• Keep us occupied

    Keep us occupied
    keep us dumb
    we are cattle

    professional sports is a business of selling pride
    professional sports is a business of selling emotion
    this is a all a clever recipe...Many lack the intelligence to see it

    i'd take it a step further...

    Unplug from the screen
    what are we sacrificing when we give into mind-numbing entertainment
    what have we lost, or are presently losing, that generations before us have had?
    Was the world a better place before the internet?

    What if we put down the laptop, cell phone, turn off the tv and spent time with the people we love? What if "we the people" paid more attention, became less occupied, broke down cultural differences, broke down religious barriers, saw humanity as a priority?

    Maybe i am naive...The powers that be have already sorted all of this out for us.

    ...We are cattle

  • Money Greed Lies

    Go to the deep web if you dare hunt hunt hunt answer answer answer. This is why the hackers are the only hope for the truth of everything not just this crap. Fifa, Jockeys, Trainers, Greyhounds, etc etc etc. you are better off watching paint dry. People that get paid the big money just get more greedy by the day. Sunday league football get paid f all but at least they do it because they enjoy it and not just for the money

  • Dan Moldea - Brian Tuohy. See their works

    The aforementioned writers will definitely open eyes to some of the inner workings of the pro sports leagues. I do not choose to shoot from the hip and make a voluminous argument for which I have no direct evidence, but I will opine that it is critical to remember, whether you enjoy watching sport on TV or not, that the people running these vast operations ("Commissioners" to all of the club owners on down to the athletes themselves) do NOT view their product from the same prism that a "fan" does. Once you start with that factual premise, I believe, if you have any power of curiosity or investigation, whatsoever, that you will come to the conclusion that corruption is, and always has been, a big part of pro sports.

  • Money, money and money

    People on this planet only concern about money, especially in the NHL the league is trying to grow the league outside of canada by giving unpopular american teams favouratism over canadian teams. Explains why canada hasnt had a cup for 24 years. The NFL is full of cheating between teams. The MLS the LA galaxy wins the championship every year

  • Yes sports is definitely CONTROLLED!!!

    This is the way sports or sport betting works... "Vegas" or the books want exactly 50 percent of the public to bet on one side and exactly 50 percent on the other side. This way the bets even out and they make what is called the "juice" which is the middle money the book makes. Also think about this how is the outcome of every game almost exactly on the dot after the game is over? For example. If a team on basket ball is -6 for the game the game most of the time about 85-90 percent of the time ends with that team being up around 5-6-7 pts. Sports are definitely controlled for example refs calling so many fouls to bring the game closer to what they want it to end that.... If you don't believe this try this experiment for one whole week write down the spread of a game and the over a total.. And after each outcome of the game write down who won and what the over all total was... Do this for one week you will see that out of 10 games 8 of them land exactly on the spread set by GOD knows who.... I mean how does a person or machine know exact outcomes of the totals of games ... Anything can happen in a game yet they are spot on everytime don't be fooled guys save your money and stop sports betting it's all rigged

  • Why wouldn't they be?

    Let's be real, would you rig a game to make a huge amount of cash? Yes. The difference is that the leagues can actually do it. If you want to maximize profits, you want to make things interesting, then you setup the perfect matchups. Browns vs. Falcons? Who would honestly say, "Wow! So excited!" No one would because it wouldn't bring in that money. Ravens vs. 49ers. Brother vs. Brother. Ray's last year. Lights go out. Ravens manage to beat two GREAT teams that are better them. Each game they played was sketchy, but who is gonna stop a crooked game? No one. I stopped caring about sports as a fan a while ago. It is basically like all sports headed towards the WWE's route. Stories sell, competition doesn't. So ask yourself this. Why wouldn't pro sports be rigged? They can maximize profits, create an illusion for the fans and in turn more merch sold, and they give the commentators these storybook scenarios so the commentary is interesting. Everyone can deny it, but look back on each season, each winner, and you will see how right I am. Team that was absolute garbage last year wins the big game. Legend's last year and team barely scraping by win the big game. There is no such thing as fate or destiny in sports, just paychecks.

  • I do believe big games are fixed in some cases.

    Such as the nfl, I don't think players and coaches are apart of the fix for the most part because that would be to hard to keep that many people satisfied, quite, or convince Simone with morals and honor to agree. Sports and betting generates trillions of dollars that are not taxed are profited, and follow the money and it leads to corruption and deceit always!. You know how you get a bunch of non football watching fans to watch our bet on a game? Create a soap opera storyline side story to reel them in like #1 offense vs #1 defense in the super bowl last year. You would be naive to think that it didn't happen. If the world's larger sport seen by more viewers has evidence and period of rigged games such as soccer, you better believe it is done else where.

