• If rigged is also considered calls, Penalties, And replay bias. Yes.

    Basketball is the sport that can be manipulated the most. Followed by NFL and MLB.

    Basketball can be influenced with fouls and can turn a 3-1 game lead in the playoffs into an epic come from behind Finals Championship by making calls at one end of the court while ignoring the same call on the opposite end.
    Its in the best interest of NBA to have games go 7 games for more revenue total revenue.
    It's also in the best interest of the NBA to have the most popular teams playing in the Finals. Notice the last few years?
    A few early fouls could hurt a teams best offensive player, Effectively taking him out of the game.

    NFL has holding on every snap. It depends on whether the referee's choose to ignore it or call it.

    JJ Watt, Before his 2 injury riddled seasons, Was held a large amount of times. Without calls. Just google some images. . . Arms around his neck as he is fighting through blocks, Beating his "opponents". Plural.
    It happens many times to many other players. Depends on what the referee's want to call. Don't you think that would change some outcomes in a game?

    A multi-billion dollar industry can't have Chiefs and the Panthers playing in the Super Bowl. Not when you have Brady and Rodgers slinging the ball around the field.

    MLB. Home plate umpires are the catalyst in every game. Showtrack does a great job of being more consistent in calling balls and strikes than an Umpire that gives the low and outside corner of the plate to Chris Sale, While not making the same call going up against a pitcher of a lesser caliber.

    What about when that strike zone suddenly shrinks in the 9th inning when New York is playing against, Say, Pittsburgh Pirates in a 1 run game with the Yankee's down.

    Let's go ahead and point to Jose Altuve sliding under the tag of Leon in the Boston game for a series sweep. Oh its an out.

    Reviews? Why is it always going through New York to make the call? Can't we have a neutral sight? It sure looks pretty biased.

    What about NFL catches being ruled complete and incomplete due to "lack of visual" evidence, When fans on both sides of the ball KNOW the call is pretty obvious.

    Yes. Games are rigged, Subtly. They do just enough for the unwanted team to have to overcome disadvantages that favorites don't.

  • Yes they are. That Includes NHL, Soccer as well.

    I could gave you just an example of the 2018 World Cup as a great example of how its rigged. "Swiss vs Serbia" how does one player when being interviewed by a news oragaztion know that their team is going to win a day before the match? Its because rigged to favor that team for either of these points. 1.Political point. 2.Favoring a major super power political sphere in this case. "West/Swiss agaisnt Serbs/Slavic"

    Another example on how professional sports have become rigged is just look NHL. Its always the American team winning right? A shame really.

    Maybe American National Hockey players should be tested for doping.

  • Of course this shit is.

    You ever watch a basketball game and no team scores for 2 minutes then all of a sudden theres no defense and the teams score ten points in 1 minute all layups to end the half. That way the 2h spread is lined up exactly with the full game. So they can take more money from people. Or baseball when theres an under or over total runs and someones on 2nd base and theres a basehit and somehow he doesnt score and stays at third then the next two batters strike out and the game magically stays under. Or when vegas needs an over and the pitcher magically walks back to back batters to lead off the inning which puts runners into scoring position without even getting a hit. YES SPORTS ARE RIGGED. ITS ALL ONE BIG SCRIPT.

  • Some are rigged but hard to prove extent. If you include cheating to win (e.G. Steroids, Epogen), then it is rampant.

    Huge money is at stake, hundreds of billions globally, which is a huge temptation. People traffic drugs & children so why is sports rigging hard to believe? Actual proven scandals: 1919 Black Sox, Pete Rose, NASCAR Sprint Cup, 2006 Toledo college football fix, 2012 Olympic boxing fix....(there are more). BBC also revealed possible Wimbledon tennis betting scheme involving mafia syndicates. I don't believe every game is fixed but it is very possible to bribe/threaten key figures (players, referees, umpires) to make critical mistakes at critical times; especially in more subjective sports like baseball (strike zone) & football (ball placement affecting downs). Remember, it's all about improving your odds if you bet. It's also strange that some cities win sports titles after a tragedy (e.G. Yankees-Mets WS after 9/11, Astros win first WS after hurricane, Redsox win WS after Boston bombing, Saints win first Super Bowl after Katrina. Could be coincidence but it sure helps pour in money to stricken areas; at least that would be for a good cause.

