• Yes, the are a sign.

    As long as people continue to hate each other and terrorists and potential terrorist continue to obtain access to powerful and destructive weapons, acts like this are going to continue to occur. Dismantling ISIS is one way of stopping these attacks but as long as people continue to hate this will never stop.

  • Yes, the rcent string of terrorist attacks is a sign of the times to come.

    Yes, the recent onslaught of terrorist attacks is an indication of the times to come. The number of terrorist attacks is on the rise, and such attacks have become increasingly heinous. It is my belief that such attacks will continue and become more common in areas that have been deemed reasonably safe in the past.

  • Yes, terrorist attacks are on the rise

    This is a symptom of a changing society. This is the continuous degradation of a global society that doesn't understand that there are legitimate, solid, right's and wrong's in this world. The Bible teaches that in the end times, men will seek after their own corrupt desires. This is a prime example of the fallout of such things.

  • Terrorist attacks not going away

    Yes, the recent string of terrorist attacks are likely a sign of the times to come. So were previous terrorist attacks. Senseless violent acts like these are upsetting and tend to send people into a frenzy. Unfortunately, they are not all new. We have had many terrorist attacks in the past and the attacks will likely continue. The best anyone can do is to try to limit them or to prevent them in certain areas. Terrorism is not going away.

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