnormal. Cheerleaders shouldn't just mean 'girls' just like athletes shouldn't be synonymous for 'boys'. These gender roles are actually enforced by the setup and terminology around this game- also, why is football such a 'male' connoted sport? Just curious because a reasonably comparable sport, rugby, boasts many high school girls' teams whereas there is rarely any form of women's football/co-ed teams

  • Powderpuff is lit

    Lol why would it not be. Cause its fun its for charity it is life it is great competetion is formed honewst its so cool i like a lot powder puff nice yay i like you should like too bc why not lol k im gonna leave now bye see ya

  • Based in fun, competition

    Powder puff is one of many ways that spark rivalries between classes, similarly to pep rallies and fund raising contests. Many girls use it to show off athletic abilities that they are not able to show in other sports. In addition, powder puff can be used as a fund raiser to benefit the school, individual classes, dances, or other charities.

  • It's for charity!!!

    It should be all about fun!! Everyone takes it too seriously. We do it to raised money and promote school spirit. It is open to everyone. I have been running this program in our school for ten years now and I get very excited to see the " non-traditional" sports type person join and play and become a part of a group and great memory. We play our game in June when all hs sports are over and it is our seniors last hooray before graduation and the juniors right of passage. We also set guidelines for appropriate attire and behavior as not to be offensive to others. I also coach hs cheerleadering and have a coed squad without any gender issues.

  • Powderpuff Is Fun

    Powderpuff games are all female teams that usually play in the same style as their male counterparts. Sexists means something is discriminatory on the basis of sex. I for one do not find these games sexist at all. They are actually quite fun to participate in, as a female, and I have no problem with them at all.

  • No, most young women like them.

    If powderpuff means that teams are composed of girls and that they take into account the interests and physical abilities of young girls, then that is a good thing. While there are some girls into heavy competition, even with boys, a lot of girls appreciate the chance to be active without all the rigors.

  • Powederpuff sports are not sexist.

    Powderpuff sports are not sexist. Rather, they are a way for members of genders that do not generally participate in a sport to engage with teammates who are likely of similar physical size and strength. This minimizes the risk of injury and creates a very de-pressurized environment for people to try something new.

  • It gives women the chance to play

    Sometimes women want to play sports. There's nothing wrong with that and so-called "powderpuff" sports give them the ability to do just that. It's not sexist to give someone an opportunity to play a sport they enjoy. It's only fair. Denying women the opportunity to play sports would be the truly sexist path.

  • Powderpuff sports are still sports

    First off, why is it referred to as "powder puff" in the first place. A sport regardless of the sex of the participants should be respected as such. I believe the ladies that participate in women's football and other sports deserve the same recognition that the general male athlete would receive on an average day. Regardless of the sex, sports are stressful and those that participate in the to render pleasure the watchers should be respected.

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