• Without a doubt, yes.

    Until you've been where those kids are, bullied day in day out, made to feel worthless, don't try to give insight. I know from experience. Yes, it does often get better, but how long can you keep on waiting? Every person has a limit to what they can take. If you haven't had it happen to you, being bullied relentlessly, you can't have a fully rounded opinion on the subject. I had thoughts of doing it while being bullied at school, but I'm glad not to have gotten to that point to have acted on those thoughts. Don't misunderstand me, I don't believe people should kill, but those bullies definitely deserve to be shot.

  • Yes they are

    Before Columbine, many kids were bullied countless times and many adults had paid no attention whatsoever. After Columbine many schools stepped their level of security and toughened consequences on bullying. Today, less kids have to worry about getting beat up and picked on as many schools understand the potential of what bullying may do to a kid.

  • They can be

    Killing bullies may be the only real what to prevent future bullying. Bullying can be torture, and has resulted in peoples deaths before. That you should have a right to defend yourself against threats to your life with deadly force should go without question. The problem is when those not involved are targeted.

  • To a limited extent, yes

    They may be justified - but only against habitual harassers. Let's face it: Our schools are not interested in protecting students from harassment. I think most of those who say it's not justified have never been terrorized at school themselves. It's hard to see how anyone who was harassed repeatedly don't think that some severe action must be taken.

  • To some degree yes

    School shootings are justified if it is specific victims who continually bully innocent people for no reason, and yet receive no punishment. Post Columbine physical bullying was extremely high, nowadays it is more calmed down.
    Although this has calmed down emotional bullying hasn't, in fact people in modern day schools are horrible verbally and online, this sent me into severe depression in Middle school and high school as the people were continually bullying me.
    I often envisioned myself attacking SOME of the bullies at my school in some kind of revenge, but would never consider doing it. I understand when put under severe psychological pressure from bullying it can cause you to do extreme actions.
    If it is a case of just shooting everyone, even if they have done nothing to you, i disagree with this, but if it is a case of hunting down bullies (which at my school was approximately 50%) then fair enough this is revenge for years of torment and stress.

  • Yes they are

    With the amount of failures and bullies in today's society yes they were justified. But it doesn't help much because them killing the bullies just makes society coddle them even more. 89% of all high school kids should just drop out sooner. They're gonna fail anyway might as well leave before someone shoots up a schools because of them or the get pregnant and drop out anyway.

  • Yes they are

    Think of it. Some schools pay no attention to the bullying. They have a good reason to do it. It is the schools fault that it happen and they are also responsible because the did not stop or punish the bullies. That's why we need to take care of bullying.

  • Indeed, it is.

    It is mmerely her divine holy will, to bring heroes down from the promise lands to save those from having to live through the tragic and long suffering of life. Rejoice in the fact these very people do not walk this damned place no more, but are saved and held tight in her divine being in safety and love. May the Goddess bless you all.

  • Pushed to the limit/ breaking point

    A victim of bullying can only take so much bulls*** in their lives, at it usually comes to the point where the school is doing nothing to stop it leaving the victim of bullying to think:
    "Well screw it, I've had enough of these people and enough of this life for it has been nothing but hell for me. If you're going to bring me so down like this, all those who have done me wrong are coming down with me."
    I would only say school shootings are justified because the shooters of the school are the real victims of the schools carelessness and weak system that led to the bullies getting away scotch free.

  • They can be

    Killing bullies may be the only real what to prevent future bullying. Bullying can be torture, and has resulted in peoples deaths before. That you should have a right to defend yourself against threats to your life with deadly force should go without question. The problem is when those not involved are targeted.

  • School shootings are unacceptable in EVERY circumstance.

    Someone who is "bullied" does not have the right to exact a death sentence upon his aggressors. To think that so many condone this most extreme form of violence is unfathomable. Schools have been around for thousands of years, but only in the past couple hundred have a select number of students decided that the only way they could "cope" with the daily "torments" of regular school life was by ending the lives of their tormentors and countless innocents, besides. It is juvenile. It is weak. It is reprehensible.

  • They are not.

    School shootings are never justified. No matter what has happened to someone in the past, no matter how bad it was, cannot justify going to a school and killing people. Anyone who thinks that there is a good reason to shoot up a school is crazy and needs to be checked out.

  • No excuses for them

    It doesn't matter whether they were bullied, there is no excuse for bringing a gun to school and shooting it up. And more often then not, there were severe psychological problems with the kids. The main problem is the bullying. A lot of kids are just told to suck it up and take it. This anger can be bottled up, then exploded out. But still, there is no excuse for these shootings.

  • Punishment Outweighs Crime


    I believe that shootings are unjustified. When it comes down to it, you are taking the lives of people who bullied you. While they are indeed entitled to some form of punishment, it should not be a death sentence. In a perfect world where all is fair and dandy, people who insult you or beat you would receive the same treatment as punishment. The only justification for doing something harmfull unto someone else is if they did the exact same thing unto you, which will almost never happen because you would have to replicate the exact emotional turmoil that the action caused to the victim and apply it to the evildoer, which is near impossible because each person is affected differently when insulted. (some take it more heavily than others, etc.)

    This is assuming only the bullies are the ones to be harmed. In most cases, the shooter simply vents his anger by unloading rounds into everyone, which is never, ever justified.

  • Disgusting wicked and evil indeed

    How can you say school shootings are justified it against the law!! It causes pain for the innocent families that have suffered because of these idiots who have nothing to do with them. What right do they think to take someones' life. These idiots should be locked away and never ever come out in their entire life time. How could someone be so evil and horrible and not nice???

  • Not under any circumstance

    It is offensive to even ask something like that. Even in cases of extreme bullying, this doesn't justify someone coming into a school and shooting anyone in sight, many of whom are likely innocent. Nothing can justify mindless killing. Two wrongs will never make a right, and the trauma caused by school shootings lives on for years after the shootings occur, haunting all of those who have been affected by it.

  • Not at all, never...

    School shootings, as well as any form of shooting or mass murder, is and never will be justified. Usually, those who initiate such crimes are victims of torment and bullying, and with external influences, they decide to execute vengeance in the form of murder. However, revenge is never equal to justice, and this form of retaliation is too extreme.

  • No They Are Not

    School shootings are not justified. As a matter of fact, no shootings like that are justified. There is no reason to bring a gun on a school campus and killing innocent people is probably the worst thing a person can do. It is absolutely terrible and those that do it deserve the death penalty.

  • Not okay at all

    Shooting people is never okay that's it f f f f f ft f f. Ft. Ft. Ft f f. Ft. F f ft f. Ft. Ft. F f ft. F go. G go. G he. H h h he h. He h h h. H h h. H h

  • They are not justified at all.

    However, if you check the records, you will find a large portion of the shooters were on antidepressants or other mind-altering pharmaceuticals. This isn't big pharma's direct fault, though. It's the overworked and underpaid teacher in the classroom who advocates the meds for that one student, so he or she can focus on teaching the class. In short, those kids needed help, and none was given, so they lashed out.

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stephannoi says2015-07-05T01:35:08.410
How could someone vote yes on this question ?
stephannoi says2015-07-05T01:36:02.987
This shouldn't be a question at all.School shooting can never be justified.
stephannoi says2015-07-05T01:37:10.223
And if someone still think school shooting is normal then he/she Is disturbed.