• Of Course!

    Public schools are necessary for both educational and economical purposes. Public education is considered a right in this country, not a privilege. If public schools disappeared, the discrepancies between higher earners and lower earners would not only increase ten-fold, but the welfare of the country would go down the drain. Public schools are a must.

  • Yes, education is a public good.

    Because education is a public good it cannot be adequately provided by private market forces. There is not enough economic, read profit, incentive for companies to invest in education for all. Removing public schools would cause the income and inequality gap to rise in this country to a point where society cannot function.

  • One of the most basic assets of a fair society.

    I work in a public school in a low-income area, and our education system is thoroughly dysfunctional. No doubt about it. But privatization is most certainly not the answer.

    I've seen firsthand countless parents who send their children to my school simply because they can't afford an alternative, financial aid or not. I've also seen those who pull their children out to isolate them from "riff raff" or "the wrong sort of people" (those being direct quotes). I can assure you that many, if not most people, would be excluded from a fully privatized system, because that is inherently the nature of such a system in this country. The privileged will never be at ease with their children receiving the same education as the unwashed masses.

    That's not to say private education is better. More often than not, it's worse. Despite conservative, free market rhetoric, my private school-counterpart makes roughly two thirds of my salary, and has no greater motivation to excel at his job than that which every educator should ideally have, a love of educating. The myth of private education relies on appealing to people's prejudices about status, money, and class, and how these things correlate to quality. A fallacious assumption, and covertly oppressive at that.

    Taking away the right to basic knowledge and skills cannot be construed as a positive change. Public education is just about the only thing that prevents our country from becoming a place where money determines opportunity, though sadly we've already gone down that road quite a bit. Let's not make it worse, folks.

  • Yes, if we want our country to continue moving forward.

    Public schools are very much necessary for a society to grow and develop. Education is a huge factor in how a society grows. Without education of the general populace, we would be nowhere. People say that a public school isn't necessary because they are not educating children to the fullest, or because private schooling would be better, but what about the thousands, if not millions that cannot afford a private school? Should they be left with no formal education? How would that help our society?

  • Knowledge is power.

    Yes, public schooling is very important for the youth of America and the rest of the world. Above and beyond preparing our youth for the workforce, public schooling helps promote creativity, individualism, and the importance of building healthy relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. Furthermore, it keeps our kids off he streets.

  • It is not necessary

    Necessary for what? It is not necessary for life, love, & happiness. This question is to ambiguous. It is not necessary to learn. One can easily go to a library and learn as much as someone who had formal schooling. A better question is if it benefits society or not. An even better question than that is if there are any other alternatives in teaching children other than public school.

  • Public schools are expensive to the taxpayer and primarily serve as state-sponsored daycare.

    There is nothing taught in public schools today that cannot be learned in a public library or on the Internet. In early childhood education, even public school teachers will encourage parents to read to their children. Why? Because it is the most effective way for children to learn to read, through practice. We are still using a 19th century system as public ed.

  • Fuck public school

    They are full of shit head bullies and abusive teachers that will challenge the kids WAY too much. Don't believe me? Look on the internet at the kids that get abused by teachers and are crying because they have too much homework and are being abused by other kids as well.

  • Well not necessarily

    Children can still get an education, there are private schools to attend. People will be able to afford those private schools with all the taxpayer dollars they save from not having public schools anymore. Public schools are not necessary because there are other alternatives to get an education and learn.

  • The cost of education

    Don't get me wrong, I sincerely believe that schooling is extremely important. However, I am not inclined to believe that public schools are necessary in order to make schooling more widely available. All public schools do, is crowd out the private market (90% of children are enrolled in public school), and create more overhead by passing the cost onto the taxpayer, thus increasing the cost of education (similar to what Obamacare is doing to the cost of healthcare). Bear in mind, even with public schools in place, we still have high-end private schools in which 36% of the students receive need-based financial assistance. Just imagine how much this number would rise if not for public schools. There is no doubt in my mind that without public schooling, education would become less expensive, yet remain just as widely available as it is currently, and with a profit motive, the quality of education will increase as well.

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