  • Hell Yes They Are

    I longed excepted the manipulation of the outcome of certain sporting events for a cause greater than my fandom or the wager I placed on a certain outcome. In 2016, I didn't realize till much too late, that it was stupid for me to believe Cam Newton would win the Super Bowl. Yes, he was the best player on the field, but he was playing opposite the face of the league, one in which was white, blue blood, and a Manning, set to retire. There was no way the league would ever be forgiven for allowing Peyton Manning to be robbed of that moment. Yet, I wasn't too bothered, for Newton was a young with a lot of upside. What did frustrate the hell out of me was Carolina's resistance to allow Cam to be Cam. It's the last game of the year and he spent the majority of the game in the pocket, stationary, and leashed. The game was never out of reach, yet Cam continued his exhausting audition as a drop back, game manager.

    Example: The KD injury. When Kevin Durant signed as a free agent to the golden state warriors, many were curious to see how long it would take him to gel with the system already in place, I found this to be laughable. NBA players are geniuses at their craft. To think the a player would have any issue playing for a new team, would be like the top brain surgeon's success would be comprised if he had to perform the surgery in a different hospital than he's accustomed.

    Once the warriors started to look unbeatable. They were that good. Till suddenly, Kevin Durant got"broke" his leg. This created doubt. Will he be the same player once he returns, who will replace his offensive production, and for a few games, it looked at though the warriors were very beatable, but that's not all that changed. The warriors res failed to score over the total for 19 straight games, all while winning 16 straight during this stretch. Totals lowered to a dismal 208, yet the warriors, although winning, went under. Everyone assumed the same; Durant absence was the reason for the low scores, even though they were essentially the same team they were the year before Durant became a Warrior. No one mentioned the Warriors slowed pace, although very efficient, they were shooting two to three seconds later in the clock than they were with Durant.

    Yet, the day Durant returned against Portland, the Warriors scored 136 points in a blowout against the trailblazers and their under days were a thing of the past. People throughout the casinos were certain that Durants return was the sole reason for the higher scores, he had seven points in the first half and seven in the second.

    Vegas had made enough money off betters determined to take the Warriors and the over and called KD back to the lineup.

  • Yes, and it's getting worse

    This last superbowl was more than obvious. I could write a two page report on details. The Cavs in 2016 was the worst until the one above came into existence. It's noteworthy to point out the role of the media on this-- to propaganda the headlines of the champions and to brainwash people's mind in case there is doubt in the public eye. The reasons for this manipulation is basic, money. Just watch the nba finals ratings and you will notice why the Bulls dominated the 90's. NFL ratings were down in 2016 so their marketing strategy was: The greatest comeback from the greatest ever!

  • Its a business,

    You would be naive to think its not set up when its all about ratings and money. Its all about the popular players. If you aren't making headlines, you aren't making championships. That's why the NBA lottery is done behind closed doors. If the commissioner tells all the teams "hey, if we give LeBron another superstar, we can make million on millions from that, but a few teams are going to have to be bad" those bad teams aren't going to say no cause its a business!!!!

  • $$ $$ $$ $$

    Its obvious if you watch long enough. Anytime money is THE MAIN FACTOR that particular entity will do everything, as well as anything to maximize their profit. Thats not mentioning the gambling which has never been an honest living. Honest being the key word here. If there is gambling involved there IS corruption involved,you cant seperate the two. Also the nfl isnt evev a sport. That speaks for itself. Like studio wrestling...It is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Read the back of the ticket. Thats all the proof i need. A sport would be registered as such a business and not in the same classification as a hollywood actor. American sports are no different than any other corporation in the usa and they operate under the same lack of principles and low moral compass as any pharma,oil,insurance company would. Why would they exempt themselves from the same opportunity granted any other greedy, monopolizing, american't corporation. Its just the time we live in. I quit watching sports because i couldnt find anymore lies to convince myself that all i was witnessing wasnt what they were selling me. I wish i would have quit watching all sports 20 years ago. Sitting in front of a t.v. for long is extremely unhealthy both mentally and physically. The problem was gloomy city of pittsburgh that had nothing else to do, so after a few years with no sports i relocated to a nucer climate. It was then i realized how oppressive watching (nfl especially) had been on my life. It was like smoking cigarettes or some other bad vice. The problem is i was almost 50 yrs. Old by that time. Go and find a hobby, do your own thing instead of watching other people play. You make egomaniacal people rich while destroying your body and mind all for a mere deception. Even if some games arent altered at all, how much fun is it trying to figure when it happened and when it didnt. It obviously goes on and only make sense that it does being a business and all. In a culture with simulated/fake reality shows, singers who lipsync, and a government that refuses to tell anyone what they are doing, why would sports in such a country stand out alone as a shinning star in a culture without any shine or stars. America has been rapidly decaying in EVERY aspect. Why would sports in that country not also become infected,or infectious in regards to the nfl. To think sports arent corrupt is a bit of ignorance...Unless you are a casual watcher and dont get to into it then you probably wont notice and it shouldnt matter much to you(not being a diehard fan). If that description fits you then you are lucky so far but should quit watching and start playing something. Its much more rewarding.

