• They teach girls to have courage and hope

    I can't name one Disney Princess who hasn't courageous or strong. Cinderella and Snow were abused since they were little. Aurora had to wake up to the thought of ruling a kingdom. Ariel had the courage to pursue her dream of being a human. Belle and Mulan were willing to sacrifice themselves for their fathers. Jasmine said no to arranged marriage. Pocahontas stopped a war. Tiana opened a business on her own. Rapunzel lived her dream. Merida fought for her own hand. Each princess showed courage and kindness through ought their films. However, they are all different from one another. They have different personalities, characteristics, flaws and strengths. Tiana's flaw was that she worked too hard and didn't actually enjoy life. Her strength was that she never gave up on her dream and worked towards it. Ariel was brave but rebellious. Rapunzel was naive but positive.
    It is also worth mentioning that with the exception of Snow and Aurora, none of the princesses looked for a prince, they just met them along the way. Cinderella wanted to escape her reality and did so herself by working hard (why do you think the FairyGodmother came? What you give is what you get). Ariel wanted to be a human and gave up her fins to do so. Also, she didn't do it because of Eric, SHE WANTED TO BE HUMAN SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE FILM. Rapunzel wanted to escape her tower and she did so.
    Also, some princesses saved their prince. Examples: Pocahontas (and stopped a war in the process), Mulan (and saved China while doing so), Rapunzel, Belle (he turned back into a human because she changed him so it counts), Ariel (in one occasion).
    Also worth mentioning, not all princesses ended up with the guy. Merida, Moana and (some people say she counts) Elsa didn't even have a man to start with. Pocahontas could've gone with John but she chose her people instead. Mulan ended up friends with Shang at the end of the first movie.
    Princesses teach kids to be themselves no matter what people think of you, to be brave, to break stereotypes (before anyone says anything, Mulan and Merida) and, most importantly, to never give up and to have hope.

  • Almost non of the princesses were looking for a man!

    Tell me that Snow White of Aurora were looking for a man, I won't argue back. But the rest? No. All princesses have a 'I want' song where they state what they want and by the end of the movie, they get it. Snow's and Aurora's was kind of asking for a man, I'll admit that. Cinderella on the other hand, NEVER wished for a man. Never in 'A dream is a wish your heart makes' did she say "I want a man". And if you are going to tell me that she isn't strong yet she got through years of abuse by her own family... The same goes for the rest. Ariel's I want song was about being a human NOT ABOUT A MAN. Belle wanted adventure. Jasmine wanted for her father to stop trying to get her to marry. And the list goes on. And when did the princesses sit around and did nothing? Ariel saved her man on the last fight. Pocahontas stopped a war. Mulan saved China. Merida fought for her own hand. Tiana got her restaurant on her own (if you watch the ending carefully, she bought it with her own money she worked hard for). Yes, they all had a happy ending but that's kind of the whole point of a fairytale; to give little girls hope. Something this world could use a huge dose of... Oh, and if you say that princesses didn't break up with their princes, take a look at Pocahontas' sequel because she found a new love interest and broke up with John Smith (not necessarily like that movie, but it serves to make a point).

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  • The movies don't really teach that

    Disney did say in the movie Aladdin that all pretty girls have to be skinny or with an hour glass figure. Jasmine does have one but she has so many other good characteristics that make her a great role model. I think the reason Disney keeps the earlier princesses around is to show how the movies have changed with the role of women over time. The Disney Princesses show the girls they be anything. Most eating disorders come around teenage years where girls have low self-esteem. Young girls our confident and expressive because of Disney Princesses. In teenage years they are surrounded with real life barbie dolls on magazines and in pop culture. The Disney Princesses are CARTOONS I'm pretty sure the girls know that. We want our girls to take with them their morals. Also not every princess is passive and is a damsel in distress. Once you get past The first 4 the princesses get by on their own and find love because they want it not because they need it for safety. Merida doesn't need a prince and neither does your daughter. Yes they teach girls to be mature. That's a good thing Instead of making fun of the new girl with different colored hair at school they welcome her. Many critics make false claims that are inaccurate from the movies.

