• Yes ! !

    When your in gym girls cant be comfortable in their own way, they can wear tank tops because of their boobs, they cant wear shorts because of their butt, and your clothes have to be almost baggy so they can not see their natural shape. When you look at the guys though, you see them sometimes walking around with no shirt... Why cant guys have to cover up?

  • It's about teaching respect

    Yes, characteristically dress codes are bias against girls. The aim is not to have too much of a girl’s skin or shape exposed. The assumption is she would be a distraction to boys or too sexualized. The problem with this; it places a girl in the position of a temptress, nor does it place any responsibility on the boys. It’s wrong thinking. Boys need to be taught respect towards girls no matter what they are wearing and to look upon them as another person not as an object of desire or distraction.

  • Definitley sexist I think.

    A while ago, there was a boy who went to school wearing a dress and got arrested believe it or not for apparently causing a distraction. This was in Texas and there was another boy who wore a dress to school and got suspended. It's not fair! We should wear what we feel comfortable in and not fearing judgement.

  • Girls have a strict dress code, because of some girls, NEWS FLASH were not all the same!!!!!

    Some schools are aware that some girls wear inappropriate cloths but the rest of us don't dress like a slut! If there is a dress code on public schools their like, no bikinis and inappropriate outfits, but schools with a strict dress code they should teach that our body's are perfect the way that we are

  • I believe it is.

    If you take a close look at the dress codes of schools, you might notice that most of the points in the dress code targets girls and not boys. If a boy were to wear this stuff, because it does happen, they wouldn't get cited for wearing girls clothing that break dress code because the school would be afraid of getting sued.

  • Yes, it's very sexist.

    The school dress code states the women can't wear tank tops because it's distracting to the boys. Let a girl wear what she's comfortable in. (With the rule of no cleavage, I understand how that's inapropriate.) But most young girls boobs aren't big!! So let them wear what they want to wear and stop shaming their bodies, and stop slut shaming. Its ridiculous.

  • They Are Sexist

    Absolutely! Its such a shame that today a womens clothing is more important than her own education. When I see girls being SENT HOME just because their shorts were 1/4 cm length too short makes me sick. WE shouldn't have to create a 'distraction-free' environment' for men, that is NOT our job. We should be taught to respect everyone and their own choices.

  • Listen to me!! I vote yes, school dress codes are sexist. Listen to this soundcloud project I did for my college composition class. This argues that high school dress codes are indeed sexist towards female students. It highlights reasons why the dress codes are sexist, one main reason being that girls bodies are too distracting to boys.

  • Yes but not in the way that this picture demonstrates.

    If you are a boy, trying wearing one of the cheerleader's uniforms to school and make it through the day without getting dress coded. Or see if you can wear volleyball shorts as short as the girls do without criticism. Girls, however, can wear anything that a boy can wear without discrimination whatsoever. So it is sexist against men. Absolutely.

  • Well, not inherently. But they sure as hell can be.

    When school dress codes are about student safety and being able to participate in class, that's fine. For example, you need to tie your hair back when you're in the lab because your hair could catch on fire and you could get hurt.
    Not being allowed to wear things that have racist/sexist slurs on them or graphic imagery is also fine - basic respect, people. And no, showing any part of your crotch area isn't ok, either. No one wants to see that.

    But when girls are being kicked out of class because their collarbones are showing, or being told that they can't wear makeup because it will "distract the boys", we have a problem. Sexualizing the shoulders and legs of teen and preteen girls is downright creepy, and the message that this ultimately sends to girls is:
    "If boys stare at you, it is your fault and you should feel ashamed for it. Also, it is your responsibility that the boys are not distracted - it's not like boys can control themselves or anything. Your body is inherently sexual. And we don't care if YOUR learning is disrupted. It's the BOYS' learning that matters".

  • Just because women violate code more often doesn't make it sexist

    In most dress codes i have seen (including the one at my high school) the codes were identical for both male and female students, and thus the codes themselves are not sexist. E.g. Shorts below the finger tips, no belly buttons, nothing sleeveless, no offensive content, and no showing underwear/bra. This code seems perfectly reasonable to me. Some claim that girls are more actively persecuted, but I think it's just that the supply of female clothing is such that they end up violating code more often. There aren't many clothes sold for men that would violate those conditions whereas for women, there are many. In my school years I also so plenty male students get told off for showing their underwear or not wearing a belt. School is supposed to prepare you for real life. There aren't many workplaces where you can where tube tops, short shots, yoga pants, or muscle tees.

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