  • First time in history.

    2016 was the year of, "1st team in history."

    3-1 Cavs Comeback
    3-1 Cubs Comeback (10 innings game 7)
    25 point Patriot SB Comeback.

    3 US major sports teams complete epic history making comebacks in succession.

    If I wrote a movie script detailing the events of 2016 championship games, it would get laughed at due to being excessively unrealistic.

  • In some leagues, yes. The incentives exist. There are at least attempts made to rig the games.

    While it is very difficult to rig entire seasons on a large scale, it can be done in select games (mostly championships) if kept within a small circle (the head of the officiating crew). 5 sports leagues in the world are worth over $3 Billion (NFL, MLB, Premier League, NBA, and NHL). Certain teams and players are more marketable than others. Storylines help sell air time and merchandise, so this incentivizes the leagues to influence the outcome of games. The NBA and NHL have constant action within their gameplay. They also have 82-game regular seasons and multi-game playoff series, so they would be harder to rig given the larger statistical sample sizes. They also rotate officials in the championship series, so it would be more difficult to restrict any conspiracy to a small circle. An MLB game has on average 18 minutes of action, but the 162 regular season games with playoff series make the statistical sample size large. While still difficult, it would be easier to rig a World Series than an NBA finals or Stanley Cup Finals. Soccer has plenty of action, but the low scores create more room for error. The NFL would probably be the easiest to rig since there is only 11 minutes of action per game, it is play-by-play, the seasons are short, and the Super Bowl is a single game with one officiating crew. In the NFL, the referees have more control of the games, so a penalty or two can easily change a game. Given the high occurrence of hollywood endings to Super Bowls in the 21st century (Jerome Bettis, Michael Strahan, Peyton Manning, and recently, Tom Brady), there is reason to believe that the league wants to influence the outcome of games. The rampant corruption and favoritism (Roger Goodell is good friends with the Krafts and Maras) create the conditions necessary for games to be rigged.

  • Where's Your Proof?

    No, I think it is highly unlikely that professional team sports are rigged (the WWE being an individual sport which is obviously an admitted exception). Some teams certainly get an unfair advantage if they come from bigger cities with larger fan bases, because they have more money to pay players and elite staff (coaches, general managers, etc), but that's hardly the same as pre-determining or cajoling the outcome of a game. The logistics of doing such a thing are unfathomable.

    In any instance, the onus is on the people saying that it is rigged to prove it. Do you have documents from league officials, sponsors, or players? Can you prove a motive? Oddly, when you inquire about this kind of information, the people start to get a lot less confident in their claims. Most of the people come up with circumstantial evidence or their gut feelings. They work like any conspiracy theorist.

  • No, they are not

    Anyone who thinks anything like this isn't considering just how difficult it would be arrange such a thing with team sports. Too many people would have to be in on the conspiracy for it to possibly be kept secret. As in anything, there are some unlikely outcomes, but the games are hardly rigged.

  • They Aren't Rigged

    Professional sports are not rigged. I refuse to believe they are. There is so much money thrown into professional sports and it would be stupid to fix the, Also, the consequences of people finding out that a sport is rigged is brutal. Fans might walk away from the sport all together.

  • No

    Professional sports are not rigged because if the outcome was already decided before the game was played, what would be the point of even watching or debating about sports? All of these sports shows would cease to exist and there would be so much money lost by sports teams that sports wouldnt be profitable.

