• Not only people but nature too.

    Power plants do just as much harm as they do good. With the unnatural energy that we create with these plants we not only harm the land but also the people living in the surrounding areas. Most of these people that live around power plants cannot afford to move so they have no other choice and these power plants continue to harm them.

  • Yes, every kind of power plant causes some waste.

    Coal fired plants cause air pollution. Nuclear plants cause nuclear waste. Water powered plants can harm wildlife. There have been significant advances in the pollution from power plants, but there is still a lot more work to do. Companies should start exploring more sustainable technologies like wind and solar power.

  • No, the danger of power plants is based on their maintenance and the type of plant in question.

    No, power plants are not inherently dangerous. Nuclear power plants pose a risk to people when the plants are not maintained correctly or due to negligence on the part of workers. There are also hydropower plants that contain no toxic chemicals that could be released, so these pose no real risk to public safety.

  • Power plants are not harmful to people

    Power plants are not harmful to people, and any attempt by anti-power people is nothing short of a despicable political narrative to further a political agenda. This issue alone demonstrates the abject hypocrisy of the anti-power crowd, who certainly use power during the course of their miserable little lives. They have no shame.

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