  • Brave and Honest. That's what princesses are.

    Your girl wants to be Merida; only without the 'dress up' part.That's good! Your teaching your daughter to be adventurous, nice, caring, and honest .Disney's Frozen showed that girls DON'T NEED a man to save the day! It's a very good concept.Standing up for yourself is also a great concept talked about in Disney movies.

  • Bad rolmodels chjde

    Young girls are giving false hopes about the world that they live in.From The Little Mermaid all you have ton do is give up all the people that care about your well being just so you can get the perfect guy.From Aladdin Jasmine has that perfect hourglass figure that every girl dreams about having

  • Times are changing

    Disney have been producing princesses since the 1930s which means that society has changed. For example Snow white being one of the first is portrayed as Petit sweet and talented but needs a man to help because of realities opinion on women. Now in 21st century, Frozen has shown girls examples of heroism and how a man is not needed to save the woman, and therefore breaking from the fairytale tradition.

  • Times are changing

    Disney have been producing princesses since the 1930s which means that society has changed. For example Snow white being one of the first is portrayed as Petit sweet and talented but needs a man to help because of realities opinion on women. Now in 21st century, Frozen has shown girls examples of heroism and how a man is not needed to save the woman, and therefore breaking from the fairytale tradition.

  • Yes, princesses teach girls important values

    They teach them to support family, be kind to less fortunate, and to get a good education. Yes they make look unrealistic, but the values they teach are more important than looks they have. They teach girls to follow their dreams and reach for there goals. They teach true love and individuality

  • Yes, at the end of the day they are.

    Although these fantasies give you falsehood about life; lie to you straight in your face when you are little about that perfect little image of what you and every other girl SHOULD be to be perfect, that's not all that's to it. Even though I had many reasons to say no, I say yes because at the end of the day, these magical movies give us an elegant role model and (most importantly ) HOPE and DREAMS. These are very important things that are the base to everyones future. They lead to thought, effort, work and so much more that makes us who we are now. Without hopes, dreams and someone to look up to; a role model in your life, where would we be? Where would all of us humans be?
    Also, I agree that Disney has made a mistake (which all feminists are strongly against) which is that they gave kids a few false hopes; no one can be perfect ( in looks or anything), though, all the Disney princesses are. Well, Disney is making up for all these mistakes; look at all these new movies; Meridah in Brave is not very pretty( at least not like Cinderella) , but she strived hard to fulfill her dreams. Elsa in Frozen did not marry, but instead ruled the entire Kingdom herself. These new princesses are strong and not all are pretty or perfect. They made mistakes or got careless (Elsa ran away from home and made a snow castle while neglecting her responsibility) This is closer to the truth.
    These movies also tell us that if you work hard, you can achieve things. Nothings impossible if you put your heart, soul and mind to it. This is true.
    If all the kids in the world were told that you can never be perfect, that things will not be ok, that you can not fulfill your dreams of flying in the air. If the Write brothers were told that and convinced it were true, we wouldn't have the plane today. Kids are told lies by this, but aren't they inevitably told lies about many things including about their futures? Kids NEED hope. I hated it when I found out that I cannot be like those princesses when I was little, but it taught me to dream, hope, and strive for what I want and that's something you will need in life. To hope, dream and strive

  • Princesses need some workshops on real princesses that live in reality because thy're real; Disney princesses are not.