  • Too hard to do, but rig may not be the correct term (perhaps favor?)

    It's happened a few times, yet let's just consider how difficult it would be to rig a sports game (especially in the NBA). So many points are played out in the NBA and so many downs are played in the NFL. To rig a game would be INCREDIBLY difficult, not to mention that players would have to act the part too. If player's purposely let somebody score, it wouldn't be too hard to tell. Let's also consider the fact that there are THOUSANDS of professional athletes, somebody has to be the whistleblower. Some players would definitely become upset that they aren't getting their share of money while other players are becoming multi millionaires from an act. Now the counter to that would be the NFL is a billion dollar industry, they can easily dish out money to different athletes. Well, it's not that simple. Teams are already maxing out their salary caps, and then some players get endorsement deals which are worth tens of millions of dollars. Also if professional sports really are rigged, why haven't players like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin won championships yet? Occasionally you'll have the underdog story come true, but it doesn't happen very often. During "Tebow mania" Remember, there was a time where TIM TEBOW had the top selling jersey in the NFL. If the NFL really is rigged, why didn't we get to see him for another week? This all being said, there is no way I can say that professional sports leagues are not rigged at all. Obviously, commissioners can make a push for refs to favor a team during a game, or not make certain calls. But like I said before, consider just the amount of people involved in these leagues.

  • Why would they do that

    Why would they get paid them so much just for them to act. They get paid tons of money and look at Stephen Curry since he was in high school he has been working so hard and so if it were rigged he would have no reason to practice. This just proves that it is not true.

  • They are not f**king rigged

    Stop being stupid y’all. What’s next, 9/11 was an inside job? The earth is flat? Y’all fools are wannabe conspiracy theorists. All y’all videos on YouTube don’t prove shit. NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL ain’t rigged. I shouldn’t have to say that but some peeps are just complete idiots. Seriously, get a f**king life. Respect for the 20% who aren't dumbasses and actually pressed no.

  • People r dumb

    Kobe 60 thing- hes not a machine
    CLE 3-1 comeback - GSW have larger fanbase money would have them win
    MVPs r not fan voting
    Too much of a controversy if caught
    Simply its impractical and bad business to rig the games.
    Why did Jordan leave for two years,
    Why did the Mavericks beat the Heat
    Both of these would have been bother with other result
    Also refs are people they cant always see the right call

  • What about wrestling

    Wrestling is a profesional sport and I garuntee yoiu the put in a lot more effort and dont fake same with basket ball why would they have a basket ball olympic team and are you really going to say football does it because they are real too freaking jesus christ

  • I don't think so.

    Some people are making the point that the NFL is a business. That's actually not true. The league is a non-profit organization that can only spend money within the league. Each team is a business with their own interests. That's an important point because an owner of a consistently-losing team would have an incentive to speak out against a corrupt league.
    If your point is that biased refs are the problem, you didn't watch the super bowl. There were a few iffy calls, but they didn't shape the ending of that game. Refs are highly scrutinized, I know that because my uncle is an NFL ref – and he loves football. Doesn't take his eyes off the screen when there's a game on.
    If your point is that the players and coaches are intentionally choking, I do agree completely with the point that there would be a whistle-blower. If there were that many people involved it would be the sloppiest conspiracy ever. Someone would say, “I'm not getting paid enough to give up my life long dream of reaching the pros, and playing the game.”
    If your point is that the mafia and gamblers are changing the outcome to make money, why would they put there money on the Patriots. They were the favored team. Wouldn't it make more sense to bet on Atlanta and change the outcome for them to win, and make more money?
    Anyway, I'm sure people come to sites like this to reaffirm their own opinions so I probably won't convince anyone, but I see that high percentage of people saying 'yes,' and I think to myself, that's an emotional decision, not a logical decision. I'm not trying to seem smart, I'm just thinking it all through, and I haven't heard a single compelling argument on the yes side that I didn't address here. If you have better arguments, I want to hear them. I'm not right all the time, and would love to be proved wrong so I can stop being a passionate fan of a team in a totally corrupt league, and I can awake from the matrix and realize that I can't escape from reality anymore by watching sports. Otherwise, I'm going to keep loving them, and keep escaping! Peace and love.

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