• Awareness and Frustration Lead to Calls for Action

    Yes, protests about police brutality are becoming more common. People are frustrated by the growing number of cases involving police brutality and social media is providing more evidence that it truly is occurring. As more protests occur, it becomes easier for others to follow suit. It's a snowball effect that will likely continue.

  • Yes protests are becoming more common.

    As more and more incidents are being recorded and published on the internet, more and more people are being made aware of this issue. Therefore, it stands to reason that more people will protest this grave injustice. Although police brutality has always occurred many people had never seen it and have only recently been made all too aware. Any decent person would protest against it.

  • Yes, protests about police brutality are becoming more common.

    Protests against police brutality have become much more common in recent years. The 24/7 news cycle, as well as social media have been good at promoting the issue of police brutality. This has raised awareness of the issue to many of the protestors. It is likely that these protests will continue each time there is news of a new police shooting.

  • Yes, because of all the recent high-profile cases of it.

    Police brutality has been a major topic of discussion recently because of a lot of high-profile cases, particularly against black people. This has led to a ton of media coverage, which has led to more people being aware of this problem, and consequently, a huge increase in protests from groups like Black Lives Matter.

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