• Totally Rigged; I was born, but I wasn't born yesterday

    I remember back in the day when the Minnesota Vikings played the Chicago Bears. The Vikings were ahead of the Bears; then low and behold the Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon comes off the bench to throw 3 touchdowns.
    "Yeah right". I don't buy that for one second. I have been watching Pro football since 1970. I've seen a lot of BS in my day. They might think that they have everyone else fooled that everything is real, but not me. It trickles all the way down threw the Government. Mark my words; if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I was born; but I wasn't born yesterday.

  • Definitely. . .

    I am a professional football (soccer) player. The only ones that care about the well-being of their team are the naive fans. Players get paid to do all sorts of things, from receiving a red card intentionally to even let a player of the opposing team score. The press and the fans are stupid enough to believe that the player just had a bad day (or that he is a bad player in general, doesn't really matter).. In fact, the player did his "job" just fine...

  • Absolutely rigged to the core

    Money would suggest that it is in every league's best interest to rig games to grow their market, keep viewership up, an keep the ad money flowing. The idea that too many people would have to be involved and quiet is laughable. Just need the coach to feed terrible plays to the team or a few key players to shift the balance. And this doesn't even include the use of referees and officials to manipulate game outcomes. Plausible deniability is all the league has to maintain to prevent mass fan exodus, and it is very easy to maintain plausible deniability. Fans after winning a championship defend the league to no end. Just ask the seahawks - after they lose to the Steelers, The NFL IS SO RIGGED OMG!!! - after they beat the broncos - OF COURSE IT ISN"T RIGGED TO FRIKIN IDIOT!!!

    Humans are easy to control and the league owners are masters of manipulation

  • The rules are ambiguous and there are too many questionable calls that determine the outcome football and basketball games.

    The problem is that the rules are too legalistic and difficult to interpret, e.G., in football a fumble can be interpreted not to be a fumble and a catch can be interpreted not to be a catch. Fans are forced to accept a convoluted rational for referee's ruling rather than what they see with their own eyes, i.E., the player either has the ball or doesn't have the ball. It isn't rocket science. I stopped watching 12 years ago.

  • Follow the money.

    (1) Its not illegal for the leagues to rig their own games - remember the tickets are 'for entertainment purposes only'.
    (2) Since the majority of league revenues come from TV, they have an incentive to keep people watching.
    (3) It is interesting how many owners whose other business ventures were in trouble all of a sudden had their pro-sports teams win championships.

  • Plenty of Room For It

    I am not certain that professional sports are rigged or not, but when you look at the mighty empires that some professional sports have created, such as the NFL, one has to wonder if the games are fixed. After all, there are plenty of people who bet on these games, someone would benefit if they were.

  • The proof is

    The greatest proof that sports are rigged is what happened 94 years ago....The 1919 Chicago White Sox throwing the World Series. Yea people got caught which has made everyone since more smarter too not get caught. Too me as a former fan I have been cheated. I was cheated by the steroids era. I have been cheated by three Red Sox championships two by sweep one rigged too be won in Boston. Look at it from a business standpoint. A business wants too maximize profits pro and college make billions upon billions of dollars. Oh yea I say a high school playoff game where the refs didn't start the game clock until the team who was losing got across midfield in the final minute of the game.

  • Rigged sports everywhere

    To those that say sports are to hard to rigged-think bounty scandal.Many secrets are kept-There is an "Honor among thieves" and to much $$$ at stake .It doesn't take everyone ,just certain empowered people! Remember all sports are basically suppose to be "for entertainment value". The athletes are glorified actors that get played a generous amount whether they play or not . This involves officals , refs ,schedule makers-the knowledge gives great power.

  • Too much is obvious

    Always something that makes you go hmmmm....
    Lets just look at these points. 9/11 and Patriots win. Hurricane Katrina and Saints Win. Dale E gets Killed, his son wins the next race at Daytona, Boston Marathon Bombing and the Red Sox wins. Just seems to be something going on here. I'm sure if you dig a little bit, there are others that fit this pattern.

  • Look at 9/11 and Boston Marathon

    After 9/11 the Patriots won the Super Bowl. They shouldn't have gotten there except for an obscure rule that they used to influence the outcome of the game. They needed the Patriots to win because the USA needed this after 9/11. Now let's look at the Boston Marathon Bombing and the improbable Boston Red Sox run. Let's give it another week or so but if the Sox win, my point is proven!

  • Where's Your Proof?

    No, I think it is highly unlikely that professional team sports are rigged (the WWE being an individual sport which is obviously an admitted exception). Some teams certainly get an unfair advantage if they come from bigger cities with larger fan bases, because they have more money to pay players and elite staff (coaches, general managers, etc), but that's hardly the same as pre-determining or cajoling the outcome of a game. The logistics of doing such a thing are unfathomable.

    In any instance, the onus is on the people saying that it is rigged to prove it. Do you have documents from league officials, sponsors, or players? Can you prove a motive? Oddly, when you inquire about this kind of information, the people start to get a lot less confident in their claims. Most of the people come up with circumstantial evidence or their gut feelings. They work like any conspiracy theorist.

  • No, they are not

    Anyone who thinks anything like this isn't considering just how difficult it would be arrange such a thing with team sports. Too many people would have to be in on the conspiracy for it to possibly be kept secret. As in anything, there are some unlikely outcomes, but the games are hardly rigged.

  • They Aren't Rigged

    Professional sports are not rigged. I refuse to believe they are. There is so much money thrown into professional sports and it would be stupid to fix the, Also, the consequences of people finding out that a sport is rigged is brutal. Fans might walk away from the sport all together.

  • No

    Professional sports are not rigged because if the outcome was already decided before the game was played, what would be the point of even watching or debating about sports? All of these sports shows would cease to exist and there would be so much money lost by sports teams that sports wouldnt be profitable.

  • Too hard to do, but rig may not be the correct term (perhaps favor?)

    It's happened a few times, yet let's just consider how difficult it would be to rig a sports game (especially in the NBA). So many points are played out in the NBA and so many downs are played in the NFL. To rig a game would be INCREDIBLY difficult, not to mention that players would have to act the part too. If player's purposely let somebody score, it wouldn't be too hard to tell. Let's also consider the fact that there are THOUSANDS of professional athletes, somebody has to be the whistleblower. Some players would definitely become upset that they aren't getting their share of money while other players are becoming multi millionaires from an act. Now the counter to that would be the NFL is a billion dollar industry, they can easily dish out money to different athletes. Well, it's not that simple. Teams are already maxing out their salary caps, and then some players get endorsement deals which are worth tens of millions of dollars. Also if professional sports really are rigged, why haven't players like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin won championships yet? Occasionally you'll have the underdog story come true, but it doesn't happen very often. During "Tebow mania" Remember, there was a time where TIM TEBOW had the top selling jersey in the NFL. If the NFL really is rigged, why didn't we get to see him for another week? This all being said, there is no way I can say that professional sports leagues are not rigged at all. Obviously, commissioners can make a push for refs to favor a team during a game, or not make certain calls. But like I said before, consider just the amount of people involved in these leagues.

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