• Cute, but unfortunately dirty.

    Rats are super cute rodents! The only problem with them is that they carry a lot of disease, so you probably want to stay away from them. Because of this, they get a bad reputation; however, from a purely visual standpoint, they are adorable to look at, especially when they swim.

  • Rat = Cute

    Rats are the just the most cute animals on the planet! What is furry and fluffy and cuter then CUTE? A Rat of Course! There are other really cute and adorable animals such as cats but rats = adorable! Rats for ever!

    A Animal lover who loves cute rats.

  • Of course they are

    Three rats and none have been un-squishy or un-cute! Rats are adorable! I think the cutest thing about rats is that they have so many different ways of expressing happiness: bruxing, boggling, shivering, hiccuping, and wagging their tails! Their is nothing cuter than a little rat tucked away in my boobies!

  • Yes, definitely are.

    I have 3 pet rats and have had pet rats throughout my life. They are cute animals with an amazing level of intelligence. Also, they are amongst the cleanest animals in the world. They just have a bad rep, and in reality are amazingly cute when you walk in the room and they run over to see you!

  • They're very cute

    Not only do they look cute with their adorable lil' eyes and nose, they also act very cute with there own quirks that make each one unique. They are very intelligent and form very close bonds with other rats and humans. Rats are able also laugh, the laughter is too high pitched for human ears to hear, but scientists used a mic that can pick up the pitch and then changed the sound so that it was low enough to hear. Pet rats are not dirty and they do not carry any diseases. They actually groom themselves and each other quit often. The black plague is blamed on rats but, it was flees that a lot of rats carried, and those rats weren't the same species of rats that the domestic rat is.

  • Rats are cute

    Rats are just so cute just take one look at them and you will feel sorry for their living conditions. And remember the saying don't judge a book by it's cover. Rats might seem dirty and filthy on the outside but they have a huge personality inside just a bit of bonding will do the trick.

  • They are so cute!!!

    They are cute, intelligent, and surprisingly clean; they can solve puzzles, dream, laugh, they are the cleanest rodent and are very sociable. I think they are only ugly when they are disease ridden or dead, I think that we shouldn't be so stereotypical as to think that all rats are ugly, dirty creatures.

  • Rats get a bad rap

    But once you get to know one, you realize they're lovey, lively little furballs. My son's rat has curly hair and whiskers like the one in the photo, and he's so soft and fluffy. People may be turned off by the "beady eyes", but when those eyes are looking at you with so much enthusiasm just to see you and cuddle with you, they're pretty adorable. And yes, they're clean-they wash themselves religiously, they are easily potty trained and will set aside a "bathroom spot" in their cage. And they're entertaining and so happy to hang out with you.

  • I love Rats

    Rats are adorable, extremely intelligent, and they each have their own individual personality. It sucks they have such a horrible stereotype of nastiness, but dogs are just as "gross". Any animal who isn't cleaned and taken care of can carry diseases. Rats don't personally produce disease themselves. They're also extremely entertaining and easy to bond with.

  • No, rats are not cute.

    I believe rats are not cute. They look so sickening with those beady little eyes. Their long tails are not cute, either. They are scaly and have sparsely hair. Yuck! Just thinking about a rat makes me sick to my stomach. I can't stand to look at them because they are so ugly.

  • Not particularly, no

    There are certainly less welcoming looking animals, but it's hard to look at a rat and think it's cute when you think about what it is, what it does and how. They're a filthy animal that have been responsible for the deaths of millions in the past, I think I will pass on giving one a big hug.

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