• Some of them are

    We can't know for sure about all refugees, but it would be silly to assume that all of them have no education or job skills. All kinds of people become refugees, especially due to war, including doctors, lawyers and skilled laborers. There will be some people who need more school or training, but not all.

  • It depends on the person.

    Refugees shouldn't be treated like second-rate immigrants. If they are capable of joining the workforce, they should. I don't think they should be given jobs if they don't qualify, but if they know English and are trained in a specific skill, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to join the workforce.

  • Refugees should be allowed to work in their host country.

    Refugees have fled their homes usually because of safety concerns. In my experience I have found most are well qualified (I know a refugee doctor, and a teacher), and willing to work. If they want to contribute to the economy of their refugee country then I am very much for that, as it gets them settled.

  • No. they are not.

    Refugees need support and training in order to enter the market. While many of them have valuable skills that are transferable to the country where they move to, they need support and training in other ways like learning the culture heald with lisenses and other training in their new language

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