Are Republicans responsible for the national debt?

  • Yes and "Reaganomics" is to Blame

    I am not going to say 'oh it was both' because the truth is one party does hold more responsibility over the other. Reagan while a good president for foreign policy did a lot that hurt this country economically. Reaganomics (called Voodoo economics by George Bush Sr his own VP) caused the middle class in America that came from the New Deal of FDR to begin shrinking. National debt tripled and due to those policies and bad/false promises George Bush Sr could not hold a 2nd term. When Clinton was in office our national debt was expected to be paid off by 2012 due to our large surplus. The surplus was due to raising taxes on the rich and cutting spending. Keep in mind that the Clinton years still made some bad choices as stated by a previous poster.

    Enter the Bush Jr era, now this is where the problems came. See he destroyed our surplus by starting two wars which increased govt spending and cutting taxes on the rich, then he allowed deregulation of Wall Street and the banks who ran around uncontrolled. He then did a govt bailout which clearly didnt work. Leaving the economy in the crapper for the next pres to try and fix.

    Now we have Obama, who lets face is it, not the best president but better than the last one and better than the GOP options presented to us. He gets a lot of blame for spending in his first term which was allocated by the previous administration (as every first term is for all administrations). There was no way he was going to get the debt down, deficit maybe but not the debt. However due to all the constant obstruction from the GOP while he has been in office no compromises have been made and well you see the result.

    The national debt will only continue to increase until we get rid of the extremists in both parties and start getting those who are willing to actually work together and not the "my way or the high way types". You can help by voting so be sure to research your candidates and vote. Make sure your friends and family do the same.

  • Yes, and so are Democrats.

    During the Reagan years, the debt went into the trillions.

    During the Clinton years, a Democratic President with a Republican Congress passed many laws which encouraged banks and other financial institutions to lend out poisonous loans/mortgages.

    During the Bush years, for the 1st part of his Presidency, a Republican President with a Republican Congress helped us pass disastrous policies. For the 2nd part of his Presidency, a Republican President with a Democratic Congress gave us more disastrous policies.

    Now, during the Obama years, for the 1st part of his term, we had a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress giving us plans that we couldn't pay for. Now, with a Democratic President and Republican (House of Rep.) Congress, we aren't making much progress.

    The way the questioned was worded asked if Republicans are responsible for the debt. They are, but that doesn't mean Democrats aren't.

  • Of Course They Are

    When Bill Clinton, a Democrat, left office this country was thriving and doing the best it had been in years. Fast forward 8 years after the Bush Administration and we are in one of the biggest deficits that this country has ever seen. I don't see how this couldn't be their fault.

  • Republican Fiscal Policies to blame for National Debt

    The last President of the United States to balance the budget was a Democrat. Since the election of George W. Bush, we have seen soaring national debt thanks to conservative led tax breaks given out by congress. Permanent elimination of the Bush era tax cuts is the first step in getting our country back on track.

  • Republicans are NOT responsible for the national debt

    After 4 years of a democratic president, there is no way to point fingers at republicans. An accusation such as this had some support in arguments the past 4 years, but at this point, what the republican may have caused, should be getting fixed by now. We all know it is not though. This administration keeps racking up new debt, and refuses to fix spending problems. Republicans compromised and offered a deal that raised taxes, which conservatives and others in the republican party were wholeheartedly against, and the democrats refuse to negotiate their end. The republicans and conservatives have done their part. It's time now for the democrats to take some responsibility and make a move on fixing the problem.

  • No, Republicans are not responsible for the national debt.

    At least, not solely responsible. The national debt our country has incurred over the last decade and a half can not be attributed to one person or one group of people. We must all take responsibility for what we have contributed to the national debt, whether a Democrat or a Republican. Both sides should accept equal responsibility on the issue.

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