    The princesses that consume every thought, action, and waking moment of a child's day is slowly choking the self esteem they have. These princesses teach that, yes, you need to fight for what you believe in and prove your side of things; they teach that you should stick through the tough and rough times and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but they only show these teachings if the get to look beautiful and prefect while doing them. These princesses teach that being the smallest girl in the room, having fair, clear skin, and having the most exquisite dresses are going to get you places. They teach you that no matter what, there's always a happy ending at the end of ever single story, and that your prince charming will always come just at the right moment...And that there will always be a prince charming!
    In today's world, the real princesses who run/rule countries affairs and travel the world for world peace don't have perfect skin, make-up, and teeth; they don't have exquisite dresses all the time; they don't have the happy ending to every single story their lives have written. These women fight for what they believe in and stand through the tough and rough while being imperfect because they are human beings; human beings who were meant to be imperfect. They didn't find their prince charming by needing a rescue, or by eating a poisoned apple, they found their prince charming by being themselves, not trying to mimic something that isn't even real!

  • They are very stereotypical

    They don't have a princess that is bald for cancer all of them are beautiful. Another thing is that they are turning little girls into little women because they all the princesses are super mature and that makes all the little girls want to be really mature as a result of this.

  • Bad rolmodels chjde

    Young girls are giving false hopes about the world that they live in.From The Little Mermaid all you have ton do is give up all the people that care about your well being just so you can get the perfect guy.From Aladdin Jasmine has that perfect hourglass figure that every girl dreams about having

  • They teach girls to give up life and wait for a man

    All what a girl should care about is to look good enough to marry a rich charming man .. They dont really discuss any thing that is reality or help them to look better for the future .. I feel upset when a prince choose his wife from slipper this is insulting

  • Its not what it seems to be...

    When you grew up, you learned from the Disney Princess that you will have a happy ending where your Prince Charming comes and rescues you. But look at society now, most people aren't married, have a divorce, or is hate's their mate. Any most of the world is in the middle or lower class. Do you call this a happy ending? Little kids are also learning to be spoiled. I mean, look at it this way, Cinderella wanted to go to the ball and she did, along with a beautiful gown and glass slippers where she meets her Prince Charming, but does that happen often in the world? No, it doesn't. It also teaches you bad things like to live with a bunch of man, (Snow White), to lie , to sneak away/ don't listen to your parents (Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella), to steal (Robin Hood and Aldan ), and many more. Our kids are learning this stuff that has a puny amount that will come true. So, it's up to you to make your decision on if the Disney Princess are or are not. But believe, don't get your kids hopes up for a perfect life.

  • It's not advisable to make these princesses role-models

    Disney portrays all these princess as pretty little darlings. I mean seriously is every girl on this planet beautiful with the perfect skin and bodies...I don't think so. Millions of girls every day grow up watching these princesses. These movies send a wrong message to the world that life ends with a happily ever after ending. Young girls get the wrong message that there is always a handsome prince waiting on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. I feel a role model should be practical and realistic and not imaginary.

  • Don't talk to strangers... unless they're hot

    When I was younger, my mother told me that I should not talk to strangers except when I watched any disney movies those princesses would just chat up a storm with anyone. Cinderella didn't ask any questions when a strange old lady came into her house and broadly claimed she was her 'fairy god mother'. If she had a fairy god mother, I think someone would have told her. Snow White would have been fine if she hadn't taken that apple off the which... If I'm hiding in the woods and some random came along and offered me an apple, I would not take it.
    I recall being told time and time again not to talk to strangers, but apparently all the princes in these fairytales have already been aquainted with these princesses because they are obviously talking quite a bit.

  • It is a dangerous thing to make princesses the role models for young girls

    There are a number of reasons why making princesses role models for young girls is problematic. Princesses are preceived to be perfect without flaws. This gives young girls the impression that they have to be perfect and if they are not they are not princess material. Also how many young girls really know anyone of royalty? One's role models should always be those closest to them.

  • Princesses tends to give up and cries

    In most of Disney's Princesses' movies we have seen most of them crying over unsettled things and things that can be solve. Instead of working hard to halp themselves, they tend to cry until a prince charming comes and rescue. Good example is Cinderella. She is showing a good example of how to give up on life and just let a magic god-mother to help and a prince charming to rescue. What good does it brings?

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