• How can they not be?

    All sadists are evil if you believe in the twisted thing that good and evil is. They feel pleasure from other's pain especially if you are speaking of non-sexual sadists. Which is "evil".

    If a person stole something, you would say they are bad or evil. But once you find out that they are starving they are suddenly good? It just doesn't work that way.

    Feeling pleasure from pain is evil. You can't deny that.

    You can however deny these stupid terms. People aren't good or evil. They are people.

    (I'm a sadist btw.)

  • No, they aren't

    How can somebody be a bad person based on something they cannot control? Nobody can control their sexual reactions, and if you get a sexual reaction from seeing others in pain that is neither your fault or choice.
    Sadism is only a bad thing if you act on an unwilling partner. I am a sadist and I do not have a partner. I could never envision myself hurting another purposefully, and I am only sexually aroused by physical violence, so I do not go around demeaning others either. However, sadists like me are not bad people just because they are sadists. They are a bad person if they give in to this and go out and hurt people in the pursuit of their own pleasure. They are a bad person if they abuse and demean others because of it.

  • Are sadists bad people

    Are sadists rely inherently bad people are they just bad no mater what or are they just people with a certain condition. Sadism is when people like to see other people hurt this sounds like it should make them bad but when you think about it, it just means they like something that's bad for them like everyone else. Its just like drugs or beer. Do you think that someones a bad person just because they have o.C.D how is this different and i know what i mean because i'm a sadists

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