• Eh right now

    Over the last 50 years Democrats made 9X more jobs and 4% GDP gained per dem pres vs 2% per GOP pres but that's the past the modern dems only care about race and not about other issues now everything is about race for them they over exagerate how racist our society is because they don't wanna give light to Trump bringing back jobs in the millions and the dow jones being the best it's ever been

  • Both are useless.

    Both political parties are pathetic and stupid. If you think about it in the long run, the Republicans never really achieve much due to the fact no one takes them seriously. (this is excluding the recent war on terrorism launched by George W. Bush junior). Democrats usually get what they want, and when they don't they will lie, whine and complain to get power back. E.G "The Russians hacked it". Democrats and Republicans are both atrocious and psychopathic groups of americans, but seeing as republicans are limited to doing nothing except ruining already ruined things and pretending that they can play cowboys and indians compared to Democrats obsession with drugs and Hillary Clinton's desire for war with Russia.

  • What the Heck with Gay Marriage

    Ok Gay Marriage is not only against God's will but against everything normal about life. Like who wants to see two guys or two girls making out on the sidewalk, not me?! Also there's a lot of problems with it too. Say my name is Lionel Messi and I say that I am girl. Therefore I should be allowed to play Women's Soccer. You see the problem you filthy liberals

  • I'm a Republican and I believe in limited government.

    I'm for freedom and morals that we can't rely on government too much. If you look on the president list, we have more Republican presidents compared to Dems and other parties. I am a Republican for life, freedom, and individual responsibility. Conservative, pro-life, limited government, 2nd Amendment, and general freedom.

  • I am democrat, but republicans have morals

    The world would not be a better place if republicans ran everything but it would certainly be a more ethical and moral world. The problem nowadays is that democrats don't care about ethics and stuff, whereas republicans are focused on improving themselves and others around them. The best person would have Democratic views but be a republican person just because republicans have morals.

  • For me, yes.

    Topic 1: Abortion
    Oh, we can kill this defenseless unborn baby because it's not fully developed. Guess what? Everyone under 18 (and quite a few over) IS STILL DEVELOPING! THIS MEANS THAT IF ABORTION IS OKAY, WHY NOT ALREADY BORN BABIES? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?
    Topic 2: Gay Marriage
    Okay, this one is a little harder to argue for. While this argument is based on religion, God does not say that you can't dress in a tutu and pretend to be a girl. However, God says marriage is between a man and a woman. Your balls make you a guy, not your own opinion of yourself.

  • Yes Republicans are better!

    Democrats are wanting to change too much. Change is not always a good thing. There are too many people who are being brain washed into believing that it is a good thing. I don't believe in gay marriage because there are men and women on this world for a reason. If the good Lord wanted us to be gay then he would have made us all the same sex. I don't believe in abortions, because they are murder of an innocent soul that has never had a chance to live; and I do not believe in gun-control, because guns do not kill people; people kill people. Anything in this world can be used as a weapon if someone is mean enough to make it one, not just guns.

  • Yes they are!

    Something I don't like that Decocrats do is the let people come over illegly. And give them health insure and stuff. I think they need to pay. Cause I am trying to get my family illegy but, never can because we have to pay 1200 dollars. So. It's something that burns my buns.

  • Democrats are better.

    Democrats are nice and fix what the republican party screws up!!😝 The republicans go into office, screw up,democrats go into office, clean it up etc. Etc. Democrats are very helpful to society. We would not have gotten this far in the last 6 years if Obama wasn't in office. Thats why republicans are worse!

  • Republicans want us to return to the 1950's.

    Look at their policies. They do not believe in progress but rather returning us to the stone age. They are anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-minority. They do not remember that immigrants built this nation and that immigration is a good thing. They are afraid that white men will no longer be the majority but it is only a matter of time.

  • No party is superior

    I am a republican myself, but I wont go so far to say that we are better than democrats. With this two party system America has, I don't think anyone's beliefs will ever completely match those of either party. There will always be little exceptions. Both parties have flaws, for example, democrats can be pretty hypocritical. They bash America constantly for being a sexist and racist country, but want illegals to come here for a "better life." The real reason they want them here is to get free votes. Sometimes republicans can be a little old fashioned by trying to stop things that are inevitable like homosexuality. Banning gay marriage on a national level is too extreme.(Just like legalizing it would be). I say we let the states decide. I don't think there is a degree of these flaws either.

  • Why did elephants pick trump?

    He made 6 unconstitutional proposals during his campaign. Does he really think he is above the constitution? He is the most controversial president ever elected. Mocking the disabled reporter, trying to take away Obama Care only because he has heard it's bad by social media like fox news, and lord have mercy....He likes Alex Jones on Brietbart (Brietbart is very much a load of BS)

  • They both suck

    Seriously, I will never understand how either group gets off on telling others that they are better. They are both part of the problem.
    I mean, let's think about this; dems had Bill, who managed to get fought getting a bj. And Reps had Bush.... Need I really say more?

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