  • Super Bowl 2012 49ers vs. Ravens

    Whats a better story than one of the greatest middle backers to ever okay the game to finish his career wit a super bowl ring, I'm not saying the whole season was rigged, but i do believe that the super bowl was most definitely rigged to a certain extent, and with roger Goodell as a commissioner i totally an suspicious

  • Professional sports are businesses

    Businesses need to do whatever it takes to make money. If an unpopular team is doing good, why have them make the championship if no ones cares about them. Also, in the last ten years, about 70% of Monday night football games have been decided within ten points, why? Because there is only one game for football fans to watch that night and why would fans want to see a blowout

  • Totally Rigged; I was born, but I wasn't born yesterday

    I remember back in the day when the Minnesota Vikings played the Chicago Bears. The Vikings were ahead of the Bears; then low and behold the Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon comes off the bench to throw 3 touchdowns.
    "Yeah right". I don't buy that for one second. I have been watching Pro football since 1970. I've seen a lot of BS in my day. They might think that they have everyone else fooled that everything is real, but not me. It trickles all the way down threw the Government. Mark my words; if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I was born; but I wasn't born yesterday.

  • Where's Your Proof?

    No, I think it is highly unlikely that professional team sports are rigged (the WWE being an individual sport which is obviously an admitted exception). Some teams certainly get an unfair advantage if they come from bigger cities with larger fan bases, because they have more money to pay players and elite staff (coaches, general managers, etc), but that's hardly the same as pre-determining or cajoling the outcome of a game. The logistics of doing such a thing are unfathomable.

    In any instance, the onus is on the people saying that it is rigged to prove it. Do you have documents from league officials, sponsors, or players? Can you prove a motive? Oddly, when you inquire about this kind of information, the people start to get a lot less confident in their claims. Most of the people come up with circumstantial evidence or their gut feelings. They work like any conspiracy theorist.

  • No, they are not

    Anyone who thinks anything like this isn't considering just how difficult it would be arrange such a thing with team sports. Too many people would have to be in on the conspiracy for it to possibly be kept secret. As in anything, there are some unlikely outcomes, but the games are hardly rigged.

  • They Aren't Rigged

    Professional sports are not rigged. I refuse to believe they are. There is so much money thrown into professional sports and it would be stupid to fix the, Also, the consequences of people finding out that a sport is rigged is brutal. Fans might walk away from the sport all together.

  • Too hard to do, but rig may not be the correct term (perhaps favor?)

    It's happened a few times, yet let's just consider how difficult it would be to rig a sports game (especially in the NBA). So many points are played out in the NBA and so many downs are played in the NFL. To rig a game would be INCREDIBLY difficult, not to mention that players would have to act the part too. If player's purposely let somebody score, it wouldn't be too hard to tell. Let's also consider the fact that there are THOUSANDS of professional athletes, somebody has to be the whistleblower. Some players would definitely become upset that they aren't getting their share of money while other players are becoming multi millionaires from an act. Now the counter to that would be the NFL is a billion dollar industry, they can easily dish out money to different athletes. Well, it's not that simple. Teams are already maxing out their salary caps, and then some players get endorsement deals which are worth tens of millions of dollars. Also if professional sports really are rigged, why haven't players like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin won championships yet? Occasionally you'll have the underdog story come true, but it doesn't happen very often. During "Tebow mania" Remember, there was a time where TIM TEBOW had the top selling jersey in the NFL. If the NFL really is rigged, why didn't we get to see him for another week? This all being said, there is no way I can say that professional sports leagues are not rigged at all. Obviously, commissioners can make a push for refs to favor a team during a game, or not make certain calls. But like I said before, consider just the amount of people involved in these leagues.

  • No way in hell

    Champions rise to fame, gain endorsements, make more money the lists continues. But if you think the losers will stay quiet about being forced to lose your insane. These athletes didn't create a livelihood since they were children to end up giving it up. These are the most competitive people on the planet, they have the utmost pride, and no way in the world will they give that up. That's not to mention the complete control that's needed. Just one player has to blow the whistle just one. But that hasn't happened. If you think a J.R Smith or a Dez Bryant will shut up about losing. Your simply an idiot

  • No

    Professional sports are not rigged because if the outcome was already decided before the game was played, what would be the point of even watching or debating about sports? All of these sports shows would cease to exist and there would be so much money lost by sports teams that sports wouldnt be profitable.

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